Gaiam Balance Ball Chair Review For Improved Health, Posture & Strength

Gaiam Balance Ball Chair Review Are you searching for a balance ball chair? You can find a lot of other producers of the same products.

But you should know that Gaiam is a company with years of experience in this field.

The company is familiar with making the highest quality of products. So they are all the time appreciated by the clients.

Too much sitting also diminishes circulation and can output shoulder strain and painful neck.

Study shows that even everyday workout does not mitigate the risks of spending too much time in a chair.

Fortunately, there is a path you can diminish the danger of prolonged sitting by swapping the chair for something that is excellent for the body.

In this post, we will talk about the Gaiam balance ball chair review. To know the detail, keep reading the below attentively:

Gaiam Balance Ball Chair Review

Gaiam Balance Ball Chair Review Gaiam's backless chair is a wonderful chair that will change the way you sit. This ball is designed with a work-life balance in mind.

Backless classic Gaiam ball gives whole day ergonomic support for a healthier back and stronger core.

Without a backrest, the Gaiam balance ball chair encourages excellent posture while leads and seats to less backache and a healthier spine.

The yoga ball chair is an accurate combination of workout ball and office chair alternative.

Utilize the ball and the chair skeleton to sit at the desk.

One of the comments of a user is it is very soothing, and I like the multi-function of it. The tool is not just to sit on my pc table but can also do several workouts. Customers love it, and they are suggested.

 The chair contains adaptable legs, locking caster wheels—a cushioned backrest for lumbar support. But the best and excellent feature is its height adaptability. The chair is also latex-free and accurate for those with sensitive skin. Unluckily the chair only works for those in the range of 5.11''-5.0."


  • Rolling and lockable caster wheel.
  • Balance ball chair.
  • Latex-free, anti-burst ball.
  • simple, one-tool assembly.
  • Strengthens core muscles.
  • It helps promote a healthy posture.
  • It is a plastic table base with a removable balance ball.
  • Includes simple inflation pump.
  • It is suggested for ages 5-7.

Pros: Gaiam Balance Ball, Base & Resistance Band Kit, 65cm Yoga Ball Chair, Exercise Ball with Inflatable Ring Base for Home or Office Desk, Includes Air Pump

  • Very versatile.
  • It can hold up to 300 pounds.
  • The gadget provides lumbar support.
  • Affordable
  • It comes in many colours.

Product Details:

  • Item= 442574.
  • Adjustment= No Adjustments.
  • Rolling= yes.
  • Width= 22 in.
  • Depth= 22 in.
  • Weight= 300 lb.
  • Certifications= BIFMA standards/exceeds ANSI/Meets.
  • Assembly= Assembly needed.
  • Manufacturer= 05-58867.
  • Type= ball chair.
  • Material= plastic.
  • Height= 31 in.
  • Style name= balance ball chair.
  • Warranty= one year limited.


Gaiam is a balance ball chair charge just over $60 dollars, and it comes with free shipping. If you wish for it delivered internationally, they also have very fair rates so each person can enjoy it.

Why select the Gaiam Balance Ball Chair?

Gaiam Balance Ball Chair Review They are sitting on a balance ball over long times can outputs in similar slouching to what occurs when utilizing a conventional office chair.

Without lumbar support, it can also lead to spinal compression and lower backache. Gaiam ball chairs solve this trouble.

It contains the ball within a frame, which rolls on locking caster wheels.

Gaiam even gives a more adaptable chair so users can adapt it to accurately fit their workstation.

The tool gives lumbar support, and the locking wheels prevent the user from rolling around uncontrollably.

It does not take away from the fun, and it comes with using a balance ball in the office. Bouncing down and up from time remains the body a bit more active and in motion.

Advantages of Gaiam Balance Ball:

  • You can buy a replacement stability ball if required.
  • Pick of nine colours, black, wasabi, blue, green, purple, ocean, and more.
  • It does not require to be filled with air often.
  • Desktop guide and includes an air pump.
  • The entire stability ball chair is eco-friendly.
  • Simple glide castors.
  • The gadget is ideal for users between 5″ and 5″ 11″.
  • It will last you for more than five years.

Frequently Asked Question:

  • Do balance ball chairs actually work?

One research discovers that prolonged sitting on a constancy ball does not alter the manner. Use them for short times as part of the exercise plan and fitness.

  • What are the advantages of a balance ball chair?
    • Ten advantages of Using a Ball Chair
    • Develop a posture.
    • Reduce lower back pain.
    • Align the spine.
    • Core strengthening.
    • Develop balance.
    • Get a workout in.
    • Develop the circulation.
  • Is sitting on a ball excellent for the back?

Easily sitting on a workout ball can help develop balance and posture. It needs subtle yet continuous engagement from the core muscles to stay balanced and centred on the ball.

  • How do you sit on a balance ball chair?

You do inflate the ball until you can sit on it with the feet resting flat on the floor. Your legs are at a ninety-degree angle to the floor. Then you tighten the abdominal muscles and straighten the back. Soothe the shoulder and place the hands on the desk. In the right position, the arms will form a ninety-degree angle.

  • How do I select a chair for backache?

An ergonomic chair should have a lumbar adjustment. So every user can get the ideal fit to support the inward curve of the lower back. The backrest of an ergonomic office chair should be twelve to nineteen inches wide.


The tool is also permitted to the user to have some workout in which is very vital for anyone who sits for extended hours. The device can be used to release pressure as you can bounce on the chair to take out some frustrations that you may have. The seat is suited for utilizing in an environment where using the seat possibly does not generate a negative impact.

Balance ball chair forces you to continue adaptions to the posture. It will remain attentive and diminish slouching, dosing off, and daydreaming. You wish to work out and get a little healthier. But you are making all those standard excuses why you can not. Workout ball chair fixes both these troubles by permitting you to work on getting stronger and fitter while you are at home or work.

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