How to Clean HoMedics Foot Spa - Cleaning & disinfecting foot spas

How to clean HoMedics foot spa A foot spa is the most effective method that fulfils all the desires of your feet. You expand the entire day out, walking from one place to another. It makes your feet tired. Same as facing our feet wants attention too.

Keeping your feet pleased will help maintain the rest of your body glad. For this Homedic foot, the spa is the best option.

Everybody loves foot care; pedicures or foot care at a beauty salon can cost so much.

The HoMedics Pedicure foot Spa gives a relaxing and comfortable massage at home. It comes with all tools to provide yourself with a professional pedicure at home.

HoMedics  Spa mainly designs for tired feet. This foot spa arrives with energizing bubble bands for a comforting feel, giving it a dignified way to unwind and provide a new life to feet. With characteristics like maintaining a warm advantage, you can expand your spa period, providing you sufficient time so you can pamper yourself for a long time. HoMdics foot spa has a bubble-turbo band, pedicure extension, removable pumice pebble to flatten and soften dead skin massage swellings, and a MAX fill wire, compelling it the excellent accumulation to your home.

It will not only relax the muscles but reduce joint inflammation of all the body. Consequently, this spa machine uses to treat the pain of arthritis throughout your body. It deals with Flat Feet very well. This must-have product needs proper care. Les discusses how to clean the HoMedic foot spa below.

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How to clean HoMedics foot spa?

HoMedics Shower Bliss Foot Spa, Shower massage water jets, Pedicure center with 3 attachments, Toe-touch control, FB-625H The home foot spa usage is relatively low compared to spa machines that use in saloon and spa. However, it is compulsory to clean your foot spa machine after every use to retain its conditions and prevent any information. Clean out your HoMedics foot spa by using water and disinterested solution. It is important to disinfect your foot spa once a week. After cleaning, it is essential to dry the spa's inner and outer parts. It will preclude the expansion of germs.

Try to clean your foot spa after every use. This will prevent the attack of microbes and other dust materials. The cleaning method is so simple to let discuss step by step.

Items you need for cleaning your HoMedics foot spa:

It would be best if you had the following things for this process:

  • Good Detergent
  • Plenty of Water
  • Any disinfectant solution or EPA-registered hospital disinfectant
  • A brush

 Cleaning Procedure 

Foot Spa Massager Baths with Heat Bubbles Vibration 8 Rollers Digital Temperature Control Acupressure Points Pedicure Stone Soak Tub Soothe Relax Tired Feet Relieve Muscle Pain Home Use Do not use a foot spa machine if you have any injury, and don't use it after waxing. These precautions deter enacting any infections to the foot spa and different users.

  1. The cleaning points are as follows:
  2. Drain all the water that is in the basin
  3. Wash with water
  4. Remove all the parts of the Spa tub
  5. If there is any residue left, then clean it out
  6. Take a soap or detergent and scrub all removed parts with a brush. After that, rinse them with water.
  7. Fix all the parts
  8. Fill the foot bath with water, add any disinfectant solution or EPA-registered hospital disinfectant (use the solution mentioned above the bottle). The solution should fill for perfect cleaning.
  9. Leave the mixture of disinfectant and water for 10 minutes so the combination will go all the parts.
  10. Clean the outer side of the footbath with the same solution and rest it for at least 10 minutes.
  11. After 10 minutes, drain the mixture and rinse the foot spa with water. Make sure you rinse the foot bath properly; otherwise, it can irritate your foot next to the brush as well
  12. Air dry your HoMefics foot spa, and your spa bath is ready for subsequent use.

Cleaning Considerations for your HoMedics Foot Spa

Foot Spa, ESARORA Foot Bath Massager with Heat, Bubbles, Pumice Stone, Medicine Box, Temperature Control, Red Light, Ergonomic Massage Rollers and Acupressure Massage Points, Soothe & Relax Tired Feet

  • There are some essential characteristics you should consider while cleaning your HoMedics foot bath:
  • Make sure the medical disinfectant you use should register by the EPA. A legal number mention on the top of the bottle you can check. This is one of the best foot bath germs killers.
  • Foran excellent result, always follow the given instructions. Disinfect your spa overnight once a week; for this, read the instructions before disinfectant the spa.
  • Hot water is the best source for killing germs. Try to use hot water for rinsing the foot spa than normal or cold water.
  • If two people use the footbath, then clean it properly without removing the parts before use, and after using it, you can disinfect it.
  • Foot spa requires quickly cleaning. If you delay, it doesn't ensure adequate cleaning as some residues like salt, essential oil and other dirt particles may be left, and they may clog.
  • Use recommend essential oil and salts.
  • Chlorination is the best way to use the foot, so alone, use 5% chlorine for disinfectant is another best way.
  • Proper drying of the foot bath is so important, which will prevent bacteria growth and many other issues caused by dampness. You can use a blow-dry for this purpose.
  • These features will protect your foot bath in a satisfactory situation and prevent germs, particularly if you will share the foot bath with someone.


After a hectic long day, everybody wants to relax. It's natural as the regular workday can entirely tedious. This is so accurate, especially in jobs where you continual on your legs and striding around. The anxiety can become irresistible on your legs and result in stretching and pain. After a long hectic day, a simple foot massage is something that every person wants. HoMedics foot spa is everything you want after your hectic day. Is this a superb way to lessen the discomfort and for relaxing? The answer is Yes, this foot spa is all in one. Your all pain and discomfort will go after one use.

Perfect cleaning is everything that guarantees the product and increases its life. Clean out your HoMedic foot spa with the help of a Medical disinfectant and hot water after every use. It will prevent the growth of germs and extend life.

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