Best Balance Ball Chairs for Sitting Behind A Desk: Reviews and Buying Guide

Best Balance Ball Chair

From working in the office for hours to doing classes or staying at home almost all the time, we spent most of our time sitting.

A survey says that almost 2 out of 5 people spent at least 8 hours in a sitting position.

Sitting for hours can cause so many chronic diseases like back pain, muscle pain, sciatica pain, diabetes, and various kinds of cancer.

Keeping fitness is not an easy task, especially when you use a normal chair while sitting for hours for your working purpose.

So, to make your fitness task easier, we will provide you with the best option, a balance ball chair.

The ball is mainly used for exercise while doing yoga. But, as most people spend almost all the time at the desk, the ball becomes a part of the chair, which helps you maintain your fitness, posture, and health.

But finding the best chair is not an easy task. That's why we will provide you a list of best balance ball chair so that you can get the best one at an affordable price.

So, get the chair, maintain your fitness, and say bye to various back pain, diabetes, and other diseases.


In this article, we will provide you a list of the top 9 balance ball chairs, their reviews, a comparison chart, their benefits and using process, a buying guide, some frequently asked question, and some other articles related to this one.


Our Top Picks

Instead of reading the whole article, you can just look at the following comparison chart that will differentiate, and you can make your own choice to buy any of balance ball chairs accordingly.

9 Best Balance Ball Chairs Review 

After researching a lot, going through a lot of reviews and expert advice, we are providing you a list of the top-rated balance ball chair, their reviews, benefits, and everything you want to know.

Let’s check them out. 


Gaiam Classic Balance Ball Chair

Gaiam Classic Balance Ball Chair “Best Classic Balance Ball Chair”

The Gaiam Classic Balance Ball Chair is a great alternative to a regular desk chair, helping you have flexible seating.

It's a great chair for reducing back pain and any kind of soreness.

Sitting on a balance ball can ensure your micro-movements that boost your body's energy and engage your mind to productive work.

So, you can keep a balance ball chair as a tool to focus your work at home or your desk in the office. These micro workouts will help you to focus perfectly on your work.

The Gaiam Classic Balance Ball Chairs are specifically designated for people having the height of 5 feet to 5 feet 11 inches. The premium ergonomic chair has a robust weight capacity of 300lbs.

You don't need to be worried about its height. It will perfectly fit your standard-height desks. You can add 2 inches Gaiam Leg Extenders if you require a taller chair, which can be purchased additionally.

The package includes a detachable 52cm diameter exercise ball, air pump, 4 caster wheels, support bar, etc., with an exercise guide as well as a satisfaction guarantee.

You should check the user manual & inflation notice since it requires inflation many times to adjust 52cm diameter.

Overall, this is an excellent chair as it helps you keep a healthy posture, which decreases muscle pain, back pain, and other discomforts.

Key Features

  • A nice alternative to a regular chair
  • Perfect for users 5 feet to 5 feet 11 inches
  • 2 inches Gaiam Leg Extenders
  • Back height: 2.5 feet
  • 20 inches wide from one side to the other side wheels
  • 4 easy-glide caster wheels with 2 lockings back
  • Re-inflation is needed after initial inflation.
  • Ball diameter: 52cm
  • Weight capacity: 300lbs


  • It comes with a Lovely piece of a balance ball
  • Relives pain and soreness
  • Easy to set up and inflate
  • Comfortable for office use
  • Helpful for promoting posture 
  • Easy to clean
  • Useable for small height & spaces


  • Very tall persons might not feel that comfortable
  • The metal bar is not that excellent

Although it's conducive to small height & spaces, it's an excellent balance ball for comfortable sitting at home, or your office desk. Furthermore, this exercise ball has achieved a lot of customer reviews that can be an inspiration for buying this ball. 

Trideer Exercise Ball

Trideer Exercise Ball (45-85cm) “Best Thick Balance Ball Chair”

Trideer Exercise Ball is an extra thick yoga ball chair or exercise ball. It has a high-density with enormous thickness, which will provide you comfortable sitting experience at your home, office, & even gym.

This high-quality ball has an anti-burst design with an anti-slip surface; thus, you may practice yoga with strong stability.

It's an amazing ball for exercise as it provides a great grip compare to other balls.

