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Getting a massage is always refreshing and rejuvenating, but going to a massage parlor regularly to get this refreshment is not always possible. The best solution is to get a massage chair. But can it be possible to get strained instead you are getting refreshment after using a massage chair? Or can a massage chair hurt your back? Get all your answer from this article from our ideal massage experts.

Can a massage chair hurt your backA healthy body and a happy mind are interconnected, but in this digital world, people are always busy doing some or the other thing. As a result, most of the time, they neglect their health and face various health issues.

One of the most common things is pain which includes back, neck or shoulder pain. Getting a proper massage or medicine can definitely heal these pains but is it possible to go to a massage parlor on a regular basis as it's both time and money-consuming? Then what is the solution? The most satisfactory solution is to get the best massage chair.

You can get the best back massager, shoulder massager or neck massager for your pain. This is the most satisfactory solution to get relief from any type of pain. The main concern is to get rid of the pain by using the massager and enjoying a refreshing and soothing feeling.

But what if you are getting more pain by using the massager? Or it is not helping you at all. Can a massage chair hurt your back? Lots of questions, but what are the answers? Satisfy all your queries with this article from our ideal massage experts. So, let's dive into the article.

Can a massage chair hurt your back

A massage chair is one kind of chair that provides various kinds of massage to the entire body or any specific part of the body using vibration and different types of technology. It is designed to support your body and give relief from any kind of pain. It helps you to get rid of normal to chronic pain.

But can a massage chair hurt your back? The phrase hurt is a bit much as it can also refer to injury. So, if you are confused that you can get injured by using a massage chair, then it's a pure misconception. You won't be injured if you use a massage chair carefully. But, yes, a massage chair can hurt your back.

Massage chair is excellent for back pain and all kind of pain, be it slight or chronic. However, numerous users, specifically beginners, experience and complaint about getting back pain from a massage chair. So, yes, a massage chair can hurt your back though it occurs only because of inappropriate use and is evitable.

Why does a massage chair hurt your back?

Massage chair is supposed to relieve you from pain, but it may hurt you as well. There are various reasons behind it. You can take some time and steps to avoid this pain. Post-massage chair pain can be caused for the following reasons:

Your body is not used to massage

One of the most common reasons is you are not used to massage chairs. You might have noticed that people feel soreness or pain when they try a new type of exercise or massage. This is exactly the same thing when you try a new massage chair for the first time. Massage chairs operate by using rollers and other tools that kneed or massaged your body tissue. Can a massage chair hurt your back? - Ideal Massager 2

When you try it for the first time, or when you are someone who is not physically so active and try to take a massage after a long time, your body reacts to that massage and causes inflammation and muscle soreness. This soreness and pain can also arise because of the muscles' upsurge in lactic acid.

So, when you think of the question, " Can a massage chair hurt your back, " the answer is positive in this scenario. But, after two or three continuous sessions, your body will get used to it, and you will not feel this type of body pain or soreness; rather, you will feel relaxed and refreshed.

Massage may trouble your herniated disk

Feeling pain or muscle soreness after the first few sessions are usual and will subside after the first two or three sessions. But, if the feeling of pain is constant after a few sessions, then it's something to focus on. There is a case that the massage chair can generate pain if you have a wounded spine and slipped disc. It can also trouble your herniated disk by proving the pain. In this case, you must consult a physician because constant pain and soreness is not good sign.

Excessive use of a massage chair

Excessive use of anything is harmful, whatever the product is. The same goes or a massage chair. When we buy a new thing, it always excites us. But you need to understand that it’s not a toy to play with continuously. It is meant for therapeutic sessions to get relaxation and relief from pain. If you use it excessively, it can cause muscle damage, bruises, inflammation, and pain. So, avoid overuse.

Operation on unsuitable settings

Massage chair has various massage settings that include various massage type, pressure and intensity. You need to understand what is your body needs. If you are a beginner, then using high pressure and intensity is going to induce damage to the skin and muscles. As a beginner, you might need help understanding the correct settings or how to use a massager. So, start from a low level and gradually increase it. Unsuitable settings can cause pain and severe damage.


It may sound weird that a massage chair can hurt your back by causing dehydration. But it's correct. Massage washes out toxins and metabolic waste from the body, and if you don't hydrate yourself enough after the massage session, dehydration can provoke the pain.

Stiff and cold muscles

When you take a massage, first, you should warm yourself up. A sudden start can create impulsive tension in your muscles which causes pain. Before starting the massage session, prepares your muscles by stretching and doing a light exercise. When you use a massage chair on cold and stiff muscles, it can cause a kind of pain and soreness.


A massage chair can hurt your back, but maybe it's not the culprit. Instead, it may happen that you are taking a painkiller or other medicine that subsides the pain for a little time but then again provokes it after some time. So, keep a check on your side medicine or exercise.

Wrong position

Can a massage chair hurt your back? Yes, it can when you sit on it in an uncomfortable position or your back is not placed correctly. Or your spine is in an uncomfortable position. So, try to sit comfortably and accurately when you are using a massage chair.

We hope our ideal massager experts have explained to you significantly to give all the answers to your query of can a massage chair hurt your back. So, yes, a massage chair can hurt your back for various reasons. Understand all the reasons carefully and take care of them so that you won't get the pain caused by a massage chair; rather, enjoy a pain-free, relaxing and soothing massage.


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