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Massage offers a host of health, relaxation and recreational benefits. Nothing beat having a good massage after a hard day at work.  Unfortunately, with the busy schedules that people have nowadays, the majority may not have the time to visit a massage parlor.

The cost of a good massage also doesn't come cheap. The good news is that you can become your masseuse. With a good massage chair, you can enjoy a massage from the comfort of your sitting home.

However, finding the best massage chair for the money isn’t easy. There are so many options out there with different features and at different prices. But to help you make the right choice, we have created one of the best massage chair reviews.

Our Top Picks

Instead of reading the whole article, you can just have a look at the following our top picks where will differentiate and make your own choice to buy massage chair.

8 Best Massage Chair For The Money

Homall Single Recliner Chair:

The massager is a classy type and better for taking naps or enjoying television. You will prefer the Homall Single Recliner Chair. The chair is prepared for genuine PU leather.

And it surrounds the solid foam for maximum soothing. The frame of steel, making the massager popular among others.

The massager is consists of 19.7-inch width in shapes making anybody perfect to use. An integrated metal border is very muscular to make sure that your feet rest smoothly.


Homall Recliner chair massager is an outstanding order for little pubic who are not taller than 5’8. The most remarkable thing is its softness & leather with sponges although the budget-friendly. Mainly, this top-quality fabric seems very skin-friendly like my wife.

The massager is also built with an adaptable footrest. And it will bring up when you be seated & push back some force. It can hold up a max load of up to 295 lbs. We want to thank the company for the larger seat, long-lasting steel & robust recliner back. The chair gives you deep relaxation and greater push back design. It will never disappoint you. You can depend on the chair for your ultimate comfort.


  • Zero gravity recliner.
  • Maximum Capacity & Double Comfort.
  • Pu Leather.
  • Polyurethane leather surface.
  • The steel frame supports up to 265 pounds.
  • Non-marking rubber feet.
  • free exchange or full refund policy.


  • Size: 27.6 x 35.8 x 38.6 inches.
  • Weight: 61 pounds & 265 pounds of weight capacity.
  • Brand: Homall.


  • Thick cushions.
  • Upgraded footrest.
  • Multiple reclining positions.


  • No massage or heat.
  • Lack of dedicated lumbar support.
  • Basic design.

Final Verdict:
Without any hesitation, we can say the Homall Single Recliner is financial-plan friendly living room chair. Whereas the cost is certainly ok. It has a feature that would advantage the public with injuries or lower-back aches. At finally, the massage chair provides you a superb seating experience for a logical price.


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Esright Massage Recliner Chair Heated PU Leather Ergonomic Lounge 360 Degree Swivel, Brown:

If you are searching for a massage chair that takes little space and is quite easy to put together, you should consider the Esright Massage Recliner Chair Heated PU Leather Ergonomic Lounge 360 Degree Swivel, Brown.

The massage chair is sturdily-made, swivels reclines and comes with a heating feature. The massage chair is quite powerful. Since it is very slim, it will fit well in little spaces.

It also comes with cup holders that add to the convenience.  The chair comes with a 360-degree swivel and this adds to your comfort. The recline/lock mechanism and swivel are smooth and solidly built.


  • 360-degree swivel
  • Thick padded faux leather
  • Two cupholders
  • Manual recline control feature that reclines to 140 degree
  • Remote control
  • Two intensity levels
  • Five control modes

You will not need any screws to assemble one of the best massage chairs reviews. All instructions and parts are included.


  • Super easy to assemble
  • Sturdily-built
  • Reclines to 360 degrees
  • Comfortable
  • Thick padded for the back


  • The head pillow is a bit hard
  • Swivel isn’t lockable

If you need a massage chair for relaxing after a hard day at work, the Esright Massage Recliner Chair Heated PU Leather Ergonomic Lounge 360 Degree Swivel, Brown is the right option for you.  It is a great choice for an afternoon nap as you can place your phone on one cupholder and you are remote on the other.