However, it's sturdy &durable, with a robust capacity of 2200 pounds of weight. Its non-toxic & BPA-free PVC materials make the ball safer & healthier for you & your family. So, you can collect it with no worries.

Its easiest inflation system with a foot pump will save your time & energy. Additionally, the manufacturer gives you a one-year warranty with a return capacity within 30-days & lifetime customer service.

The Trideer Exercise Ball is available in 5 different sizes (S to XXL). Furthermore, you can choose your favorite color as they come in a variety of colors.

Overall, it's an amazing ball that improved posture and helped you do various workouts like yoga, pilates, core workout, pregnancy workout, and others like a gym.

Key Features

  • Anti-burst design
  • Anti-slip surface
  • Non- toxic PVC materials
  • Free from BFA & heavy metals
  • 2.5mm thickness
  • Five available sizes with multicolor
  • Weight capacity: 2200lbs
  • A one-year warranty


  • Easy to inflate
  • Great-quality exercise ball
  • Durable with strong stability and thick material
  • Safe & healthy
  • Helpful for pregnancy gymnastics, yoga, and other workouts
  • The superb quality grip on the ground


  • The foot pump is not very excellent
  • No back support

It’s an excellent piece of an exercise ball with perfect features & versatile uses. Based on its features, performance, & colorful sizes, you can’t resist your temptation to have one Trider Exercise Ball. 

Gaiam Classic Backless Balance Ball

Gaiam Classic Backless Balance Ball Chair “Best Backless Balance Ball Chair”

Are you not satisfied with your desk chair and searching for a backless balance ball chair for better posture & other health benefits?

Well, then the Gaiam Classic Backless Balance Ball Chair can be a perfect choice for you. It's a popular alternative desk chair recommended by prominent health & fitness specialists.

You can trust this exercise ball because it contains a series of health benefits, including relieving back pain & stiffness and lifting the levels of energy & concentration. So, it's helpful for both the body & mind.

This backless exercise ball is ideal for users 5 feet to 5 feet 11 inches tall & appropriate for most grade-height desks. And if you have a taller chair, you can buy 2 inches Gaiam Leg Extenders individually.

However, it has the capacity to carry 300lbs of weight. It's not like regular office chairs but helps you to keep proper posture and develop core muscle strength. It's an amazing product for office workers.

This product is equipped with a 52cm purple exercise ball &other necessary equipment. The inflation instruction can be important for you as the ball needs inflation twice or more after initial inflation.

Overall, it's an amazing product to have as it provides overall health benefits.

Key Features

  • Backless balance chair
  • Recommended height: 5 feet to 5 feet 11 inches
  • Four easy-slide casters wheels
  • 2 locking back wheels & 2 regular front wheels
  • 22inches wider from one side wheel to other
  • Back support bar
  • Secure metal ball holder
  • Back height: 2 feet
  • Ball diameter:52cm
  • Weight capacity:300lbs


  • Easy to assemble
  • An excellent alternative to a regular desk chair
  • Good-quality backless balance ball
  • 2 inches Gaiam Leg Extenders
  • Helpful for improving posture
  • Effective for strong back support


  • The wheel brake quality is not that excellent
  • The balance ball is a little bit small.

The Gaiam Classic Backless Balance Ball Chair can be a great choice for you if you love a backless balance ball with a small size. 

Vivora Luno Sitting Ball Chair

“Best Alternative Exercise Balance Ball Chair”

Vivora Luno - Sitting Ball Chair for Office

Vivora LunoSitting Ball Chair is a top-rated ball desk chair. If your desk height is between 26 inches to 30 inches, then the Vivora LunoSitting Ball Chair can be a smart choice for you.

It's a nice alternative to traditional office chairs. You can easily use it at your home or in the office, classroom, or gym.

It can also be the substitute for a labor ball, medicine ball, exercise balls, or even a pregnancy ball. It promotes active sitting and upright position, which encourage fitness.

The Vivora Luno Sitting Ball Chair is available in two different sizes, comprising the standard (22"-24") & max (25"-26"). You can choose one depending on your requirements. And the color of the ball is anthracite clay marble.

Since the two sizes available, it's perfect for most users. It's a great ball with the capacity to weigh 400lbs & you would love to see its extra-thick carry handle.

