How To Clean Tens Unit Pads Quickly in 3 Easy Steps

Happy soul lives in a healthy body is a famous saying which is definitely true. When you are physically healthy, you can enjoy your life fully. And we use various technologies to keep us healthy, and one of them is tens unit. In this article, we will guide you on how to clean TENS unit pads. How To Clean Tens Unit Pads

Today's world is full of busyness and pressure that most of us forget to take care of ourselves and neglect our health. As a result, most of us face various types of health issues, and body pain is one of them.

It's estimated that most older people and even grown-ups face body pain at least thrice a week. But is it an easy task to go to a physician or gym regularly? Of course, it's both time and money consuming. The best solution is to have a Tens unit and knowing how to use it

Tens(Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) unit is the best and most authentic way of managing pain without hyperactive or long-term medicine. It creates electrical current with a low voltage that is sent to the body by a set of electrode pads which must be attached to the skin. You have to place the pads according to your need and the instructions given in the manual. The tens unit is one of the best ways of treating your body pain without any side effects. But you have to understands how to use a tens unit for sciatica or any other pain.

Tens unit pads play an essential role in the working procedure of a tens unit, but what happens when you use it continuously? It becomes dirty, and the stickiness of the pads starts to fade away. So what's, is the solution? Buying new pads? 

The best and most economical solution is the cleaning and taking care of the pad so that it can remain the same for a long time. But do you know how to do it? If not, then don't worry, as ideal massager experts are here for your help. So dive into the article and learn about how to clean tens unit pads quickly in some easy steps.

Can You Clean Tens Unit Pads?

Most people have a misconception about cleaning the tens unit pads. They think it's not possible and will ruin the pad. Here they are wrong and need proper clarification. The thing is that you can definitely clean your tens unit pads. But of course, with appropriate guidance and proper care. Otherwise, damage can happen. So, first, understand how to clean it properly and then start practicing.

Why You Should Clean Your TENS Pads?

You must clean your TENS unit pad to make it work properly for a long time and extend its lifespan. Of course, it will not last forever, and eventually, you have to replace it, but why not get the most out of them before substituting them? Cleaning the TENS pads prolong their life. So, you can use them for a relatively long time and don't need to replace them frequently. As it can be pricy if you replace them too often, cleaning them is a more economical option. 

You need to clean the pads to ensure that they are working properly because if they are full of oil and dirt, they become less sticky and won't work perfectly. Also, do you actually want a dirty unit pad attached to your skin? What about multiple people in your family using the same one? So, you should definitely clean your TENS unit pad as it is hygienic, makes them work properly, and increases their lifespan.

How To Clean TENS Unit Pads?

Until now, you know about the tens unit pads, if they are cleanable, and the importance of cleaning them. But do you know how to clean tens unit pads? If not, then let us give you the details of how to clean tens unit pads quickly in simple and easy steps.

Clean Your Skin Before Every Use 

The most suitable way to prevent the TENS unit pads from becoming dirty and oily is to use them on clean skin. You must clean your skin using any cleanser, water, and then towel dry them before using them on your skin. Doing that will reduce the amount of oils and dirt which could stick to the pads. 

Also, you should not use any type of oils, lotion, powders, or any other product on that part of the skin where you will use the tens unit. This will help your tens pads from getting dirty earlier.

Wipe the Tens Unit Pad With a Damp Cloth

Cleaning the TENS unit pads is actually very easy and cost-effective. You just need water and a soft cloth. You can just wet your finger and clean the pads manually by removing the dirt. Also, take a washcloth, wet it and wipe off the pads. It will clean the dirt.

You might think, why should you use a wet cloth? It's because pads are moisture-sensitive, so if you use any dry cloth, then it will dry up the pad rather than clean it. You can use any soft cloth, but the best practice is to use a lint-free microfiber washcloth and try to avoid harsh fabric or paper towels. 

There are TENS Pad Wipes available in the market, which are more like moistened wipes. You need to take one of them and wipe your tens pads softly and carefully. It will clean the pads without causing any damage. If you don't have any TENS Pad Wipes, then use any other wipes which will do the job as well.

Store The Pads Properly

You have to store the TENS pads properly. It will keep the pad safe and save them from getting dirty. You can store them in the container that comes with it at the time of buying, or you can buy any TENS pad holders to keep them secure.

How Often You Should Clean TENS Unit Pads?

The frequency of cleaning the TENS Unit Pads actually depends on you. The best practice is to clean it after each use. You should ensure that the pad is clean after each use before storing them. It will increase the lifespan of the pads and makes them good enough to work properly. It will also increase the time of its stickiness. You can also learn about how to make tens unit pads from our article. 

The TENS unit is one of the best ways to get relief from pain without any medicine. But it will work best when all the components are good enough for use. TENS unit pads are one of them. So, you must ensure that these pads are clean enough. You can follow our steps about how to clean tens unit pads. It will ensure that the pads are hygienic enough, will work properly and definitely have a longer life span with excellent service.


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