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MAGIC UNION Power Lift Massage Recliner Heated Vibrating Chair with 2 Controls Wheels - Black:

If you need a massage that will soothe your body and soul, you will need the Magic Union Power Lift Massage Recliner Heated Vibrating Chair with 2 Control Wheels-Black.

 The massage chair comes with a lift and reclines function that ensures that you can get up and down easily. The lift function isn't too slow or too fast. This function is particularly useful for seniors.

The chair is very comfortable as it comes with a thick-padded headrest.  It has a powerful massager that feels great on the back. To add to the convenience, it comes with two pockets and cup holders where you can put your phone, remote or other things.


  • Faux leather
  • Power lift function
  • Two remote controls
  • Five control modes
  • Wooden frame
  • Built-in footrest

The footrest is fully powered by remote controls, with both the footrest and backrest working simultaneously.


  • Well made frame and motor
  • Easy to use
  • Comfortable
  • Durable


  • Makes a little noise
  • The backside of the chair is a bit hard
  • The chair doesn’t recline all the way back

The massage chair focuses on four areas of massage. These are the back, lumbar, tight and legs. It has five modes which are press, pulse, wave, normal and auto to meet your different massage needs. Overall, this is a great massage chair, especially for seniors.


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Furniwell Recliner Chair Massage Home Theater Seating Wing Back PU Leather Modern Single Living Room Reclining Sofa with Footrest (Black):

The Furniwell Recliner Chair Massage Home Theater Seating Wing Back PU Leather Modern Single Living Room Reclining Sofa with Footrest (Black) is a comfortable massage chair that is also among the best cheap massage chairs

It stands out as a result of its great design, looks, and comfort. The massage chair is easy to unbox and assemble. The package consists of three parts only and shouldn’t take you more than 3 minutes to assemble.

The chair is a great choice for small spaces but it has enough that makes it feel like a small chair. The vibrating /massage feels great and the chair vibrates perfectly well.


  • PU leather recliner
  • Recliner and footrest
  • Thickly padded seats
  • Backrest

The massage chair comes with an ergonomic design, that adjusts to the human body curve, whether you are lying or sitting. The thicker foam padding is a good choice for releasing stress. You can adjust the recliner footrest to different situations and angles.


  • Thick-padded back and seat rest
  • Compact design
  • Can be adjusted to different angles
  • Easy to assemble
  • Reclines smoothly


  • The massage feature is a bit weak
  • A bit small for tall people. They have to bend their knees

Even after repeated use, the Furniwell Recliner Chair Massage Home Theater Seating Wing Back PU Leather Modern Single Living Room Reclining Sofa with Footrest (Black) holds up well. Even though the massage function doesn’t function very well, it is still a good deal considering that the chair is affordable.


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Best Choice Products Executive Swivel Massage Recliner Chair w/Remote Control, 5 Modes, 2 Cup Holders - Black:

The Best Choice Products Executive Swivel Massage Recliner Chair w/Remote Control, 5 Modes, 2 Cup Holders-Black is a comfortable massage chair whose upholstery consists of padded faux leather. 

It comes with attached remote controls that make it possible for you to adjust the massage and heating level easily. You have the option of choosing from 5 different levels.

The massage chair comes with cup holders where you can store your cups, phone or remote control. It has a relaxing vibration and heat that aims at the various stress points in your upper, lower back, thigh and feet.


  • Two cup holders
  • Targeted vibration
  • Recliner
  • Spins to 360 degrees

When you sit on the chair, it is comfortable to the point where you can easily fall asleep.


  • Massage feature works well for its price
  • Easy to assemble
  • Built-in cup holder
  • Good looking


  • The recliner isn't smooth
  • Upholstery tears easily

While it is isn’t perfect, for its price point, the Furniwell Recliner Chair Massage Home Theater Seating Wing Back PU Leather Modern Single Living Room Reclining Sofa with Footrest (Black) is worth the money.


