How to Give a Good Full Body Massage at Home [Ultimate Guide]

How to Give a Good Full Body Massage The massages have a lot of health advantages. It does easing muscle ache and diminishing pressure to develop blood circulation.

And bringing two public closer together, if you are doing the massage on the partner.

Massage can develop the mood and assist you in sleeping nicely; if you do not have a massage chair, look at the tips in this post to provide the proper whole-body message to a family member, partner, and friend.

The electric massage table is very beneficial to complete the full body massage

Providing an entire body massage will help a person feel more relaxed, loose, limber, and flexible. Providing an excellent whole-body massage is simple to perform as long as you have the accurate devices and be acquainted with accurate methods. On the other hand, you will require to ensure that you have all the necessary equipment before beginning. It includes oils, candles, chairs, creams, and whatever you would like.

Actually, this type of massage has brought about differences such as sports, tissue, aromatherapy massages, and some other sorts of massages. And these massages are very popular in the west. In this post, we will talk about how to give a good full body massage. Read in the below attentively to know about it.

How to Give a Good Full Body Massage?

  1. Begin from the feet upwards.

Arch Support,3 Pairs Compression Fasciitis Cushioned Support Sleeves, Plantar Fasciitis Foot Relief Cushions for Plantar Fasciitis, Fallen Arches, Achy Feet Problems for Men and Women… Ensure to massage in feet at first. Keep mind about massage in feet through the balls. Actually, feet are the most important part of our body.

So we should think about the feet massage at first. Wrap the hands around the feet. Then apply the pressure on the soles.

  1. Move to the legs.

Legs are another vital part of our body. You can message one calf at the same time and also cover another one. Kneading to appease calf muscle.

Once the skin is supple. Then push the heel of the hand and shift it. Lastly, cover the calf and perform the procedure on another calf.

  1. Shoulders and neck.

Carry on with the release and press method along the shoulder. Relieve the stress and tension around the neck by pressing with the thumb. Keep on maintaining a grip on the fingers. At this time, work on the top of the shoulders by pushing the knuckles of the fists. Do this while standing at the head.

  1. Massage the arms.

At this time, branch out from the shoulder. And then begin massaging your arms one at the same time. Performed the sweep the arm touring from the shoulder, forearms, and triceps. Performed knead the forearms and upper arms to exercise to any knots.


  • Keep in mind; the entire body massage should be done steadily and slowly.
  • Finger the person as you would wish for being touched if you were getting the massage.
  • If the subject falls asleep in the middle of the massage, do not imagine or else. It is a compliment for you.
  • Keep in mind; the massage should be pleasing not only for the receiver but also for the giver.
  • Finally, take the time and believe the hands. You would certainly do a fantastic task.

What will you require?

  • Silent and hot room with dim light where you would not be episodic.
  • The relatively hard surface and place.
  • Clean towels, fluffy, and soft.
  • Pillow.
  • Sheet.
  • Necessary oils such as lavender for soothing. Hiking for energizing, mint for rejuvenation.
  • The candle for a good mood.
  • Soft music.


It is vital to not only pay attention to the method during the massage. But also it is the general ambiance. The mixture of proper method and an enjoyable smelling room with the mood lighting is an assurance to become soothing.

Keep in mind, if the entire of the sounds like a bit too much attempt. There is all the time, an alternative to purchasing the best massage chair. On the other hand, the massage performed by hand builds a sturdy attachment. Thus making it is an excellent selection for anybody who is searching to get closer to a partner. Thank you very much.

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