Everything You should Know How To Use Muscle Stimulator 2021 [Expert Recommended Guide]

Belifu Dual Channel TENS EMS Unit 24 Modes Muscle Stimulator for Pain Relief Therapy, Electronic Pulse Massager Muscle Massager with 10 Pads, Dust-Proof Drawstring Storage Bag,Fastening Cable Ties… How To Use Muscle Stimulator:

"Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness"- is an old but true saying. A fit and healthy body is required to do our daily work perfectly and enjoy a happy life. But, nowadays, there is always a hustle in our life. People are always busy doing their house or office work. In this process, their body gets exhausted, and their health gets ignored.

As a result, people face numerous types o health problems such as neck, shoulder, or body pain, muscle pain, muscle spasms, muscle soreness, and many more. If you're like most people, you probably experience muscle pain on a regular basis. Whether you're an athlete, a weekend warrior, or someone who simply spends a lot of time sitting at a desk, muscle pain can hamper your ability to function and enjoy life.

People who suffer from it know how painful life becomes. You might have tried various medicine, physical therapy, massages, but none of them provide any great relief. So then, what is the solution?

Also, some people love fitness and want to get tone muscle & decrease body fat. Athletes and body builders also want to achieve muscle strength and improve muscle health. For this, they do regular exercise and use various massages and products. But most of them don't work. Then what is the solution?

The most suitable solution for muscle ache, soreness, muscle toning, and muscle strength is a muscle stimulator. The best solution is an electrical muscle stimulator.


What is an Electric Muscle Stimulator?

TENKER EMS TENS Unit Muscle Stimulator, 24 Modes Dual Channel Electronic Pulse Massager for Pain Relief/Management & Muscle Strength Rechargeable TENS Machine with 8 Pcs Electrode Pads An electric muscle stimulator (EMS) is a device that works by sending electrical pulses into the muscles or nerves of the body. The electrical impulse prompts the muscle fibers to contract, either in isolation or in concert with other muscle groups. The result is a contraction that resembles a voluntary movement but without any conscious effort on your part.

This electrical muscle stimulation increases blood circulation and the distribution of nutrition and oxygen at a faster rate, improving muscle health.

Though it increases the blood flow, it helps to control the blood pressure. In addition, the electrical nerve stimulation stops the pain signals from reaching the brain. So, you get relieved from the muscle pain for a longer time.

It also boosts the strength levels of the muscles, helps in muscle building, especially, abdominal muscles and increases the level of fitness. The electronic muscle stimulator delivers electrical currents that help to warm up the body and also reduces soreness after a workout or heavy work. It also acts excellently in muscle injury recovery time. That's why professional trainers and athletes love this.

Overall, an electric muscle stimulation device is a great product to improve health condition, get rid of muscle aches, increase muscle strength and decrease the chance of muscle injury.

How To Use A Muscle Stimulator:

NURSAL 24 Modes TENS Unit Muscle Stimulator with Continuous Stimulation, Rechargeable Electronic Pulse Massager with 8 Pads for Back and Shoulder Pain Relief and Muscle StrengthAn electrical muscle stimulator is one of the best electrical devices to relieve chronic pain of the muscle, joint pain relief, sore muscles, and improve muscle health. Though it's very easy to use, people often get confused about how to use it and how to do the pad placement and other things. But, don't worry! We are going to tell you about how to use a muscle stimulator. So read the article, use your muscle stimulator correctly and get a great result.

What comes in the package of EMS:

  1. One EMS machine
  2. Pads( Small, Large, Medium)
  3. Collectio board
  4. Electric wire
  5. USB cable

Muscle Stimulator Using Procedure:

  1. Connect the wire with the pad.
  2. Fine out the most precise area where we want to use the muscle stimulator. Clean the skin and then dry it properly.
  3. Place the pad in that area horizontally or vertically. And stick the pad on the skin.
  4. Connect the other end of the wire to the device. Now ensure that the pads are perfectly attached to the skin and cords are perfectly connected.
  5. Now, turn on the muscle stimulator.
  6. Set the pulse durations, range of motion, periods of time accordingly. Start at the lowest settings if you are a beginner. Then increase the settings accordingly.
  7. After using it for the required amount of time, stop the machine. Remove the pads from the skin. Then clean the skin.
  8. Store the machine and the pads in the storage.
  9. You can use it according to the time you need. And, for weekly use, you can use it 3-4 times per week.

Benefits of An Electric Muscle Stimulator:

  • It increases blood circulation and perfectly increases the heart rate, which helps the athlete and normal people as well to improve fitness.
  • It reduces muscle stiffness by sending electric pulses to the muscle tissue, especially to the sensory nerves and motor nerve.
  • You can target a single muscle as well as various types of muscle fibers, and there is a wide range of settings. It helps you to get rid of any kind of muscle pain, soreness, and tiredness.
  • It boosts muscular strength, improves muscle tone, works on the nervous systems & nerve fibres, and waist circumference. That's why the athlete uses it in their sports training and conventional training program.

Who Should Avoid An Electric Muscle Stimulator:

  • Pregnant women should not use it on their abdominal or pelvic region. And they should consult a doctor before using it in any other region.
  • People with metal or electric implants should consult a doctor before using it.
  • People with cancer must not use it where the cancer cell is located.
  • If you feel too prominent skin irritations, then avoid using it.

Overall, a muscle stimulator is an excellent product to eliminate muscle pain, soreness and improve muscle health. It also works great for muscle toning and warm-up. Additionally, it's a great aid in recovery. So, you can rely on a muscle stimulator and enjoy a painless life.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

  • Who should use an electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) device?

Anybody can use an electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) device. There is no such restriction. But children below 13 years and older people of 90+ age should avoid using it. Also, pregnant women, people with cancer, implantations should consult a doctor first before using it.

  • What are the side effects of electrical muscle stimulation?

There is no side effect of it if you don't overuse it regularly. You just need to use it accordingly and enjoy the benefits.

  • How to get fit using electrical muscle stimulation (EMS)?

You must use it regularly, maintaining a fitness routine. You have to use the perfect settings that will help you to get fit and also need to take a balanced diet. All of this will help you to get fit within a precise time.

  • How long should you use electrical muscle stimulation?

The time actually varies depending on the person. For example, a normal person should use it less than the time of athletes. But, again, the period of time depends on the reason you are using an ems and what types of benefits you want.

  • Do muscle stimulators burn fat?

Yes, it definitely burns fat. But the amount of burned fat depends on the settings you are using.

  • How much does an electrical muscle stimulator cost?

The cost varies depending on the model, brand, features, functions, and many more. Normally, you can get it in the $100-$300 range. But there are much cheaper or expensive model exists. So you can get it accordingly.

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