It's an anti-burst yoga ball, which can be inflated with a hand pump or air pump. However, its cover is washable. And for more information as well as specific instructions, you can check the inner label or user manual.

Overall, it's a fantastic product to improve fitness.

Key Features

  • Anti-burst design
  • Rigid air seat
  • Available in two sizes
  • Color: Anthracite clay marble
  • Washable cover
  • Suitable for people for all heights
  • Weight capacity: 400lbs


  • Easy to inflate
  • Lovely carrying handle
  • Easily portable
  • Beautiful design 
  • Wonderful for desk seating
  • Helpful for promoting  your posture
  • Ideal for yoga and balance training


  • No height adjustability
  • The cover is made of poor-quality material. 

For relieving back pain, improving posture, and yoga, you can select the Vivora Luno Sitting Ball Chair. Also, it's a lovely ball chair for the office.

RGGD&RGGL Yoga Ball Chair

“Best Heavy Duty Balance Ball chair”

RGGD&RGGL Yoga Ball ChairRGGD&RGGL Yoga Ball Chair is one of the best thick, more stable & rigid balance ball chairs. You can rely on it as it’s durable and impactful.

It’s 1.5 times thicker than an ordinary brand. Additionally, it’s made from a weighty vinyl, that’s why it is more stable & rigid.

You can use it to do multiple types of exercise like yoga and others. It improves leg muscles, reduces poor posture, and helps in weight loss.

Its anti-burst design will ensure your safety; even if it is punctured, you will be safe from getting an injury.

Also, its honeycomb structure exterior is 100% explosion-proofs & so it’s entirely safe for you. With the two resistance bands, you will get a stable & rigid ball for experiencing numerous fitness positions.

This high-quality exercise ball is made from non-toxic & non-allergic materials; as a result, it’s free from odor & is safe for allergic people. Furthermore, it’s constructed with manifold layers of PVC for resisting puncture.

It is one of the most heavy-duty yoga balls on the market, with a strong weight capacity of 2200lbs. You would love its different available sizes with distinctive colors.

Overall, a great ball to use at home or gym and experience a great result.

Key Features

  • Made from non-allergic & non-toxic PVC
  • Odor-free
  • Puncture resistance with multiple layers of PVC
  • 100% explosion-proof  honeycomb structure exterior
  • Anti-burst design
  • 2 resistance bands
  • Made of microfiber fabric for easy cleaning
  • Weight capacity:2200lbs


  • Eco-friendly materials
  • Great piece of stable & rigid ball
  • Ball cleaning pad for easy cleaning
  • Available in different sizes & colors
  • Excellent ball for yoga, Pilates, &ball chair
  • Great for back pain
  • Perfect for novices, intermediate users & advanced athletes


  • The stability band is a little big.
  • The pump is a little unstable.

Its design, quick inflation foot pump, & portability will draw your attention to purchase RGGD&RGGL Yoga Ball Chair for your home, office, or gym use. 

PharMeDoc Balance Ball Chair

PharMeDoc Balance Ball Chair with Back Support for Home and Office “Best Multifunctional Balance Ball Chair”

The PharMeDoc Balance Ball is a multifunctional balance ball chair so you can use it for innumerable purposes.

This is one of the Best Balance Ball Chairs with great features. 

This ball will not only help you to improve your posture, but it also strengthens your spinal alignment & reduces your back pain.

The dimension of the balance ball is 22"x20"x31" & its diameter is 52cm, which is pretty good & is suitable for people of all heights which is an advantage.

And you don’t need to be worried about its inflation because you can inflate it easily with the air pump. Again, this ball is durable enough as it has anti-burst properties which most of the ball doesn't have.

With its lockable wheels, it’s safe enough to stop rolling away. Also, its anti-burst design makes it healthier for you. As it’s made with sturdy vinyl material, it’s stronger & more stable than common balls. 

It can carry 300lbs. That means a person of any height and weight can use it comfortably.

The unique feature of this ball is its removable back. You can remove it if you want. This feature can be a driving tool to draw your attention. 

 Furthermore, its features, performance, & lifetime manufacturer warranty with satisfactory customer service made this product one of the top-notch products.

