Best Home Foot Spas Massager to Soothe Tired, Achy Feet

Best Home Foot Spa

Wrong shoe size that cages the feet tightly or sandals with low-quality material or roaming around wearing damp sneakers in the season of rain or working all day on feet causes much stress to our feet.

At the end of the day, our feet are one of those body parts that get stressed but have you ever tried something to release this stress?

If the answer is no, then you must start taking care of your feet.

It's said that there are rare things worse than sore & painful feet and few things more satisfying than foot massages.

But going to a spa or parlor regularly is both money & time-consuming. The better solution is getting a Home Foot Spa that will provide you the much-needed comfort.

A foot spa can provide you a list of benefits regarding your foot massage as well as foot health. Finding the most suitable home foot spa is not that easy.

So, in this article, we will provide you a list of the Best Home Foot Spa that can give you much-needed comfort.

This article will give you a list of the best foot spa at home, a comparison chart, their benefits, buying guide, some frequently asked question, and will suggest some other articles relevant to it.

Best Home Foot Spa

Many people love to have a foot spa at home. As the demand for foot spa increases, the manufacturers have tried to fabricate numerous home foot spas. However, it does not mean that all home foot spas are suitable for use.

You may find it challenging to sort out the home foot spa since different products are out there. We have organized a series of the best home-foot spas based on various consumer reviews and expert advice from multiple platforms on that ground.

Below we will provide a detailed description of some excellent foot spa at home that can be the most suitable within your budget. Check out the best of the best home foot spa from the list & enjoy the pleasurable foot massage.

Our Top Picks

Instead of reading the whole article, you can just look at the following comparison chart that will differentiate, and you can make your own choice to buy any of foot spa massager accordingly.

10 Best Home Foot Spa Massager Reviews

After doing a lot of research about price, using process, size, pros & cons, and observing users' reviews and expert's advice, here is the list of best foot spa at home.

Arealer Foot Spa/Bath Massager 

Foot Spa/Bath Massager

Arealer Foot Spa/Bath Massager is a marvelous foot-spa massager that helps you to enjoy a deep tissue massage experience on your feet.

The combined features of this device are useful & easily adjustable. It has six different massage modes with multiple functions that give a great massage.

The automatic massage mode allows you to maintain the frequency of massage and provide a deep massage in the soles of your feet.

The latest aerobic bubble massage mode with bath salt will also render a real foot bath, which will permit you to soothe & relax your feet and mind.

Since it is a great bath massager with a self-rotating crushing stone, it is more efficient to remove the dead skin from your feet than others.

This spa massager is considered to be safe for you as per its certification & safety measures. It is CE & ROHS certified. However, safety measures include automatic power-off function, interior insulation material, and environmental protection.

This device has 12 months of no-worry support with excellent customer satisfaction.
Overall, it's one of the best foot bath massager to have.

Key Features

  • Six massage modes with multiple functions
  • Three ways of automatic roller massage
  • Temperature control
  • Timer
  • CE & ROHS certified
  • Professional security protection
  • Rated Voltage: 110V
  • Rated Wattage: 500W
  • Water temperature can be set from 35-48℃


  • Heating & timing function
  • Having multiple massage experience
  • Powerful bubble massage
  • Portable handle
  • Self-rotating stone for dead skin
  • Can be used with bath salt
  • Automatic massage rollers for pressure release
  • 12 Months No-worry Support


  • Massage rollers are not detachable

Studying overall things, Arealer Foot Spa/Bath Massager is a fantastic one for you. It can be the best home spa for taking care of your tired feet and relieving stress.

 HoMedics FB-55 toe-touch foot spa

HoMedics Bubble Mate Foot Spa, Toe-Touch Control, Removable Pumice Stone, Fb-55Do you want a spa massager to restore your feet' health? Then HoMedics FB-55 toe-touch foot spa can be a perfect match.

Since it's an expensive spa massager, the features of this spa are fantastic. You would love this device.

This Bubble Mate Foot Spa helps to invigorate your overworked & weary feet with the assistance of water jets & elevated nodes. With the detachable pumice stone, you will be able to relax your feet.

This massager is splash-proof, which is a great feature.

