acupressure mat side effects

acupressure mat side effects you should read before use

Over the last few years, acupressure mats, often called Shakti mats, have gained massive popularity. Although it is a soft foam mat with lots of little spicks, it has some health benefits and side effects. However, acupressure mat side effects are not insignificant. An acupressure mat helps the pressure points to increase blood flow & release tension. An acupressure mat may cause some skin problems that are considered as acupressure mat side-effects. The mat side-effects include skin irritation, inflammation, and soreness, lightheaded & allergic sensation. The uses of these mats are straightforward & the cost of these products is inexpensive. […]

how to prepare for a massage

How to Prepare for a Massage before starting you need to know

People are always eager to experiment with brand new experiences at any cost. From that perspective, investing time & money to a massage for the sake of relaxation and health benefits are encouraged by numerous health experts& therapists. A perfect massage can present you a relaxed and comfortable physical & mental health. For this, you require to know some fundamental ideas regarding how to prepare for a massage as well as what to do before & after a massage. Various types of massages are available in different spas & physiotherapy centres. You may check our article for learning the difference […]

TENS unit placement for foot neuropathy

TENS unit placement for foot neuropathy Ache Reduced Easily

Millions of people each year have the worst victims of adverse physical and mental pain. They are tired of experiencing various painkillers. Now they are searching for drug-free treatment for alleviating their pain & aches. Concerning this, different intelligent manufacturers have expanded their helping hands with some tools that are safe &, in some cases, an alternative to addictive painkillers.  The TENS machines are the most popular & widely used in different parts of the regions. These machines are highly effective for foot neuropathy as a pain healer. It’s crucial to know the TENS unit placement for foot neuropathy accurately for […]

difference between swedish and deep tissue massage

What’s the Difference Between Swedish Massage and Deep Tissue Massage?

Massage, indisputably, has a wide variety of practices that offer you a unique experience regarding relaxation or releasing pain & muscle aches. Whatever the type of massage is, you may feel great.  Have you heard the name of Swedish & deep tissue massage? Are you puzzled in differentiating between them? Here we are to solve your puzzle by specifying the difference between Swedish and deep tissue massage. It’s a hard task for you to realize which type of massage is preferable for your body. But, if you know the difference between Swedish and deep tissue massage, then it can be […]

TENS Machine Side Effects

TENS Machine Side Effects & Warnings - You Should Know

If you are the person who wants to purchase a TENS machine, or who have already a TENS machine but still unaware of a TENS machine side effects, this article may appear highly conducive for you. The TENS unit machine is very suitable for a variety of pain reduction with some negligence side effects. A tens unit is a small electric device that transmits the electrical pulses through the nerves to soothe your pain. As a non-invasive & inexpensive tool, a TENS machine actively accomplishes its duty to stimulate the central nervous system for the blockage of pain signals to […]

How Often Should You Get a Massage

How Often Should You Get a Massage for Pain Relief?

How often should you get a massage? The answer to this question lies in several factors comprising your level of stress, your physical & mental strength, mobility, choice, your budget & schedule. Balanced use of a massage can provide you with substantial health benefits, including improved blood & lymphatic circulation, relieving muscle pain, and smoothened nervous system. How often should I get a massage? If you ask this question to a therapist, then you can gather specific massage tips. But here you will get not only through ideas on various massages like deep tissue massage, full body massage, massage chair& […]

how to use a theracane 

how to use a theracane - Do Not Buy Until You See This!

Are you looking for a self-massager to relieve pain? Are you unable to go to the gym or spa for a shortage of time? Do you want to save your time & money? If your answer is yes, then you need to require a DIA (Do-It-Yourself) massage like the Thera Cane massage that assists you to save your time & money as well as ensure health benefits.  A Thera Cane massager is a non-electrical massage device that is an indispensable part of treatment for the patients who have suffered from muscular pain & soreness. Thousands of health practitioners recommend the […]

Air Compression Leg Massager Benefits

Air Compression Leg Massagers Benefits for Blood Circulation

Are you suffering from trauma or such type of issues on your legs? Are you looking for an effective leg massager to soothe the pain? Then Air Compression Leg Massager benefits can be a fruitful option for you to remove various pains from your legs. A Leg Massager is a therapy machine for the treatment associated with the legs like trauma, sports-related injuries & chronic illness in the legs with limited mobility. Air compression leg massagers benefits you in many ways including blood flow, relaxation, relieving pain, lymph circulation, and fluid accumulation.  Generally, air compression leg massagers can be detected […]

how to use a Tens Unit for neck pain

How to Use a Tens Unit for Neck Pain? Get Reduce lower back pain

Billion people suffer from neck pain. Neck pain is also called cervical pain. The pain can be happened by many causes, such as a long time sitting at the desktop, wrong position sleeping, injury and strains, trauma and other hard-working. When ache is chronic, most of the people seek different treatment for ache release. Some of them work and some do not. According to Harvard University, 7 out of 10 people have neck pain.  Hard work, trauma, long time desk working, poor posture, & overuse are general causes of neck ache. A few symptoms of neck ache include aching, shooting, […]

How to Use Back Massager

How to Use Back Massager - You Must Know Before Use

How to Use Back Massager?Table of ContentsHow to Use Back Massager?What is Back Massager?Types of Back Massager!How to use a Back Massager!Handheld Massagers: Types of Handheld Massagers: Benefits of Handheld Massager:Massage Cushions:Types of Massage Cushions: Benefits of Massage Cushions:Massage Chairs:Types of Massage Chair: Benefits of Massage Chair:Massage Mats:Features of Massage Mats: Benefits of Massage Mats:Benefits of back massager:Frequently Asked Questions:Final Thought: Do you have back pain? Do you need any painkillers to relieve pain? If your answer is yes, then you may need a back massager to appease your pain. A back massager is a pain reliever that can relieve […]