How Long Does It Take To Become A Massage Therapist: 5 Easy Steps

On Being a Therapist Nowadays, massage therapy is a very satisfying and safe career. Now the public select this career because of its safety and flexible working hours.

The jobs provide the opportunity to care for the people who are feeling different types of pain and physical problem.

So you can call it an enriching and rewarding career. Massage therapy has become increasingly popular day by day in the United States of America and over the world.

When you apply your skills and knowledge to the customer, your client feels ok emotionally, mentally, and physically. It gives you great satisfaction in your professional life.

The massage therapy used for alleviating pain, stress, and discomfort. But how long will it take to finish the training?

Or how long does it take to become a massage therapist? In this post, we will talk about the matter. Keep reading.

By applying techniques, a massage therapist gives healing and soothing to the customer. Massage therapy is a fantastic career for the public who wants to help people who want to remain physically fit. In this article, we will talk about how long it takes to be a massage therapist, what does a massage therapist do, frequently asked question, and another vital factor to related to it.

How Long Does It Take to Become a Massage Therapist?

Most of the training session takes about one year to finish. It also depends on studying for an exam, present lab session, attending the class regularly. If you periodically continue all of the rules in a training session and learn a different method of massage, you can finish the course nicely. But you need to sure about your programs that have great opportunities. So that you have not any problems later to enter the job market, to know in detail, follow the below section.

What time is needed to complete the training?

Complete Suture Practice Kit for Suture Training As a massage therapist, the education part is the most vital part of your career. Without some training or schooling, you do not find success in the sector.

So you require to attend a good training session. The excellent news is that school or training to be a therapist is very reasonable.

Here we want to say that the massage training session is cheap that the other professional course.

You can get the therapy license by finishing the training session. You know the vocational training session has a more limited scope that the conventional degrees. The set of courses focuses entirely on task and business, instead of requiring a 4-year degree to start working in the sector. You could simply have the certified training finished in just five months. But accurately how time will take for you complete the requisite schooling.

How Dedicated Are You to Take Massage?

Meditation Cards for Kids To become a massage therapist, it is another vital factor. How dedicate are you? If you spend the whole day in the training session, but you do not learn a single task, they what could be.

You need not here an era, but you should be attentive and dedicate to be a massage therapist in a short time.

If you are not willing to take part in all the tests and practical exams, it will hamper your training life.

As a massage therapist, you will massage the customer for their wellness. Someone's mental and physical health is involved in your work. So you should take your training very seriously. Either your teacher may delay in certification.

  • Take Part in the Massage Therapy Licensing Exam:

Multiple exams are granted for the license. Now the (FSMTB) the federation of state massage therapy board takes the exam nationwide. You can register for the exam online or mail.

The exam fees are $195. After paying expenses, the student can take part in the test. On the test day, the pupil will require to bring accurate identification. The test result can be given free of charge to one state licensing agency.

  • Getting your massage therapist license:

Personalized City Licensed Massage Therapist License Plate Frame Before starting the massage therapy career, you will require to pass a licensing exam.

Here you should research that you are attending the exam which is approved or not by the state massage therapy licensing board.

Then you can pay the fees and apply the test date.

You may know that at this time, the MBLEx is the best and most popular licensing exam. The exam is granted in 43 states of the united states of America. So when you are in confusion, where do you wish to work. Then it is the best option for you. Also, BCETMB is another test that is granted by a lot of states in the USA. These are the two most used licensing exams for the massage therapist.

Wherever and whenever you are participating in the exam, you must learn nicely from a training session for passing the exam. In a training session, you can an excellent guide and prepare for the particular subject exam. It will give an extensive overview of the whole topic you will be tested on.

  • Know the Requirements of the State:

For practicing legally, you will require to collect license form the state board of massage therapy. To be acquainted with how long you need to be a massage therapist, you will expect to know about their state conditions. Suppose if you want to take a license form the state of Florida. Here you need to complete at least 500 class hours by state approve institute.

Besides, when you research the criteria of the state, it also helps to discover the best institution for you. Most of the time, you should choose the classes at a community college or trade school. Now you can begin your massage therapy career in a year or some month, most of the time.

  • Join in an inclusive Massage Therapy Program:

After knowing the state requirements, now its time to enroll in a massage therapy program. These training sessions or programs assist you in discovering the info you require to start a good career.

You need to make sure that you enroll proper institutions where do you learn how to be an expert massager. These types of school costs are near $7000 and $11000 or so. Select an institution with course time and syllabus that are healthy for you.

  • Know about the facilities and financial aid information:

Before starting the massage therapy career, you need to know about the facilities and financial aid information. Never admit to a school until you know about the facilities. An ideal institute can guide you properly. You should enroll in an institution that has all the equipment for their teaching. Through these training sessions, you can learn all of the massage techniques. It will help you to promote your massage therapist career.

What does a massage therapist do?

Usually, a massage therapist principle work is doing massage to the customer. A massage therapist does much more than deliver massage. Besides, a therapist also to do a lot more activities such as client interviewing and what requires they may have. 

The therapist also provides customized massage for the clients. For this reason, they need to be acquainted with different massage modules and methods so that they can give all types of service to their customers.

FAQ About How Long Does It Take to become a Massage Therapist:

  • How do you become a massage therapist?

To become a massage therapist certification is a mandatory issue. You can be a massage therapist by completing a training session from the institution, school, and college. You can learn here how to do a Swedish massage and also other massage techniques. Mainly these programs cover massages such as hot stone, reflexology, aromatherapy, shiatsu, and sports massage.

  • Where do Massage Therapists work?

Generally, massage therapists work in different types of places. They are spas, health clubs, hospitals, fitness centers, doctors' offices, sports teams, and some other sites. If you want your business as profitable, then you have to take a license in Michigan state.

The massage program of Dorsey School is enough to complete the educational requirements of the state. By completing this program, you can take the license and continue your work and business. In another territory, state and district, any precise determination is not fixed for the grant. So you can keep it.

  • Without medical background and healthcare experience, can I do the therapy?

Yes, you can. Most therapists have less or no experience when they start the training session about massage therapy. So you need not any medical background or healthcare experience for coming to this sector. You just need interest and patience about it.

  • What sort of training is required?

The training session and education for massage therapists depend on location and state. Who are interested in taking massage therapy as the profession, they should research the condition or obligation in their particular zone. Suppose Michigan state you have to maintain the license rules approved by Michigan massage therapy board.


Now we live in a fast-paced world. The public nowadays knows more info than ever. Sometimes it seems we have less time. This factor affects virtually every sector of life. Current time stats say that pupil institution fees are more than before. The public is now questioning about the high prices of these institutions. So you should look into this factor better before making an important decision.

I think you know this very well from this post about how long does it take to become a massage therapist. It mostly depends on you. So concentrates on training and starts to work. And you are the man who can become a good therapist. Thank you very much.

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