 Key Features

  • Removable back
  • Lockable wheels
  • Anti-burst surface design
  • Made with resilient vinyl material
  • Ball dimension: 22"x20"x31"
  • Ball diameter: 52cm
  • Weight capacity: 300lbs
  • Lifetime manufacturer warranty


  • A well-made ball with easy setup technique
  • Comfortable for seating
  • Fantastic for office use
  • Excellent for promoting posture
  • Great for back pain reduction
  • Removable back with anti-burst exterior
  • Compact size for easy storage


  • Some people find the ball tiny.

The PharMeDoc Balance Ball can be a great selection for you if you want strong back support with comfortable seating.

GalSports Exercise Ball

GalSports Exercise Ball “Best Fitness Balance Ball Chair”

If you cherish having an exercise ball for yoga, a ball chair, Pilates as well as pain relief, you can try the GalSports Exercise Ball.

You can use it for routine exercises at home or gym. This chair is made with high-quality material and you won't need to do any extra exercise after using it.

You can apply this ball as a pregnancy gymnastics & physical therapy. You can do yoga, pilates, and other exercise using this ball to remove any kind of body pain.

It helps to improve the health of postural muscles and abdominal muscles.

This ball is made with BPA-free specialized GYM grade PVC, which is SGS certified; as a result, it’s safe for you.

Its honeycomb structure with the frosted non-slip surface will ensure stability & durability. You can be able to use it for years to come.

The best yoga ball chair contains two plugs, a plug-out tool, a pump, & a measuring tape with complete user instruction.

And this 2000lbs weight capacity ball comes with a one-year quality warranty & a 30-day money-back guarantee. Overall, it's an excellent balance ball with an electric pump and great service.

Key Features

  • GMA grade PVC
  • Free from BFA
  • SGA certified
  • Honeycomb structure ball
  • Frosted non-slip surface
  • Four different sizes
  • Weight capacity: 2000lbs


  • Heavy-duty stability ball
  • Beautiful & durable balance ball
  • Great as a ball chair
  • Available in four different size
  • A wonderful ball at a reasonable price
  • A one-year quality warranty


  • The pump is not that excellent.

Based on its overall features & performances, we can say that The GalSports Exercise Ball can be suitable for you. You can take it for your home or office use.

Safco Products Zenergy Ball Chair

Safco Products 4750PL Zenergy Ball Chair

“Best Colorful Balance Ball Chair”

The Safco Products Zenergy Ball Chair is a unique design balance chair with great health benefits.

It is a good-looking balance chair that can help you promote your posture, strengthen core muscle, and enhance concentration levels.

It comes with a wide range of color options. You can select the product from these eight individual colors.

This ball is unique because you can adjust its height with the help of its legs & feet. Additionally, its powder-coated steel legs will provide you extra strong & durable balance ball.

With its eco-friendly materials, it's safe & healthier for indoor use. Despite its not having any wheels, it's pretty stable & durable with four legs.

This ball is unique because you can adjust its height with the help of its legs & feet. Additionally, its powder-coated steel legs will provide you extra strong & durable balance ball.

But as it has no back support, you may feel insecure. However, you would love its 360-degree spin & a skid-resistant foundation.

With its anti-plastic design, its diameter is 17-1/2" & maximum height is 23".And its weight capacity is 250lbs.

The cover of this ball is made of 100% polyester mesh fabric; thus, you can easily wash it.

Furthermore, its air pump has the ability to inflate the ball quickly.
Overall, it's an excellent product with many great benefits, and you can get it to enjoy its benefits.

Key Features

  • 17-1/2" inflatable anti-burst ball at the middle
  • Durable 100% polyester mesh fabric
  • Adjustable seating height with legs or feet
  • Powder-coated steel legs for durability
  • Exercise ball diameter: 17-1/2"
  • Height : 20"
  • Height with legs & feet: 23"
  • Manual air pump


  • The great ball with 360-degree rotation
  • Adjustable seat height
  • Plenty of colors
  • Excellent for back & posture
  • An eye-catching seating ball
  • Durable
  • Easy instruction guide


  • It's a little bit pricy
  • No back support

Its attractive design, eight distinctive colors, & 360-degree rotation with a slip-resistant base will encourage you to purchase the Safco Products Zenergy Ball Chair.

Gaiam Ultimate Balance Ball Chair

Gaiam Ultimate Balance Ball Chair “Best Back Supported Balance Ball”

The Gaiam Ultimate Balance Ball Chair is a perfect alternative to any conventional desk chair. You can use it at home or in office settings to enjoy its benefits.