The water heating with adjustable temperature makes the device amazing to use. The unique toe-touch control system is designated for this device, which permits you to turn it on & off.

HoMedics FB-55 toe-touch foot spa leads a healthy environment for your feet by removing weariness & stress. It's the best foot spa massager to use at home.

Key Features

  • It has pumice stone, which is removable
  • Toe-touch control
  • Temperature is adjustable
  • Splash proof
  • It gives bubble massage to relax tired feet


  • Bubble massage
  • Capability to heat water
  • Toe-touch controls
  • Detachable pumice stone
  • People of shoe size 12 can also easily use it.


  • No vibration
  • No drainage system

Despite its high price, HoMedics FB-55 toe-touch foot spa is surprisingly great with numerous features. 

Comfortology Foot Spa Massager

Comfortology Foot Spa Massager

Do you need a foot spa massager to relieve tension, stress & anxiety? If your answer is positive, then you can choose Comfortology Foot Spa Massager. 

This is an ideal device for increasing your blood circulation, relieving soreness & relaxing joint muscles. It's one of the Best Home Foot Spa.

The advanced undercurrent circular heating system with an adjustable temperature unit will allow you to customize your massage experience.

The four motorized massage rollers apply pressure on your foot acupressure points for executing deep relaxation.

The massage rollers with ultra-silent water-pumping technology act as a safeguard for your feet. It aids in cleaning your feet as well as releasing pain from your sensitive skin without any irritation.

With the multi-layer insulation, you will be able to ease your muscles & joints during your suitable time.

The use of this spa massager is straightforward & easy. With the draining line, you can manage excess water. Its cleaning system is pretty good & airflow helps to dry it smoothly for later use.

Key Features

  • Undercurrent circular heating system
  • 3-layer insulation
  • Four motorized massage rollers
  • PTC heating technology
  • Remote control
  • Deep tank
  • Ultra-silent water-pumping technology
  • Easy drain hose
  • It comes with a locking system so the massagers won't move.


  • Eradicates the dead cells
  • Removes stiffness
  • Relieves foot fatigue
  • Massages acupressure points
  • No burning sensation
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • Safe & durable
  • Easy drainage system


  • A bit expensive
  • More convenient for large feet
  • No vibration

Comfortology Foot Spa Massager is fantastic for relaxing & treating your feet health. Despite its bit expensiveness, this device is perfect for you since it has some exclusive features that can be worthy.


MaxKare Foot Spa

All in one Large Safest foot spa bath massager w/heat, HF vibration, O2 bubbles, red light FB09MaxKare Foot Spa/Bath Massager can be a perfect companion for you if you want to enjoy a warm foot spa.

It's a fantastic device for soothing your fatigue as well as melting away your stress.

The heating unit ensures your tolerable water temperature between (95℉- 118℉/35℃-48℃). The intense vibration helps to melt away stress, whereas bubbles reduce pressure.

MaxKare foot spa is fashionable & ergonomic in design, which easily fits your feet & averts water from splashing.

Bathing with Epsom salts assists you in having an amusing foot spa.

The combined features help you to relieve soreness & stress in your feet. It's your choice whether you will take massage with one function or combined functions.

Overall, it's a great best foot spa to have at home.

Key Features

  • Four removable massage rollers
  • Bubbles & Vibration
  • Non-slip rubber foot stands
  • Heating unit temperature (between 95℉- 118℉)
  • It provides fast heating
  • Fashionable & Ergonomic design
  • Rated Voltage 120V
  • Power Rating 500W
  • Rated Frequency 60Hz 


  • Soothing waterfall
  • Warm footbath
  • Adjustable temperature & vibration controls
  • Usable with bath salts
  • It can support up to 15 shoe size.


  • Water slashes outsides as it's not deep enough. 

Overall, MaxKare Foot Spa is an incredible heated foot spa for taking care of your feet health. You can try it.

Acevivi All in One Foot Spa Bath Massager

ACEVIVI Foot Spa Bath Massager with Heat and Massage and Bubble Jets, Motorized Shiatsu Massage Ball + Motorized Maize Roller + Rotatable Pedicure Stone, Red Light, Adjustable Time & Temperature,LED

If you wish to relieve insomnia, dizziness, and improve your immunity, then Acevivi All in One Foot Spa Bath Massager can be the best home foot spa.