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TRONGLITE Portable Massage Chair Ergo Pro II - Ultra-Strong, Lightweight, Folding Tattoo Spa Massage Chair with Wheels & Carry Case (600lbs Working Weight):

If you are searching for a massage chair that is lightweight and easy to assemble, you should consider the STRONGLITE Best Portable Massage Chair Ergo Pro II - Ultra-Strong, Lightweight, Folding Tattoo Spa Massage Chair with Wheels & Carry Case (600lbs Working Weight). Despite being lightweight, it is also very strong.

The massage chair is made of a patented Double Tube design that offers it extra stability. The frame is made of heat-treated aluminum with a powder-coated finish.

This makes it strong and durable. It folds easily, making it easy to store. The chair also comes with attached wheels for added mobility. It also comes with a carry bag with padded straps and therefore enhancing its mobility.


  • Made of powder-coated aluminum alloy
  • Attached wheels
  • Carry case(included)
  • Chest pad
  • Adjustable face cradle
  • Height adjustable seats
  • Moveable armrests
  • Pouches

The massage chair is a nice and functional option.


  • Strong but lightweight
  • Ergonomic design
  • Easy to set up
  • Easy to fold and adjust
  • Very flexible


  • A bit expensive

It is especially a good choice for massage parlors as you can adjust the level at which your clients sit. The chair comes with a lifetime warranty.


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ComHoma Leather Recliner Chair Modern Rocker with Heated Massage Ergonomic Lounge 360 Degree Swivel Single Sofa Seat with Drink Holders Living Room Chair Brown:

The ComHoma Leather Recliner Chair Modern Rocker with Heated Massage Ergonomic Lounge 360 Degree Swivel Single Sofa Seat with Drink Holders Living Room Chair Brown is extremely soft and comes with a 360-degree swivel recline.

The chair swivels and reclines smoothly. It also has great lumbar support. The chairs come with side pockets whereby you can place your books and remote control.

It is comfortably padded to the point that it offers the right support and comfort where it is needed. It provides great lumbar support, soft padding, and full chaise seating.


  • Padded seats
  • Eight point massage systems
  • Four modes of vibration
  • Drink holder
  • Side pockets
  • Leg lifting level

The chair is easy to assemble and comes with a built-in cup holder.


  • Comfortably padded
  • Drink holder and pockets to place your things
  • Easy to assemble
  • 360 degrees swivel


  • The massage system is a bit weak
  • Footrest doesn’t go down

If your drinks pour on the chair, you can easily wipe them away. What is even better is that you can also choose from several modes for your massage.


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JC Home Drammen Massaging Leather Recliner and Ottoman with Leather-Wrapped Base, Obsidian Black:

If you are on the heavy side, you will need a chair that can accommodate heavy people. One such option is the JC Home Drammen Massaging Leather Recliner and Ottoman with Leather-Wrapped Base, Obsidian Black.  The seat comes with straps that spread the weight.

With a press of a remote control button, you can change the heat, set a timer and choose your preferred massager.

There are 9 massage modes and 5 intensive levels. These targets the back, thighs, legs, and lumbar area.


  • Remote control
  • Nine massage modes
  • Five intensive levels
  • Upholstered arms
  • Side pockets
  • Base wrapped in leather

The chair has been upholstered fully with leather. It comes with a luxurious recliner and ottoman that looks great in different settings.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Able to withstand heavy people
  • Lightweight remote
  • Side pocket for storing items
  • Swivels fully
  • Compact


  • The massager is a bit weak
  • Doesn’t recline fully
  • Doesn’t have enough padding in the seat cushion

Despite its few drawbacks, this chair is a great choice for melting away all your day's care. It has a small footprint, making it a good choice for bedrooms, living rooms, offices, and other small spaces. It is the best cheap massage chair.