It helps to boost energy and concentration for increasing better engagement to your body & mind.

This ergonomic back supported ball is ideal for users 5' to 5'11" tall & is applicable for most standard-height desks. And this balance ball can carry a weight of 300lbs.

The ball comes with a removable 52-cm exercise ball, 5 easy-slip lockable casters, an air pump, and a complete exercise guide with a good illustration.

The ball's back height is 2.5 feet & one side wheel is 20 inches away from the other. It has great back support with proper stability. You can have both comfort & back support.

This Gaiam Balance Ball Chair reduces poor posture and the pain of the back, knees, thighs, and other body parts. Overall, it's an excellent ball balance chair to have.

Key Features

  • Premium Design
  • Diameter: 52cm
  • Anti-burst surface
  • Adjustable back support bar,
  • Secure metal ball holder
  • 5 easy-slide lockable casters wheels (2 lockable)
  • Recommended Height: 5' to 5'11"
  • Back height: 2.5 feet
  • Weight capacity: 300lbs


  • Easy inflation process
  • Easy to assemble
  • Effective for back pain & improve posture
  • Amazing exercise ball
  • Excellent back support


  • The design is not up to the mark.
  • Not very comfortable

Its advanced modern design, sturdy materials, & durability will influence you to make your choice & decide to buy it for your home & office desk. Furthermore, it's the best balance ball chair, which can fit with your height desks.

Gaiam Classic Balance Ball Chair What is a Balance Ball Chair?

A balance ball, also known as an exercise ball, yoga ball, or fitness ball, is a masterpiece of fitness equipment.

These ball chairs are specifically manufactured to provide comfortable seating as well as health benefits.

These chairs have many salient features, making the balance ball chair more attractive & useable for different purposes.

Numerous ball chairs are available on the market with multiple features, dimensions, and functions.

Types of BalanceBall Chairs

Different types of ball balance chairs are available in the market based on different features. Here is some popular type of ball chairs that people mostly use:

  • Classic Ball Chairs: Classic ball chairs come with back support. But it doesn't have arms. Usually, it is small in size & suitable for kids to adults. You can use it comfortably not only at home but also at your office desk.  
  • Office Ball Chairs: These ball chairs are designated for office use. These chairs have a standard size with a perfect look. It's an ideal alternative to cushioned chairs.

They have features such as back support, armrests, and lockable wheels. These features will ensure your comfortable use of them at your office desk. 

  • Large Exercise Balls: These are the most widely used balance ball chairs. It is mostly used in studios, gyms, & chiropractic practices. The alternative names of these ball chairs are "Pilates balls" or "stability balls." These ball chairs are conducive to various health practices.
  • Stools Ball Chairs: Stools exercise ball chairs have no armrests or back support. Still, it's pretty good balanced ball chairs that can meet your demands.
  • Stationary Ball Chairs: This type of ball chair has a larger cover. You can sit on it with an accurate balance. The important part of it is it doesn't move.

Balance Ball Chair Buying Guide

Hundreds of ball chairs are available in the market. They come in different shapes, sizes, prices, colors, and warranties. So, you can easily get confused, especially if you are buying it for the first time. That's why you need a buying guide.

A buying guide can be a helping hand for you while purchasing any product. This segment will provide you with some strategic ideas that will enrich your knowledge regarding the balance ball chair.

Features Need to Be Considered While Buying a Balance Ball Chair

There exist some must-have features that an excellent balance ball chair should have. You need to consider these features while buying a balance ball chair to get the best one.

  • Versatility: Trideer Exercise Ball

You can use a versatile balance ball for plenty of purposes. It's vital for your yoga, Pilates, comfortable sitting, & other fitness exercises.

Also, this versatility will enable you to reduce your back pain, align the spine, & improve posture.

So, check your ball, whether that is versatile or not.

  • Weight Capacity:

You must know your ball's weight limit. The balance ball's weight capacity ranges from 300lbs to 2200lbs. You need to select it according to your preferences.

  • Materials:

You require checking the materials of the balance chair. Safety & durability depends on its materials. The professional-grade PVC material is latex-free as well as non-toxic; as a result, it's safe. Also, its anti-burst quality design is contributing to making it more durable.