You can take this device to relieve soreness & achy sensation from your heels, ankles, toes, and muscle joints.

This device has a combined functionality, including acupressure, heating therapy, shiatsu & oxygen bubbles unit.

The spa massager helps to massage various pressure points that contribute to keeping your organs function well.

This Foot Spa Bath Massager provides a series of excellent features to have a better spa massage experience.

The motorized massage rollers and bubble jets will make your massage more pleasant. The adjustable temperature ranging from 95°F~ to 118°F aids you in heating your water, according to your preferences. You can set your flexible massage time from 10-60 minutes with the help of a timer.

Acevivi, All in One Foot Spa Bath Massager, is pretty strong with high-quality ABS safe material.

However, it is high-temperature resistance and long-lasting. The overheating protection and multi-insulation protection make the device more sturdy & reliable to use.

Key Features

  • Adjustable temperature
  • Timer
  • Massage rollers
  • Heating therapy& oxygen bubbles
  • Made of high-quality ABS material
  • Red light heat
  • Pedicure stone


  • Large size fits for all
  • Two sets of massage rollers
  • Heating programs
  • Infrared light disinfection
  • Easily portable


  • People with small feet may face trouble while using it
  • No remote control

Considering the features & performance, this foot spa massager is very convenient for you. Although Acevivi All in One Foot Spa Bath Massager is a bit expensive, this tool is remarkable for taking care of your foot health, forgetting foot pressure, or stress.

Artnaturals Foot Spa Massager

Conair Foot Spa/ Pedicure Spa with Soothing Vibration MassageIf you are searching for a massager to treat your nail fungus, dead & crumbling skin, then Artnaturals Foot Spa Massager is for you.

It's an ideal spa massager for athletes & runners to ease achy ankles, toes, heels & arches.

The temperature controls, vibrations, massage rollers are combined with melting away stress from your feet and soothe the soles of your feet.

The heating unit makes the water warm enough to your tolerance level. As a result, you need not add hot water.

With the infrared light, you can sanitize your feet. The bubbles of the Artnaturals massager tub help you to enjoy more pleasant bathing. Moreover, essential oil and salt bath will change the habit of your bathing.

The control panel contains four buttons that assist you to use it easily & comfortably. Besides, the large LCD with a light indicator makes the spa massager more attractive.

With the self-drainage system, you will get the advantage of an empty device without any trouble. The high-quality plastic body is durable & is suitable for both men & women.

The certification of Interlake with 12 months warranty as well as a money-back guarantee allows you to trust this spa massager.

Undoubtedly, because of its great features, you should get it and enjoy a foot spa at home.

Key Features

  • Massage rollers
  • Heating unit
  • Controllable temperature
  • Vibration
  • Bubbles massager
  • Digital LCD
  • Light indicator
  • Self-drainage system


  • Heat controls
  • Roller massagers at the middle of the feet
  • Easily usable with essential oils and bath salts
  • One-button bubble's turning on & off
  • People up to men's size up to 17 can easily fit in it.
  • It's not that heavy, even with water. 


  • Rollers are not motorized
  • Bubbles are weak

Compared with other spas, Artnaturals Foot Spa Massager is a cheap foot spa, but it's an attractive device that can be perfect for home use and a pleasant gift.

 Ivation Foot Spa Massager

Foot Spa/Bath Soaker with Heat Bubbles Vibration and Massage Pedicure Manually Massager Professional Home Tired Feet Stress Relief

Ivation Foot Spa Massager is an ideal foot massager having multiple features. It can provide relaxation to your aching toes, heels, and ankles.

The combined features of foot rollers, bubbles, vibrations, and high heat settings have made the Ivation Foot Spa such an excellent device. All these features make it a great water foot massager.

This device is controlled by a digital panel, which is located on the top. However, this panel is the single button for turning on or off, respectively. 

The constant water temperature level between 950- 1220 F helps you experience the heated foot spa correctly.

The multiple water jets & two motorized feet rollers with intense vibrations enhance the circulation and release the pressure & pain from your feet. Additionally, essential oil & aromatherapy help you enjoying your favorite massage.