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Health benefits of a massage chair

How good are massage chairs? A lot of research has been done on the benefits of massage therapy. If you have the best massage chairs for the money, you can enjoy various benefits such as:

  • Reduced anxiety and stress: According to research, massage can help to reduce the physical and psychological levels by lowering the blood pressure, heart rate, insulin levels, and cortisol level.

A good massage also results in the release of the dopamine and serotonin hormones that help the body to overcome habitual or chronic short-term stress.

  • Improved mood: Studies have shown that massage increases endorphins production. This is the feel-good chemical in the body that is responsible for balancing the mood in your body.
  • Better sleep: As we have already noted, massage helps to boost the serotonin levels. These can be converted by the body into the sleep hormone, melatonin, resulting in better sleep.
  • Enhanced cardiovascular health: The two major causes of cardiovascular diseases are stress and high blood pressure. Like we have already noted, massage can help to reduce stress. And what is even better is that it reduces the heart rate and blood pressure. All these factors are among the causes of disability.
  • Manage back pain: The American Chiropractic Association suggest that lower back pain is also one of the biggest cause of disability in America. Studies show that massage can provide lasting relief for lower back pain.
  • Better sex drive: Anxiety, stress, and depression have been noted to be major contributors to sexual dysfunction and low libido. Since massage has been noted to considerably reduce stress, it is, therefore, clear that it can also help to treat sexual dysfunction. Massage also increases the cortisol hormone, which is responsible for sexual drive.
  • Boost immunity: Massage has been noted to increase immunity, particularly during winter months. It works by increasing the function of the white blood cells in the body. An increase in white blood cells results from a decrease in cortisol levels.
  • Improve flexibility: Massage works on muscles, tendons, connective tissues, joints, and ligaments. This can help to keep your joints more fluid and also help to prevent injury.

Types of massage chairs

There are several types of massages chairs. These are:

  • Recliner: This is the most common type of massage chair. As the name suggests, it comes with a recline feature. Some of these massage chairs are manual while others are automatic. If you don’t want to keep pulling the lever, you may want to consider an automatic massage recliner.
  • Zero gravity: This type of massage chair has a design that takes the pressure from the legs and back and distributes the weight evenly to provide relief from pain.
  • Full body: This type of massage chair works on the whole body. It cradles the users all over the body, giving an experience that is close to that of a human being
  • Ottoman: This looks like the traditional chair. In most cases, it comes with a footstool that also helps to deliver a good massage.
  • Seat pad: This is a great choice for people without a budget or space for a massage chair. All you have to do is to create a massage chair using a seat pad. You can then attach the seat pad to your chair. Alternatively, you can use the seat in bed.

Factors to consider when choosing the best choice massage chair for the money:

There are several factors you should consider when searching for the best chair massager for the money. These include:

  • Features: You will need to consider the type of features you need in a massage chair. Some best cheap massage chairs offer heat therapy. Others provide muscle compression and neck traction therapy. Some of the common features we need to consider in a cheap massage chair include:
    • Feet extenders
    • Cup-holder
    • Neck and back reclining positions
    • Built-in computers
    • Memory function
    • Remote control feature

If you need to place take a drink as you relax in the evening, choose a massage chair with a cup holder.

  • Design and size: If you choose a massage chair that offers leg, back and neck reclining, you will need to ensure that it is of a size that can easily fit in your sitting room.
  • Durability: You will need your massage chair to last as long as possible. Consider how well the chair will hold up well after repeated use. If you can use the chair for at least three years, you will be getting good value for money.
  • Massage intensity: You will need to understand the massage intensity you will be getting from the best massage chair for the money. Some massage chairs will press too hard while others will be too gentle to a point where you may not experience the benefits of the massage chair. You may want to choose an option that allows you to increase or decrease the massage intensity. This can be particularly important where the massage chair will be used by several people in your family.

For instance, if there is an elderly person in your home, his or her tolerance level may below. Therefore, a massage chair where you can increase or decrease the intensity can prove important.