  • Color and Design:

You can make your choice from a lot of ball chairs, which are out there with multiple colors & designs.

  • Size:

Balls are available on the marketplace in different sizes. It's not easy to choose a perfect size ball for you. You need to figure out which size & height balance ball can be suitable for you.  Depending on your height & desk height, you can determine your target balance ball. It can be the right way to find out a great balance ball.

  • Base & Wheels:

Check your ball's base & wheels. The base can be a couple of inches from the foundation, helping you keep your feet safe. And large wheels can be smoother & faster at the time of moving. You can select balance ball chairs with bigger wheels.

Also, you require investigating whether wheels are lockable or not. Lockable wheels can be ideal for your balance ball's stability.  

  • Back Support:

Having a balance ball with strong back support is needed for perfection. This back support can help strengthen your core muscles & decrease the strain on your spine.

  • Warranty:

Warranty is a safeguard for you. So, keep your brain sharp in this regard. Try to buy a product with adequate warranty & customer services. Some manufacturers provide a money-back warranty or free replacement warranty. Before purchasing, check the detailed warranty & customer service information.

  • Price:

The price is very important for making your budget. Based on the product quality, features, & performances, you need to fix your budget. You can buy your balance ball chair within your limited budget. 

Safco Products Zenergy Ball Chair Benefits of a Balance Ball Chair

  • Reduction of health menaces of sitting for a long time.
  • Strengthen the core muscles
  • Providing an ergonomic workspace
  • Improvements in posture
  • Improve blood circulation
  • Assisting the alignment of the spine
  • Providing a comfortable & firm surface for sitting
  • Enhancements of energy
  • Increasing concentration levels
  • Improving flexibility & balance
  • Minimizing stress
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Gaiam Backless Balance Ball

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PharMeDoc Balance Chair

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Safco Zenergy Ball Chair

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Gaiam Balance Ball Chair

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the materials the balls made of?

The balance ball is made of high-quality, verified materials. Usually, the ball contains PVC. Besides, they are BFA-free &non-toxic; some have anti-burst surfaces also to protect slip. In most cases, the materials are eco-friendly, and so it's safe & healthy.

  • How long may I sit on a sitting ball?

No restriction is imposed on this. But we recommend sitting on it for 2 hours at a time. Sitting longer than that may not be good for your health.

  • What is the weight capacity of the Balance Balls?

The weight capacity of the balance balls varies from balls to balls. Some are heavy-duty; some have a small weight limit. The normal weight capacity ranges from 300lbs to 2200lbs.

  • Can I clean it?

Yes. You can clean it when you find it dirty. The cleaning process may vary from product to product. You can learn more from a particular product's user manual.

  • Is it safe for a pregnant woman?

Generally, it’s a chair, which is specially designated for some health purposes. And you would be glad to know that some balance ball chairs are available in the market that can be used as pregnancy gymnastics. For more clarity, you may consult with a physician.    

  • Why sit on a yoga ball behind your desk?

Sitting on a regular chair for hours can cause so many dangerous diseases. A great alternative is a yoga ball chair which provides great health benefits, improves posture, reduces back pain and body pain. To enjoy the benefits, you should sit on a yoga ball behind your desk.

  • Will a Ball Chair Help with back pain?

Yes. Most people find it helpful in the case of back pain. It helps to reduce neck pain, back pain, leg pain, and other discomforts.

  • Can ball chairs be used to replace an office desk chair?

Yes, many people have replaced their office chair with ball chairs because regular chair causes many chronic diseases, but ball chairs improve health and provide health benefits.

  • Can I use the ball chair outside?

Yes, you can. If you want to do exercise outside the house, you can use this chair. These chairs are durable and comfortable to use at the home, office, outside, and anywhere.


Final Verdict

As a part of eliminating monotonous seating habits as well as improving the health of the body & mind, the demand for balance ball chairs is growing high. For making these ball chairs available on the market, prominent manufacturers have manufactured many balance balls with multiple features.

So, it has become a tough task to detect the best balance ball chair for home or office use.

Since it has some health benefits, a large number of people are apt to purchase balance ball chairs. For helping them to get an amazing ball chair, we have provided a list of the best balance ball chair with features.

We predict that this article will enable you to choose a great ball chair, which will be a perfect companion for you & your family.     

Happy Purchasing!

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