Body Back Buddy Review: Ultimate Trigger Therapy Tool- Removing Ache!

Body Back Buddy Muscles & joints in our bodies permit us to move and perform daily activities with ease. Though they are strong sufficient to withstand our weight & dissimilar forms of stress, muscles, & joints are also delicate and prone to ache & injure. This is mainly the case with muscles in neck, shoulders, & back part.

Handheld massagers prove to be an effectual instrument that we can make use of to ease uneasiness and trigger points. Body Back Buddy Massager is suitable, useful, and incredibly easy. In these writings, we are going to explore Body Back Buddy Massager & how it works? Is it worth trying? You’ll discover below.

The Body Back Buddy is an S-shaped massage device that is designed to ease pressure points in the muscles with an exacting focus on the back part. The Body Back Buddy in front of your chest is capable to reach around to your back part & target the hardest to arrive at trigger points that are usually inaccessible. By using your own strength, you can control the 11 knobs on the Body Back Buddy to discover the best kind of massage that you require.

About the Brand :

With the only goal of serving people, Body Back has created the brand Body Back Buddy products. They are a team of good quality people who don't compromise quality. They do in-depth research to generate a product that authentically helps. You can rely on their body back buddy massagers as the brand has proven their qualifications. Furthermore, people faith Back Body as they have never failed once over all these years. Introduced all the way back in 1995, the Body Back Buddy has been a well-liked massage tool used by many for myofascial release, releasing trigger points, and deep tissue massage.

Who can benefit the most from this Body Back Buddy Trigger Point Back Massager tool ?

Truthfully, everybody can advantage of Body Back Buddy Massager ranging from athletes to sedentary individuals. The public who experience muscle stress, trigger points, knots & pains, fibromyalgia, and any other problems will also discover this instrument helpful. However, Body Back Buddy Massager is effectual, easy, and reasonably priced. It can be used in different areas of the body & comes with a thorough instruction manual to assist you to recover sooner.

Why Choose the Body Back Buddy Massager ?

The major benefit of Body Back Buddy Massager is that it’s an easy-to-use stress relief machine. When you’re stressed out, and with painful muscles and joints, the last thing you need is a massager that looks like it could be a part of the spaceship. You require something easy yet effectual, & Body Back Buddy Massager checks that box simply.

The unique “S” shape of this massager isn’t a coincidence; it’s not something the brand has chosen to make the machine appear cool. This particular shape makes the massage tool ideal for reaching the tricky parts of the back or anywhere else on the body. When using this massager, there are no painful positions & maneuvers just to reach the part of your back when ache radiates. The S-shape design will make it effortless to massage the handheld massager target area where pain, tension, & aches are concentrated.

Bearing in mind that Body Back Buddy Massager comes with round therapy balls that consumers apply to sore muscles, this simple tool can progress your blood flow & target knots and pressure. Just by adjusting the angle, you can apply greater pressure. Numerous massagers at the present time require electricity to function, but Body Back Buddy  Handheld Massager is completely manual. That means you can use this massager wherever and whenever you can, even in your office if necessary.

When we’re discussing all the amazing features that make Body Back Buddy Massager an immense option, it’s also helpful to mention it is a single-piece machine meaning you don’t have any tricky parts to replace.

Body Back Buddy Trigger Point Back Massager (Blue)

Body Back Buddy Body Back Buddy Massager is the whole body self massager that efficiently produces simple & fast relief of discomfort, pain, & ache. The massager was particularly designed to give comfort and assist users to recover. If you’re an active individual you should, absolutely, consider Body Back Buddy Massager to rest & relax after an exhausting activity. Of course, the massager is practical for sedentary persons too because their muscles & joints are prone to ache.

According to the brand, Body Back Buddy Massager is stronger, more rigid, easier to utilize, and more versatile than its counterparts on the marketplace. The massage instrument is manufactured in the United States from premium, high-density glass-filled polypropylene, which creates it three times stronger than any other massagers.

Thanks to glass-filled fibers, the massager has an exclusive finish. The massager weighs 1.25 lbs & comes with a 12-page instruction manual to assist users to get the highest out of their self-massage experience.

Body Back Buddy handheld Massager features 11 knobs for manifold uses nicely. For example, there are 6 rounded knobs for soft tissue massage, 3 pointed knobs for deep tissue massage, & two rounded nubs for lower back massages.


  1. Made in the USA.
  2. Unique S-shape design.
  3. Relieves pain, spasms, aches, and tensions in muscles & joints.
  4. It comes with a 100%, 30-day money-back guarantee.
  5. Available in three colors (blue, onyx black, & purple).
  6. Reduces the require to take painkillers.


  1. Some knobs are too pointy to press with the essential pressure.
  2. It’s quite big.
  3. Customers claim the massager has too many knobs.
  4. Too rigid & hard for some people.

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Frequently Asked Questions :

Q : How to Use it ?

As this is not a power-operated massager, there are no complex buttons that you require to push. All you require to do is to hook Body Back Buddy handheld Massager over the shoulder or around your side in order to tackle tension, pain in hard to arrive at areas of the neck, shoulders, & back.

Make sure you hold the machine comfortably by the handles or the frame. This is essential chiefly because the goal is to get therapy knob to touch & massage the affected areas. Push away the massage device from your body with outside or lower hand, but guide the therapy knob with the inside.

Q : How much pressure should I apply ?

One of the most ordinary questions people have about this product is whether they should apply a lot of pressure on the painful areas. The accurate answer depends on you i.e., make certain to apply what you judge to be a comfortable amount of pressure.

Q : How long to apply pressure ?

In the majority cases, 10 to 30 seconds is sufficient to induce a therapeutic response in the muscle. Avoid applying too much pressure too long because more isn’t necessarily superior.

Q : What areas of the body can I massage ?

In addition to neck, shoulders, and back, you can also make use of Body Back Buddy Massager for legs, arms, feet, chest, & hips.

Final Recommendation :

If you are a trigger point release junkie & have released most of your trigger points previously I would go with the Body Back Buddy Massager as you’ll obtain more precision & apply more force to smaller areas. Besides, if you are a little more sensitive and don’t require an aggressive release then the Thera Cane will also do your job & relaxed to use.


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