How to use a foot massager for Relaxation & Pain Relief?

How to use a foot massager Many people try out foot massager without knowing how to use a foot massager. Foot massage is not pretty common at home moving away from the clinic and spa center. Now you can easily benefit out of your foot massager. But if you don’t know how to use it, then you won’t get the benefits to the fullest.

In this article, we will educate you and bring everything you want to know about How to use a foot massager for relaxation and pain relief. 

Why Is It Important to Take Care of Your Feet?

Your tired feet need relaxation and there is no alternative to the foot massage. Again, it will improve your mood, and blood circulation. One research came out that, if a person regularly massages his or her feet for 10 minutes then it will improve the flow of blood circulation and lessen the heart diseases. If you are a diabetic patient, then you need not struggle with your disease when you have the leg massager for circulation. Besides, some athletes who need to run a lot in the field regularly massage their feet. 

Different Types of Foot Massagers:

We know there are a wide variety of foot massagers. More or less, every type has the perfection to alleviate your pain and promote health benefits. Based on that perception, here are a few foot massager types:

  1. Electric Foot Massagers
  2. Manual Foot Massagers
  3. Spa Foot Massagers
  4. Water Foot Massagers

How To Use A Foot Massager?

Not all types of foot massagers work in the same way, that’s obvious. Hence, you will need to know how to operate them efficiently. Among them, I’m going to share with you the four best foot massager of Neuropathy and share a few techniques to operate it. RENPHO Foot Massager Machine with Heat, Shiatsu Deep Kneading Therapy, Compression, Relieve Foot Pain from Plantar Fasciitis, Improve Blood Circulation, Fits feet up to Men Size 12

  • Electric Foot Massagers:

When you are a diabetic patient at the same time you don't have time to walk regularly, then bringing on the best foot massager for diabetics would be a wise decision for you. The electric foot massage is the easiest choice as it can automatically massage your tired feet. It is called speed foot massage and it functions differently at a different speed or vibration. In the electric foot massage device, there is an oscillating footpad that efficiently works hard to stimulate circulation in your feet. 

That electric foot massage has a number of speed settings and the speed count based on RPM (revolution per minute). In other words, it defines the amount of vibration. If you remain idle from regular walking or running then this electric foot massager can help you out. Hence, you just need to sit in your des as usual and keep it under your feet. Hence, it is great for busy people who don't have time for a natural foot massage.

  • Manual Foot Massagers:
    Foot massage is not a new concept and it is thousands of years of old technique started from China and Egypt. When people don’t have any devices, then an expert foot massager does it for themselves. 

But still, there are a few options so that you can manually massage your foot by yourself. They are massage rollers, which are made of plastic, wood, or rubber. In a rubber roller, you will find a lot of spikes that hit the corners of your foot and provides stress-relieving feelings

  • Spa Foot Massagers:
    Spa foot massager devices are now pretty popular among foot massagers enthusiasts. It is more relaxing, easy to set up and has tons of additional features. The main attention of any spa massager is to have a heating unit. It brings a tub of hot water right beneath your foot and makes you more relaxed within a few minutes of massaging.  

Normally, they have massaging rollers, water jets, and warming technology is the best thing that you should consider. The heating process will be started once you put your feet there and meanwhile, the rollers started vibrating to increase your blood circulation and relax your foot muscles. The water jets create bubbles and there you can add a few drops of oil that will add more relaxation to the feet. Surprisingly, some of them have additional brush and acupuncture and the handle in the tub make easy to transport it.

  • Water Foot Massagers:
    A water foot massager is alike with the spa massager. However, it has more water supply and has more features. In the water foot massagers, you will have more water-flow and the roller works under the water vibrating and generating more power to make you relaxed. 

It has precise digital control buttons, and you can fully customize it according to your preferences. Moreover there you may find multiple massage rollers that can provide a number of deep massaging based on increasing vibration and speed. Water massager not only pain-relieving but also, it will make your feet beautiful and white after cleaning it under the warm water or tub.

Benefits of using a foot massager:

  • Stress relief and relaxation: RENPHO Foot Massager Machine with Heat, Shiatsu Deep Kneading Therapy, Compression, Relieve Foot Pain from Plantar Fasciitis, Improve Blood Circulation, Fits feet up to Men Size 12There would be a lot of massagers that massage different parts of our body. But in our feet, the highest amount of dopamines are exerted. So if you regularly massage your feet then you will abundantly relief from your stress. 
  • Increases Blood Circulation:
    Our feet are the final points where blood travels back to the other organs. So regular foot massage helps to boost blood circulation remarkably
  • Better Sleep:
    As I have mentioned earlier that through foot massaging dopamine exerted in the maximum number so it helps to improve mood and consequently, drive us to sleep better. 
  • Natural Pain Relief:
    Foot massage is not a new technique and it is a well-known method to relieve pain. This natural process helps to boost blood circulation and alleviate pain by sending positive signals to the neural function.
  • Anxiety feeling gets decreased:
    Foot massaging would be an absolute win to decrease anxiety. Because it can boost the exertion of chemicals from our glands that give us happy feelings. 

Note: What makes differences with the foot massager and deep tissue massager? To know it you should read about deep tissue massage benefits & side effects  

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Is Foot Massager good for health?
    Foot massage improves our mood, develops the immune system, increases blood pressure and has tons of health benefits from short term to long term. So it is obviously good for health.
  • Are foot massagers good for your feet?
    A food massager is good for feet which comes from a reputed brand of manufacturer. 
  • Does a foot massager help with circulation?
    Yes, a foot massager improves blood circulation by vibrating our muscle tissue
  • How long should you use a foot massager?
    You can use a foot massager for a lifetime and every day 10 to 15 minutes of foot massage would be excellent.
  • What is the best foot and leg massager?
    The best foot and leg massager is easy to transport and thus it is portable and lightweight. Again, it has to be durable so that you can keep it for years. 


Using foot massage early in the morning or before you get to sleep is the best time. I have mentioned here a number of foot massage types along with the technique. Before, you apply any of them make sure you know how to use a foot massager. Afterward, utilize your foot massager as a pain reliever and goodbye all of your anxiety at once.


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