The Ultimate Guide How to Clean a Yoga Mat - According to a Cleaning Expert

BalanceFrom BFGY-AP6GY Go Yoga All Purpose Anti-Tear Dirt free of yoga mat is not such tough work that remains odor-free and sanitary. You know, bacteria, germs, and viruses love sweaty places.

An example is a fungus that can grow up one well-used surface, like yoga mats. Yet shared mats at gyms and studios can be virtual riots of bacteria and fungus.

It is not any factor that how often you use the yoga mat. The mat will get stinky, sweaty, and dirty with use.

Yoga is a magnificent path to remove pressure by encouraging relaxation and meditation. It can be tough to soothe; however, by the time of mat is originating odors with each move.

Fortunately, there is a simple cleaning fix. You know yoga mats can generate a lot of materials, from cotton and hemp to the rubber and more standard PVC. Every fabric can be washed. And it is odor eliminated in different simple steps. Keep reading. In this post, we will talk about how to clean a yoga mat.

It is not conducive to a pleasant yoga experience. Sweat and dirt, skin, and product oils go through the surface of the mat. And it can expedite the deterioration of it. The elements can also make it tough to put into practice yoga on the mat because they may make you slide. By cleaning the mat usually and keep it up with everyday maintenance. Also, you can extend the life of the yoga mat and carry on enjoying a dirt-free and enjoyable practice.

How to Clean a Yoga Mat?

To spotless the yoga mat thoroughly and appropriately, you will require the following:

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  • Yoga Mat.
  • Spray Bottle.
  • Vinegar.
  • Water.
  • Sponge.
  • Terry Cloth or Wash Cloth.
  • Laundry Detergent.
  • Mild Dish Soap.
  • TeaTree Oil.


  • Mix a Cleaning Solution.

Fill a large sink or bathtub with different inches of hot water. Give one teaspoon of dishwashing liquid and swish to disperse the soap.

  • Submerge & Soak the Yoga Mat.

Submerge your yoga mat the soapy resolution and permit it to soak for ten minutes to untie surface soil.

  • Wipe Down the Mat.

Behind soaking, I was utilizing a soft sponge or cloth to wipe down both sides of your mat. Pay special attention to the zones used most often for the hands and feet. Utilized a gentle touch to keep away from damage to the mat.

  • Drain and Rinse.

Behind dirt-free, both sides, drain away from the soapy water. Fill the tub with clean water for rinsing. Smoothly lift the mat down and up in the freshwater to take away any soapy residue.

  • Eliminate Excess Water From the Mat.

Drain away the rinse water and provide the mat an excellent shake to take away extra water. Lay the mat on a large, absorbent towel like a beach towel. Roll the towel and mat together to take up the water.

  • Sanitize the Mat.

Removing extra water as possible, utilize a homemade solution or sanitizing spray to slay any fungus or bacteria that may still be one the surface of the mat.

  • Hang to Dry.

Finishing sanitizing the mat should be hung to dry. Drape over an indoor drying use or rack clothespins to hang on an outdoor line.

 (Warning: Skip the clothes dryer! The high warmth and tumbling action can spoil a yoga mat)

Frequently asked questions:

  • Can I use bleach on my mat?

We do not recommend bleach. It is one of the harshest cleaners for both the user and for the mat. We would advocate utilizing one the EPA permitted disinfectants. You need to follow the instruction for using and ensuring to rinse the mat afterward thoroughly.

  • Can I clean the mat in the washing machine?

No. You can not clean the mat in the washing machine. The effectual clean system you can provide the mat is by hand with a wet cloth. The washing machine will spoil the mat and happen rapidly aging.

  • How can I take away detergent from a yoga mat?

You can wipe it dirt free with a damp cloth to take away the detergent.

  • Does machine wash yoga mats?

Open your yoga mat and set it in the washing machine. Organize it in the appliance as evenly as possible. Adjoin a little bit of mild detergent, and run the gentle cycle apparatus with warm water.

  • A new yoga mat has a strong chemical odor. How can I eliminate this odor?

It depends on the type of yoga mat you are using. The majority yoga mats, attach a few drops of necessary oil to a spray bottle with the dirt-free water. You can also adjoin the baking soda of the mixture. Tremble the mix lightly and finely and spray the whole mat. Wipe the matted dirt-free with the warm and damp towel.


By the time of yoga sessions, it may seem like a security blanket, a magic carpet, and a joyride. Think about the options to dirt-free a yoga mat as a substitute for finding for paths how to not dirt free it. Your practice time is more nonviolent and joyful in the dirt, free yoga mat. I hope, in this post, we can know well how to clean a yoga mat. Thank you very much.

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