Conair Foot Spa Review - Heat with Soothing Vibration Massage

COSTWAY Foot Spa/Bath Massager, with Motorized Rollers, Shiatsu Massage, Shower, Heat, Red Light, Temperature Control, Timer, LED Display, Drainage Pipe for Foot Stress Relief (Grey) If you are searching for a foot spa, scopes are you have considered a Conair.  It is one of the best foot spas in the marketplace and the best for the money.

Conair foot spa is relatively cheap, which is to be expected for the money.

They give great value. In this post, we will review about the Conair foot spa. Keep reading in the below attentively:

Conair Foot Spa Review

COSTWAY Foot Spa/Bath Massager, with Motorized Rollers, Shiatsu Massage, Shower, Heat, Red Light, Temperature Control, Timer, LED Display, Drainage Pipe for Foot Stress Relief (Grey) It is the cheapest Conair foot spa tool. The device comes with toe touch manages for both heat and vibration. With the gadget, you can soothingly do at residence and find a relaxing foot massage. The entire foot can be immersed in the deep reservoir of the tool.

There is also an attachment which you can make use of finding the whole foot massage on the top and bottom side.

Different nodes exist on the inner base of the tool which gives an extra massaging action. You can carry on to make use of using it with either cold or warm temperatures.

The detachable rollers inside the tool can simply manage the foot massage intensity. The tool will help you rejuvenate the feet an excellent path. It will come with a six-foot cord and a one year warranty as well. We play sports, wear high heels, long days at work, and run for miles on the treadmill. Every of these involves footwork. Furthermore, even a few additional pounds can pressure the feet. The refreshing foot bath can give you a well-deserved pressure with life.


  • Weight: 1.8lbs.
  • Dimensions: 7.5 x 14.6 x 16.6 inches.
  • Color: Lavender & White.
  • Voltage: 110-120V.
  • Cord: Yes, 6 feet.


  • Toe touch control activates soothing heat and bubble.
  • Nodes and attachment on splash guard and base.
  • Extra deep for a whole foot massage.
  • Nonslip feet.
  • Limited one year warranty.

What We Like:

  • Easy to clean.
  • Lightweight
  • 6-foot cord.
  • Attractive design.

What We Don't Like:

  • Center massager is rough on sensitive feet.
  • It does not maintain heat well.
  • Large footprint.
  • Weak massaging nodes.

Advantages of Conair foot spa:

  • Aside from massaging the tired feet and legs, the tool also helps to ease the tense muscles.
  • You no longer have to undergo traffic and waste time on the road to find the pampering. It is the usual spa that will provide you. By utilizing this spa, you find the relaxation that you require anytime you wish for.
  • It also helps regulate the circulation of the blood the legs and feet.
  • The gadget helps release the ache being experienced by the public with plantar fasciitis.
  • The tool also works great for pedicures.

About Conair:

The Conair foot spa is an American company founded in 1959 that begun by selling hair appliances and hair care products. As it grew up as one of the organizers in the personal products, beauty, grooming, and electrical. It is an excellent seller in the marketplace. And it comes with waterfall, heat, and bubbles. It is all the time an excellent idea to treat yourself to the foot pamper session. We will see what the tool from Conair spa has to provide.

What to expect from Conair's?

COSTWAY Foot Spa/Bath Massager, with Motorized Rollers, Shiatsu Massage, Shower, Heat, Red Light, Temperature Control, Timer, LED Display, Drainage Pipe for Foot Stress Relief (Grey) The mainly vital thing to take into account if you are imagining buying the model is that it does not come with a warming element.

It means that it is virtually incapable of warming up water on its own. It does contain a vibration function. But you will have to be the one who heats the water beforehand.

There have been some clients who expressed their discontent in this respect. But it is vital to note that the walls of the tool are not able of warming up water.

Service and Warranty:

Conair spa comes with a one-year limited warranty. The producer can cover defects in materials and workmanship. You can back the item and the producer will fix it for you. If it is not possible, it will send you a new charge. Keep in mind to send the receipt as well as the tool when returning it. Wish to be acquainted with how to purchase a residence foot spa. If you follow our link which is mentioned above, you can get a clear idea about selecting the best one.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How to maintain the foot spa?
    • All the time let the foot spa to cool down before you begin to dirt-free it.
    • Make sure that water does not flow over the power button.
    • It is suggested to utilize the foot spa beyond a specific time constantly. It can diminish the longevity of the tool. And it may overheat as well.
    • Make use of a dry clean. Soft cloth to wipe the foot spa dry.
  • How long does it take for the Conair foot spa to warm up?

Nearly fifteen minutes. The foot baths are not designed to warm the water. On the other hand, they should maintain warmth for the first fifteen minutes. Water initially positioned in the tub will drop about five degrees. Thereafter it should warmth for nearly fifteen minutes.

  • Do you put hot water in the foot spa?

The foot spa with hot water helps enhance skin temperature with body temperature. After that slightly being elevated for about fifteen minutes. It indicates that some heat has well penetrated the body. it will help to promote better sleep,  release tension, pressure, fatigue.

  • How long should you remain the feet in the foot spa?

Making the basic home foot spa, you will require to soak the feet in warm water. Or you will need a tub for about fifteen to twenty minutes. To feel the sensation enjoyable, you can comprise necessary oils like lavender oil. It helps in unwinding or lemon oil which helps in revitalizing.

Final Verdict:

Good for the bare minimum. Conair spa would not be replacing expert level spa days anytime soon. But if you are searching for a cheap path to soothe tired feet. Conair foot spa with heat and bubble is a budget-friendly and naïve foot spa. It does not weigh much, and it is simple. For price change, it is an excellent, reasonable price water massage tool especially for the public who take pleasure in a good soak.

A lot of bells and whistles are more cosmetic than truly uses as the lights. While LED lights might help some unwind, I for one do not tend to stare at me while I have them soaking. We hope that you can know well about the Conair foot spa review through this post. Thank you very much. Happy shopping.

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