Overall, it's one of the Best Home Foot Spa to have.

Key Features

  • Timer & multifunction
  • 2 motorize feet rollers
  • Heat & Massage Controls
  • Powerful vibrating massage
  • It provides bubble massage
  • Warm water up to 122° F 
  • Display: LCD
  • Dimensions: 16.5" x 14.9" x 9.2"
  • Weight: 6.7 lbs.


  • Renders powerful vibrating massage
  • Adaptable heat functions
  • Inexpensive
  • Bubble massage
  • Pedicure attachments


  • A single set of massaging rollers
  • Pumice stone is not a proper attachment

Despite its unattractive look, it's a handy tool for experiencing a better foot spa at home. 

Conair Foot Spa/ Pedicure Spa with Soothing Vibration Massage  

Conair Foot Spa/ Pedicure Spa with Soothing Vibration Massage

If you are looking for the best home spa to massage your exhausted feet, then the Conair foot spa can be a perfect match for meeting your demand.

It's an affordable product with a combination of rollers, vibrations, and aquatic therapy.

As the Conair foot spa has no heating unit, you need to use hot, cold, or warm water in the tub.

The basin has adequate space for both small & large feet for relaxing your foot muscles.

It will preserve the temperature for around 20 minutes. As a result, you have relaxed foot muscles.

The toe-touch control initiates the vibration for a foot massage.
You can simply control the intensity level of the vibrations with the help of a button. Also, the detachable rollers aid you in managing the intensity of foot massage.

The foot spa massage & splash guard nodes help you to enjoy the extra deep foot massage. This device is excellent for complete relaxation on your feet.

By checking conair foot spa reviews and seeing all the features, we can say that it's a good foot spa to use at home.. 

Key Features

  • 6-foot cord
  • Toe-touch control
  • It can preserve cold, warm, or hot water temperature
  • Massage attachment and splash guard nodes for deep massage
  • It provides vibration


  • Toe-touch controls for easy use
  • Protective water sloshing system for deep basin & splash guards
  • Simply maintainable for high water temperatures. Hot, warm, cold, average, every temperature is preservable.
  • Detachable rollers for directing massage strength


  • No heating unit
  • No exact adjustable temperature & vibration

Compared with other devices, this device is affordable & enjoyable for massaging your feet.  

Kendal All in one Large Safest Foot Spa Bath Massager 

All in one Large Safest foot spa bath massager w/heat, HF vibration, O2 bubbles, red light FB09

Kendal, All in one Large Safest foot spa bath massager, is very effective for improving your blood circulation, metabolism & relieving fatigue. 

kendal all in one foot spa is a multi-functional massage machine with oxygen bubbles massage & heating therapy.

This spa bath massager is pretty safe & secures enough because of its double overheating protection.

You can rely on this fantastic massager, although it is a pretty large foot spa. 

Its electric leakage protection helps you to prevent water leakage. kendal foot spa has a self-drainage facility that ensures using it without any difficulty.

The use of splash cover, casters, & drain hose with holder allows you to use it smoothly. It's a device with a high-quality plastic body; as a result, it is high-temperature resistance & durable.

Overall, it's one of the Best Home Foot Spa because of its features..

Key Features

  • Massage rollers & nodes
  • Heating therapy
  • Adjustable temperature
  • Double overheating protection
  • Oxygen bubbles massage
  • High-frequency vibration massage
  • High-quality plastic body
  • It has a drainage system.
  • It provides a signal if the temperature is high


  • Heating therapy, adjustable temperature, a signal for high temperature.
  • High-frequency vibrating massagers
  • Oxygen bubbles massage
  • Easily moveable and drainage system
  • Simple dial line
  • Massages top end of feet & middle


  • No massagers beneath the heels
  • No pedicure add-ones

This attractive & elegant spa massager can be the best foot spa massager for you. Also, it has a charming look to present it as a gift.


Kendal  All in One Deep Foot & Leg Spa Bath Massager

Foot Spa/Bath Massager with Bubbles and Lights, Arealer Foot Bath Massager with Automatic Massaging Rollers, Relieve Foot Pressure with 6 in 1 Function

Kendal, All in one deep foot & Leg Spa Bath Massager, is a unique device with multiple functionalities.

