How to choose a Perfect Massager? - Step by Step Guide

The main perspective of any massager is to improve mood and relieve chronic pain. While choosing a massager one needs to sort out a few certain things. Nowadays, we can see there are so many sophisticated massagers available in the market. Among them, the electronic massagers are the main attention to the buyers due to having an automatic massaging process.  

Surprisingly, if you are confused about how to choose a perfect massager. Because there will be plenty of choices, and those bulk amounts of choices make you confused to buy any specific massager. 

What is a massager device?

A massager device is a pain reliever, mood booster, deep tissue massager and rehabilitator from injury. So you can see the role of any massager is not stick to any certain purpose. On the other hand, there would be some specialized massager which plays a very specific roles to improve any certain thing of users. 

To give you an overview, let’s talk about a few types of massager devices below here: 

  • Percussion Massage Guns:How to choose a Perfect Massager
    As I have mentioned earlier that special massager device has special performance so thus percussion massager guns are best in the pain recovery. If you want to get fast recovery from your chronic pain or injury then this massager would be the first choice. 

It resembles the gun as it can shoot at the specific spot in our body where we feel chronic pain. You will hold it and press against any muscle areas to ease pain promptly. 

  • Massage Pillows:
    Massage pillows are famous for those who have chronic neck pain. So it is not a diversified massager device. You can use it at the neck pressure points and the upper hips, and it works instantly. The pillows constantly vibrate to the pain spots and give you a fast recovery from pain.
  • Shoulder and Neck Massagers:
    Shoulder and neck massager is a very effective device and it is designed for reducing shoulder and neck pain. For shoulder and neck stiffness it works like a magical device also for the chronic pain over there.
  • Massage Chair Pads:
    Shoulder and neck massager is a very effective device and it is designed for reducing shoulder and neck pain. For shoulder and neck stiffness it works like a magical device also for the chronic pain over there.

  • TENS Unit:
    It is one of the most sophisticated types of pain-relieving massager and directly works into the nervous system. The constant vibration of the TENS unit goes across the nerves and alleviate the pain remarkably. But how it works actually and bring the desired results? To know this, you must go through our reviewed some of the best Tens unit for sciatica.
  • Massage Sticks:
    It is not a device technically; however, it works. This kind of stick goes across the hips and legs and works as deep tissue relaxation. But make sure, you need to apply it manually.
  • Massage Rollers and Sticks:
    Massage rollers somewhat have the same performance as massage sticks. But the difference is the hole at both sides of it whereas the massage sticks don't have this. It is more comfortable compared to the massage sticks and made from rubber. You can enjoy the deep tissue massaging with the help of it.
  • Massage Chairs:
    Massage chairs are not so popular device since it is expensive. There you may find a number of motors and it helps to keep vibrating the chair, and it has a few cushions adjusted which work to alleviate pains and improve mood.
  • Full Back Massage Cushions:
    It is one amazing device and especially reduces the chances of arthritis and spondylosis. If you have such problems, then you can try this out to get a fast recovery from it.
  • Head Massager:
    It is specially designed for the scalp treatment to grow more hair and to boost blood flow over there. Again, it can reduce the pain in our head so when you have a headache, then you will find out one of the best massager devices.
  • Foot massagers:
    It improves mood by gently massaging the foot and release dopamine remarkably. Therefore, it is popular and people use them for enjoying relaxation to a great extent.
     Following this manner, people nowadays become more serious to get the best foot massager for diabetics and neuropathy disorder so that they can get fast relief from these ailments.

Above there, I have already shown you a number of massager devices. Each of them has a different purpose to reduce pain in the specific body parts also, they can improve our mood. Hence, you can understand the importance of choosing any specific massager for specific body parts. Depending on your pain, pressure points and areas of the body you should definitely choose the right massager.

More precisely, your age, gender, and physical condition would be determining factors for using any massager. Different ages of people require different modes of the device where the vibration level will rise and fall. Again, some people try out any device for normal relaxation, on the contrary, some of them have severe chronic pain and they definitely require a higher level of massager device. 

What to consider while buying any massager?

