How To Use A Theracane - On Lower and Upper Backpain

how to use a theracane  Are you looking for a self-massager to relieve pain? Are you unable to go to the gym or spa for a shortage of time? Do you want to save your time & money?

If your answer is yes, then you need to require a DIA (Do-It-Yourself) massage like the Thera Cane massage that assists you to save your time & money as well as ensure health benefits. 

A Thera Cane massager is a non-electrical massage device that is an indispensable part of treatment for the patients who have suffered from muscular pain & soreness.

Thousands of health practitioners recommend the Thera Cane massage on varied clinical settings owing to its simplicity, accessibility & effectiveness.

To get a better idea for Thera Cane massager, you can check our article regarding the thera cane massager review. Here we will discuss how to use a theracane according to a comprehensive manual.  

As a handheld massager, the Thera Cane therapeutic massager simply renders a transitory relief from muscular anxiety, stiffness, & soreness. The Thera Cane Instructions & their effective usages are very important for achieving culminating success in alleviating ache & pain. Hence we are going to narrate, how to use a theracane. So that you can utilize your Thera Cane massager appropriately. 

What is a Thera Cane massager?

A Thera Cane massager is a therapeutic massager that works as a pain-reliever by applying an enormous amount of pressure. This pressure aids to intensify the flow of oxygenated blood into the muscles as a means of restoring muscle function with the breakup of adherence in muscle fibers & tendons.

Fundamental Features:

  • Applicable for deep pressure massage: back, neck, shoulders, legs, arms, and hips
  • The J-shaped instrument with six sorts of knobs at various points
  • Inclusive handbook for various usage
  • Unique design with lightweight durable fiberglass
  • Operative in a hot tub or shower

How to use a theracane Massager:

LiBa Back and Neck Massager for Trigger Point Before going to start massage through a Thera Cane, you must know how to use a theracane first that helps you get better performance. The Thera Cane requires a certain amount of pressure to make contact with the muscle & through this process, it eases the ache, pain, stiffness &soreness. 

As a beginner, the best idea for you is to take a short session of 1-2 minutes several times per day. At the initial stage, you should use it with gentle pressure because if you press hard you may feel pain.

The regular use of the Thera Cane massage helps you to identify how your body responds to the treatment with it. As a result, you will be able to elongate your session & apply more pressure.  

The process of holding constant pressure for 5-10 seconds, then releasing, relaxing & then repeating can be effective. You can try it in different positions viz. sitting, standing & lying down for perceiving which exercise is the most effective for a particular muscle.

 The efficacious release of ache & pain depends on the appropriate use of the balls following the pressure on your skin. The detail description of the Thera Cane instructions is given below: 

  • NECK:

1st Step: Bend your neck into the ball and keep your hands & the Cane motionless.

2nd Step: Progress your neck side to side and up & down at the time of exerting your pressure.

3rd Step: Keep trying these in the supine position & raise your head moderately.

4th Step: Make use of your fingers for the muscles in the front of your neck.


1st Step: Shove down in the guidance of the arrow for putting pressure.

2nd Step: Stir upper your arms back & forth around 1-2 inches for cross-friction massage.

3rd Step: Hold on to your arms adjacent to your sides for eluding fatigue.

  • ARMS

1st Step: Stabilize the Cane certainly on legs.

2nd Step: Then bend into or against the ball.

3rd Step: For additional pressure, shift your body weight into the ball.

  • BACK

For All BACK Exercises:

1st Step: Nudge down in the direction of the arrows.

2nd Step: Stabilize the Cane against your chair & bend into the ball, then move your backside to the side for cross-friction massage.

3rd Step: The supine position is very multifaceted & you need to experiment for identifying your suitable methods.

Upper Back: Noose the left shoulder to work on the right shoulder blade. Then press left hand down at the same time press right hand forward.

Upper & Mid Back: Slant the Cane upward for the best comfort & then press a left hand down for putting pressure. You can also use the 5 balls for the back of your neck sitting in a chair.

  • HIPS:

1st Step: Bend into the ball for pressure.

2nd Step: Sit sideways in the chair.

3rd Step: Hold tightly against the back of the chair. Vive Cane Massager

  • LEGS:

Outside of Legs: Cane fixes over legs & push legs outward for applying pressure. Then move right hand back & forth to detect points and then up & down for cross-friction.

Top of Legs: Sit sideways in a chair & hoop Cane around the left leg. Then push your right hand downward & place your left leg ahead to stabilize.

Back of Legs: Place Cane kitty-corner on the seat of a chair & then progress your leg side to side for massage.

Lower Leg: Hoop the Cane around the left leg & clasp it tightly but do not move it. The hook performs as the central hub. Then move your right arm to massage.

Inside of Legs: Set 2 ball staffs under armpit then bend into the ball.

Feet: Lean against the floor & push the foot into the ball for spreading pressure.

Numerous Benefits of Thera Cane Massager:

    • Augmenting circulation to aids the muscle to perform effectively
    • Relieving Pain
    • Facilitating stress and anxiety release without drugs
    • Rendering ephemeral relieve from muscular tension, tenderness, stiffness, rigidity & soreness
    • Easing aching knots in muscles
    • Aiding muscles get better comfort from excess exertion
    • Assisting the customer to choose effective pain management individually

Warning: Body Back Buddy Trigger Point Back Massager

Before using it for the treatment of serious medical infirmity, a consultation with a certified medical practitioner is a must for you.

At the beginning of the application of Thera Cane, you need to use it for limited time because the overuse of it may result in soreness.

Avoid pressing it exactly on or against the sciatic nerve. Eschew massaging any parts of inflammation. Keep your device away from children. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Is there any instruction manual with the Thera Cane?

A genuine product must provide you a complete instruction guide.

  • Does its height matter?

Not actually. You can hold the knobs that are placed on the sides of the massager & use various angles without any trouble. The Thera Cane massager can be used at any height.

  • How does it work?

This device performs with the application of pressure that aids the muscles to receive maximum oxygenated blood.  The pressure breaks up the cohesiveness in muscle fibers & tendons and restores muscle function.

  • Where is this made in?

It's made in Colorado and Kansas.

  • What is the measurement of a Thera Cane massager?

The general Measurement is 24 x 15 x 1 inches (W x H x D).

  • Can I use it in the shower?

Yes. You can use it in the shower. The combination of warm water and Thera Cane relaxes those pressure points.

  • Is this one piece?

Yes, this is a one-piece unit.

  • Does this work for left-handed people?

Why not? It works for left-handed people just like right-handed people.

Final Recommendation:

As a replacement of professional massage therapy, the Thera Cane massage not only appeases your chronic muscle pain, soreness & stiffness but also it saves your valuable time & money. This non-electrical device provides you excellent performance with the support of two projections & six treatment balls and the cost of this portable device is also relatively low.

Learning how to use a theracane is essential to execute proper use of the device that assists you to know how & where you need to set your projections& balls and how much pressure you need to put on it. The effectiveness, portability, and simple usage technique of this apparatus have made it one of the most notable products to relieve from muscular pain, stiffness, tenderness & soreness. 

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