It is useful not only for heating therapy, motorized rolling massage & oxygen bubbles massage but also for waterfall & water wave massage.

It's essential for increasing your blood circulation & relaxing tense muscles that restore the skin health of the surface of your feet. 

Also, the Kendal foot spa can promote your bathing habit. It's the best home foot spa that you must-have for the foot bath.

The LED display with remote control facility and electric leakage protection will ensure your safe foot spa experience. 

Besides, adjustable temperature & timer control will make massaging easier & enjoyable. The temperature indicator, along with the PTC heating semi-conductor, assures your protective use of the device.

Overall, it can be said that it's one of the best water foot massager.

Key Features

  • Oxygen Bubbles Massage
  • Motorized and wave Rollers
  • A deep tank that helps foot and calf
  • Adjustable Temperature
  • Temperature Indicator
  • Timer for 20-60 mins
  • Remote Control


  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Motor-powered roller massagers
  • Intense foot spa
  • Effective temperature control
  • Remote control
  • Pumice stone pedicure attachment
  • Useful for foot & calf


  • Waterfall feature seems tied on and needless

Kendal deep foot & leg spa massager is applicable for both foot & calf and is large enough for the foot of all sizes. It's a splendid spa massager for home use & is considered as a presentable gift.

What is a Foot Spa?

According to the Oxford Dictionary,

"Afoot spa is a bowl for soaking the feet in warm water, especially one in which the feet are massaged by small jets of water."

Usually, a foot spa is a tiny tub where you can dip your feet for relaxing your feet. A foot spa is usually made of plastic. It has many massage functions as well as a water heating unit. The best foot spas have many specific features that make the devices exclusive and easy to home use.

Note: Are you want to know about the ivation foot spa massager. We also discuss the 10 Best ivation foot spa massager Machine. Please read the article attentionally to know about all the Foot Massage Benefits.

Best Home Foot Spa Buying Guide

Conair Foot Spa/ Pedicure Spa with Soothing Vibration MassageA buying guide is a complete idea that you need to know while purchasing a product as thousands of products are available. For determining the best home foot spa, you must learn certain things regarding foot spa. Below you will get an overview of the foot spa buying technique.

  • Features You Look for in Your Foot Spa

Hundreds of foot spas are available in the market with various features. So, you require to consider specific features while buying the home foot spa. Here are some remarkable features that may help you detect the best foot spa.

  • Heating

A good spa must have a heating unit for making the water warm or hot. Hot water is essential for enhancing your blood circulation & relaxing your muscles. This heating unit is often considered to be the core feature for the best foot spas for arthritis.

How can I get a perfect foot spa with decent heating capacity?

That's the question & you need to know the answer. The answer is simple. Make sure that your spa has an exact heat setting with the capacity to heat your water at an accurate temperature.

Normally, the range of the temperature of a foot spa is between 950-1200 F. The fact is you can find many spas on the market, which are adjustable & are entirely simple to use for your foot bath.

  • Safety

You need to know whether your spa has safe temperature adjustability or not. In most cases, the spa comes with pre-set modes for the adjustment of your foot bath water temperature.

  • Massaging Rollers and Jets

It is a vital feature that you have to check in a foot spa. The main task of massaging rollers & jets is to massage your feet, and the best foot spas certainly convey these features. The combination of the two may offer you the most pleasurable massage experience you are looking for. Hence, when buying a spa, always try to find the one with both of them.

  • Bubbles

Bubbles are not compulsory for an ideal massage. For any person, massage with bubbles is excellent, while others may find it uncomfortable. A better option for you is to take a spa with both the turning on or off option.

  • Remote control

A remote control facility in the foot spa can help you in many ways. With its assistance, you can change heat, frequency level of massage, vibration, and other massage settings without going down. Most spas are remote-controlled, whereas manual settings are also available.

  • Size

Fitting your feet in the spa is crucial. You will feel uncomfortable if your spa is either too small or too tied. Check your spa according to your feet size, although you may find an adjustable feet size spa available on the market.  