Not all massager works in the same way. Therefore, it is hard to combine all the features here. However, I manage a few features that specifically target them all and while you can make sure to define all of them and adjust them within any specific massager then it will be an absolute win for you. So, let’s discuss them below here: 

  • Design:massagers buying guide
    While buying any massager, make sure it has ergonomic design at the same time compact. This kind of feature makes it easy to operate. Again, you need to have a lightweight designed massager so that, you can easily surf it around the pain spots.
  • Budget:
    Everyone wants to have an affordable device. But to what extent a massager could be affordable? When you will have the maximum features it will raise your budget. Don’t do this, rather make sure whether it has the main features or not and avoid some boastful feature which is not necessarily come out effective while relieving pain. For example, some massager manufacturer provides many accessories with it which may not come out essential. But it is a marketing eyewash to increase your budget.
  •   Size & WEIGHT:
    If you don’t know for what reason you are going to buy a massager then this one will bother you. The size and weight of any massager depend on where and why you will use them. For example, if you have pain in the back then make sure to buy a bigger size of massager that can easily reach there. On the flip side, the gun massager is small in size but heavy due to having high-speed vibration for deep tissue relaxation.
  • Durability:
    A massager won’t serve its purpose for good. But it has some expecting period in which it will provide it’s service to you. Defining the exact period of time it is difficult, to be frank. However, the manufacturer claims up to certain years, which is a marketing hype of them so it doesn’t fix your eyes on them. Normally, a massager built quality tells you how long it is going to serve you. Hence, the plastic massager could be light but the stainless steel made would be great. But to be frank, most of the massager is built of plastic. Thankfully, some of them are really made of high-quality plastic, so you need to make sure of it.

  • User-friendly:
    Do you know your massager like how it works? If you know how to operate them then you will find it user-friendly. On the other hand, depending on where you will use them, you will find it easy to operate. Therefore, make sure to buy the right type of massager.
    You will experience that some massager has multiple heads and they come to effective for different types of massage, which allows more versatility. On the flip side, some of them have a single head and this is pretty specific to work as a massager device.
  • Corded Or Cordless:
    As most of the massager run by electrical power so the corded or cordless feature comes to you. The corded devices are plugged in and don’t need to have battery whereas, the cordless is portable so once you recharge it then you can use them without plugging in.
    When you will buy any corded massager the power cord length is the main concern. If you have a bigger cord length then you can enjoy the portability and get it more accessible.
  • Battery and charger back up:
    If your cordless is run out of battery and needs to recharge them frequently, then it would be troublesome to you. So, the longer battery backup with less chargebacks up the shorter time you need to spend to charge them.
  • Warranty: Some good brands are provided warranty and the more warranty you will get the safer you will be with your device. However, make sure it is affordable with a longer warranty. 

How to use a massager?How to use a massager

Using any massager is not difficult at all. However, some massagers are experts which deal with heat therapy. Excluding them, most of the massagers are easy to use and they are user-friendly. Every massager comes with different shapes, sizes, and vibrating modes. The best way to use them to try out the manual first.

Here are some important things you need to make sure before using them: 

  • Know the adjustable speeds of your device and other settings
  • For corded massager, try to know about the power consumption
  • Don’t use cheap massager thus it shocks sometimes
  • Know how the attachment heads works and don’t apply them vice versa

Note: Having a percussion massager is not like you have a traditional massager or so. Hence, you need to know every do's and don't while using it, therefore, make sure to know how to use a percussion massager machine.

Frequently Asked Question About How to choose a Perfect Massager:

  • How long should you use a massager for?
    You can use a massager for a lifetime as it has no side effects, rather it will improve your mood and boost your blood circulation with other tons of health benefits.
  • Is it good to use body massager?
    Definitely, yes. Using a body massager is not only for someone who may have chronic pain but also it is for any of us as it can improve mood, boost the immune system, provide more blood circulation and deep tissue relaxation.
  • What's the best massager device?
    There is no specific best massager device that can magically work for everybody spots. Hence, you need to know why you should use them to alleviate the pain in which body parts.
  • Are vibrating massagers good for you?
    Vibrating massagers is good for deep tissue relaxation and boosts blood flow circulation.
  • Is it good to massage every day?
    There is nothing wrong if you massage your body every day.

If you have bought the wrong massager, then you must know what foolish things you have done. Most probably, you have gone straight to the vendor and ask them to show you a few massagers and buy one of them solely your preference. In this article, I have shown you what to consider while buying any massager device. If you follow this what I have mentioned then you won’t be fooled by your own decision. 

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