How Do You Massage The Vagus Nerve for Better Mental Health

AUVON Dual Channel TENS Unit Muscle Stimulator Machine Have you ever listen to the vagus nerve? How do you massage the vagus nerve? The study says that the sturdy vagal tone makes your body excellent at strike & cardiovascular disease, controlling glucose level, diminishing the likelihood of diabetics.

You know, the low vagal tone has been associated with chronic inflammation. Strengthing the vagal tone can assist release digestive distress, anxiety, fog, depression, and fatigue.

The vagus nerve is, in fact, a bundle of nerves that leads from gut to brain and through the heart. It has communication with each organ and the largest cranial nerve.

The vagus nerve's primary work is to power the parasympathetic nervous method.

This method is part of the autonomic service system recognized as digest and rest method. It plays a role in the gastrointestinal activity, digestion, heart rate arousal, urination, and sexual arousal.

The vagus nerve works tirelessly to manage inflammation. It awakes your brain to discharge neurotransmitters. The neurotransmitters assist your body repair then diminish inflammation. The vagus nerve is an enormously exciting structure. Tens unit are famous for stimulating the nerve systems. We do depth research about wireless tens unit. To find the best wireless tens unit, please follow the link.

DAILY VAGUS NERVE EXERCISES How do You Massage the Vagus Nerve?

  • Yoga

By practicing yoga exercise, you can stimulate the vagus nerve. Also, you can stimulate the muscle that lines the gut.

  • Deep breathing exercise.

Deep breathing exercise is the most efficient paths to stimulate the vague nerve. You need to practice meditative and profound breathing exercises.

This idea is to breathe out for some moments that you breathe in. You need to breathe in for 2 counts & hold for one count. After that, breathe out for 4 counts and hold for 1 count.

  • Singing

Singing is another issue that can stimulate our vague nerve. By signing, we can massage our vagus nerve. You don't need to have a good voice. When you are staying at your home, you can sing for relaxing. Through singing, we can stimulate the nervous system and switch on parasympathetic.

  • Acupuncture

Acupuncture is another way by which we can stimulate our vague nerve. An ideal licensed practitioner can stimulate the nerve.

  • Laugh lots!

Laughing can make us stress-free and at peace. Laughter can activate the vagus nerve. So by laughing, we can massage the vagus nerve. Unexpected side effects of laughter, such as defecation, coughing, and urination, are possible to diminish by laughing.

  • Eat more plants.

The Complete Anti-Inflammatory Diet for Beginners Having vast amounts of red meat and eggs means you are consuming a considerable amount of micronutrient choline.

Choline is a necessary nutrient, needed for healthy cells.

It also requires the production of the neurotransmitter, acetylcholine, that aids in brain tasking.

More choline can guide to a build-up of an inflammatory compound. It is attached to heart disease.

Cutting out animal products can assist the nerve to excellent manage heart rate ratio and blood pressure.

  • Cut down on sugar.

More dietary sugar increases the level of inflammatory. It interferes with the communication pathways between the brain and gut. So you should cut down on sugar to stimulate the vagus nerve.

  • Sleep on your right-hand side.

If you sleep on the right side, it stimulates the vagus nerve. So we should all the time sleep on the right side.

  • Eat more fiber.

We need to have more water and herbal teas. Having fiber foods such as broccoli, peas, pasta and bread, wholegrain cereals,  potatoes, fruits, and beans will assist in remaining the bowel regular.

The regular bowel will assist in remaining the gut free from lingering digested food. It leads to harmful bacteria and inflammation, which interfere with your brain-gut axis.

  • Beetroot juice and omega 3.

The beetroot juice can impact the effects of the nerve on HRV. It also decreases blood stress and oxygen demands of the heart of the exercise time. Another stats says that omega-three fatty acids have the same impact on lowering pressure and enhancing HRV.

What is the vagus nerve?

The vagus nerve is the highest and longest nerve in the body. It originates in the brain as cranial nerve ten, tour down the from going the neck. After that, it passes around the digestive system, spleen, and liver, lungs, pancreas. The nerve is a significant performer in the parasympathetic nervous method.

AUVON Dual Channel TENS Unit Muscle Stimulator Machine Vagus Nerve Stimulation and Its advantages

You know the vagus characteristically results in a low tone index. So we need to stimulate the nerve can run as a treatment for symptoms, signs, and other diseases.

A lot of among these forms of treatment represent lifestyles alter, meaning it is secure to take on more than one of the following practices to enlarge the vagal tone.

  • Build social connections.

Stats says that social connections make persons closer to other persons. It can stimulate any person's vagus nerve. So we need to increase social connections.

  • Chew gum.

The chewing gum can amplify the release of the CCK, hormone, from the gut. And it helps to communicate from the vagus nerve to the brain.

  • Contract the stomach muscles.

The sensation felt when having a bowel movement is generated by the vagus nerve. You need to reenact the activities that stimulate the nerve.

  • Fast intermittently. Woosa 3-in-1 Electronic Acupuncture Pen

If you have intermittent fasting, it diminishes the number of calories consumed.

It diminishes calories causes heat rate variability to spike and metabolism to plummet. 

So the two events can do trigger nerve function.

  • Find an acupuncturist.

Traditional acupuncture, particularly to ear, stimulates the vagus nerve.

  • Get direct sunlight.

Get the direct sunlight in the morning and afternoon. UVA rays boost up the level of melanocyte hormone. Also, UVB rays boosting the number of MSH receptors in the whole body. Thus by sunlight, you can massage or stimulate your vagus nerve.

  • Every day is praying.

If you pray every day, it can boost up your vagus nerve by employing diastolic blood pressure and heart rate unpredictability. Its impact on enhancing overall cardiovascular health.

  • Love cold temperatures.

You need to learn cold temperatures to massage the vagus nerve of your body. It can trigger the PNS action via vagus nerve stimulation. If impacts on the best achieved by taking cold showers, dipping the face in cold water, and drinking the cold water.

Frequently asked questions:

  • Why is a higher vagal tone, right?

To calm down faster after pressure, the public with high vagal tone has, in general, better performance internal systems.

    • Superior blood sugar parameter.
    • It reduces the risk of stroke and cardiovascular illness.
    • Usually, it helps to keep lower blood pressure.
    • Fewer migraines.
    • Less depression.
    • Less anxiety.
  • What if I have a low vagal tone?

Luckily, the public with low vagal tone is prone to heart trouble, fatigue syndrome, cognitive impairment, diabetics, depression, inflammation, endometriosis, thyroid, lupus, autoimmune diseases, and many others.

  • So, how do I increase my vagal tone?

The researcher stimulates the vagus nerve using the device. Because it emits an electrical current, but there are the many other paths to perform this ownself. The stats also say that the public is genetically predisposed to different levels of vagal tone with continuous practice.  Besides, you can change the tone to some degree using the methods.


We do not have any control over our minds and body. But you can speak to them about what to do. You can send a massage to the body by stimulating your vagus nerve. It does the long term developments in resilience, wellbeing, and mood. Boosting our vagal tome has permitted us to conquer nervousness and despair. And it can do better management when they arise.

In general, I expect that you implement some of the above steps in your everyday life. As a result, they permit you to live more optimally.  I hope you can know well about how do you massage the vagus nerve. Thank you very much.

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