  • Range of control: You will be surprised at how the majority of these massage chairs have a wide range of programs. Some, many even take your time to understand. You will, therefore, need to consider which programs and settings you mostly need in the massage chair. Some chairs come with certain preset programs that allow them to focus on a certain part of the body or back.

Does the chair provide you with a full range of control? Is it possible to control the speed? Do you have an option to pause the massage session by simply pressing a button? Is it possible to control the airbag on an individual basis? Can you easily recline the effect and back? Does the massage chair enable you to restore the chair to its default setting with a press of a button after use? All of these are important considerations.

  • Warranty: Massage chairs don't come cheap. They also cost a lot to repair.  It will, therefore, be advisable to choose a product with a warranty. The majority of massage chairs come with a warranty of three to five years. There are a few options that have a lifetime warranty. Remember that the longer the warranty, the more the trust that the manufacturer has in their products.
  • Budget and shipping: You will need to choose a massage chair that costs something within your budget. The cost of the massage chair can increase as a result of the shipping cost. This is why you may want to consider the shipping cost.
  • Heated massage chairs: Like it is the case with heated vehicle seats, some heated massage chairs have a heating functionality. This can prove very helpful especially if you live in a cold area.
  • Material: Some of the common upholstery used in massage chairs includes leather and synthetic materials. While this will depend on your personal preference, leather material will last longer than a synthetic one. However, you need to be sure that you are buying a massage chair made of original leather, as some use fake leather.
  • Weight capacity: Some of the best cheap massage chairs are very heavy and therefore hard to move around. Therefore, it would be a good idea to check the chair’s weight capacity.
  • Accessories: Consider what accessories the massage chair comes with. Some of the common extras include headphone ports, music players, remote control, phone chargers, and 3D robotic massages. All these can add to your overall experience with your massage chair.

Homall Single Recliner Chair


Esright Massage Recliner Chair


MAGIC UNION Massage Chair


Furniwell Recliner Massage Chair


Swivel Recliner Massage Chair


STRONGLITE Portable Massage Chair


ComHoma Leather Recliner Chair


JC Home Drammen Massaging Chair


FAQs on the best massage chairs for the money

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions on the best massage chairs.

  • How does the best massage chair function?

The massage chairs use airbags, rollers, or nodes to work on a track system. They work by moving up and down the spine to produce the same effect as the hands of a masseuse. They help to workout nodes, relieve tension in muscles, and improve circulation.

  • How effective are massage chairs?

Medical experts suggest that massage is very effective in the treatment and management of pain. Therefore, acquiring a massage chair can help you overcome the day to day pain.

  • How long should I use the massage chair?

There seems to be a general agreement that you should use the massage chair for about 15 minutes in every session. However, there isn’t an official position. Some massage chairs have an auto shut down feature that enables you to easily monitor the period you have been using it and therefore uses it safely.

  • Is a massage chair safe if I am pregnant?

There seems to mixed advice on this. The massage chair can be a good option for pregnant mothers who are dealing with back pain. However, you should not use it during the first trimester. Ensure that all sessions are limited.

Some massage manufacturers recommend that pregnant women should not use their chairs. There is a concern that when pressure points are stimulated, this could cause premature labor. When you sit in a massage chair, this is similar to the regular massage. However, it is advisable to speak to a doctor before beginning use.

  • Does the massage chair hurt your back?

When properly used, a massage chair should cause no harm to the back. However, the opposite is also true. Therefore, you should follow the guidelines and avoid exceeding use.

Final thoughts

A good massage can have a lot of physical, emotional, health and psychological benefits.  If you would like to be assured of a good and regular massage, you need to invest in the best massage chairs for the money.

However, these chairs don’t come cheap. This is why it is advisable to research on the best options to buy. The good news is that we have done the heavy lifting for you. You can consider one of the above options and you will be on your way to enjoying a good massage from the comfort of your home.

Happy buying!

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