  • Noise

Some spas have noise effects; some have sound-free operation capacity. It depends on your choice whether you would love to take a spa with noise or without noise.

Benefits of Foot Spas

Foot spa has numerous benefits. It's worth every penny you use on it. Some advantages are given below:

  • Drops your stress levels
  • Releases arthritic pain
  • Increases your blood circulation
  • Reduces Headaches & migraines
  • Relax the soreness and discomfort of the foot
  • Removes insomnia
  • Aids in detoxification
  • Treats for digestion & acidity



You should not use a foot spa if you have:

  • a pacemaker in your heart
  • open wound
  • an infection
  • varicose veins
Best Home Foot Spas Massager to Soothe Tired, Achy Feet 11

Foot Spa

Best Home Foot Spas Massager to Soothe Tired, Achy Feet 12

 HoMedics toe-touch foot spa

Best Home Foot Spas Massager to Soothe Tired, Achy Feet 13

Comfortology Foot Spa Massager

Best Home Foot Spas Massager to Soothe Tired, Achy Feet 14

Foot Spa

Best Home Foot Spas Massager to Soothe Tired, Achy Feet 15

Acevivi Foot Spa Bath Massager

Best Home Foot Spas Massager to Soothe Tired, Achy Feet 16

MEDVICE Electronic Tens

Best Home Foot Spas Massager to Soothe Tired, Achy Feet 17

Foot Spa

Best Home Foot Spas Massager to Soothe Tired, Achy Feet 18

Foot Spa

Best Home Foot Spas Massager to Soothe Tired, Achy Feet 19

Kendal foot spa bath massager 

Best Home Foot Spas Massager to Soothe Tired, Achy Feet 16

Kendal  Spa Bath Massager

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How often should I use a foot spa?

You can use a foot spa at least 30-60 minutes twice a week.

  • What is the recommended heat setting for a foot spa?

Maximum spas have an adjustable temperature between 950- 1200 F. Basically, the temperature setting depends on your choice, but over 1200 F is not recommended for your feet.

  • Do Epsom salts draw out toxins?

Some evidence shows that Epsom salt can draw toxins out of the body. Although Epsom salt is not taking the task of treating infection in a straight line, it helps ease inflammation, decrease swelling, and unstiffens skin. Epsom salt can provide help to get other treatments efficiently.

  • How long should I keep my feet in a foot spa?

You can place your feet in a foot spa for about 10 to 20 minutes if you use it regularly, but if you use it weekly, you can use it for 20-60 min according to your preference.

  • Is foot spa safe?

It is considered safe because many specialists recommend it as a drug-free treatment for numerous foot-related problems.

  • How to Choose the Best Foot Spa?

If you want to get the best foot spa, you must focus on some features, budget, and user reviews of that product.

  • Are Bath Salts Overrated?

Of course not. Even it has lots of great benefits. But people with open injuries must not use bath salt, but others can enjoy the benefits of bath salt. But unfortunately, not all the foot spa has made to use with bath salt.

  • How do I use a pumice stone?

Soaked your feet in warm water for a while and then rub the wet stone smoothly over the needed areas on your foot and rinse the area & repeat.

  • How deep should the water be?

The water should be deep enough to soak your feet entirely.

  • How to Use a Foot Spa Machine?

      Using process comes with the manual. You just need to fill the tub with water and then set the mode with the help of the control panel and enjoy the spa

  • Are Foot Baths Safe for Diabetics?
    You must consult a doctor if you want to use a foot massager for diabetics. As it's not bad for diabetics patients, but of course, your foot will be soaked for quite some time, and also salts are used, so it's better to consult a doctor.
  • Do foot spa work for  Peripheral Neuropathy and Plantar Fasciitis? Foot spa offers some benefits, but the best from home treatment is foot massager. Foot massagers are excellent for Peripheral Neuropathy and Plantar Fasciitis.


Final Verdict

A foot spa's performance relies on multiple factors. You can select the best home foot spa, which you think preferable for you. It is better to analyze features, price, and performance to get a high-quality foot spa.

In the article, we have tried our best to offer you a list of the best home foot spa, which can be fruitful for exploring an excellent spa for your home use. 

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