Icomfort Massage Chair Review by Expert [Full Body Massager]

Introduction: Are you looking for a perfectly attractive design massage chair for your body, then you can get one after having this review massage chair. This is Icomfort massage chair review by expert. Here, we'll discuss the features and specifications of the Icomfort IC112 Massage Chair review. The amazon price of this machine is moderate as compared to its features. The affordable massage chair has a great massage therapy system that will effectively massage track your body. It is designed for all types of sufferers, either the diseased person or a hard work who needs to relax his body. Here, we'll discuss every point or feature of the massage chair product. Let's discuss its specifications and mix of features. [toc]

Icomfort Massage Chair Review with Specifications:

iComfort IC7500-BEI Massage Chair This luxurious massage chair has been designed based on the two standards; S-Track and remote control quad rollers. However, the body massage ability is controlled by the quad foot roller as it copies the method of humans for plenty of massage styles. While S-Track is used to detect the spine curve in the human entire body. It has the following specifications;

Body Scan

This body massage chair can scan the body, and it is the first step after starting the auto massage programs. It is an automatic scanner, as it scans your body and adjusts the massage therapy chair according to the body shape. The massage chair product has the roller adjustment feature on the width of the intense massage mechanism. However, this adjustment is made by two-pronged approaches. If the stationary Massage chair is disabled to position the rollers, there is a remote for the manual adjustments.

Massage roller Technology

In this portable massage chair, a 4D massage roller technology is present. Usually, the massage roller of the S- Track comes with the 3D roller. However, to operate this function, one must have to learn how to use it. 4D roller means it has extension arms that allow the rollers to move up to 3'' away from the path of massage setting. Moreover, this extra feature will help the user to enhance the chance of quality massage chairs.

Zero gravity reclining feature

The IComfort massage chair of this pricier model comes with zero-gravity settings that allow you to enhance deep tissue massage relief. When turned on, it will elevate your knees a little bit from your heart. From this recycling of the body massager, the rollers will bear most of the body's weight. In this way, your entire body will get a more advanced massage and relief.

Massage Techniques

Icomfort Ic6500 Black Massage Chair, 1 Lb There are many options in the popular massage chair brands for different techniques. These include kneading, tapping, combination, rolling, knocking, music sync, and shiatsu. However, an ideal massage Shiatsu chair is an advanced technique in the massage chair. Listening to music is not terms of comfort because it can play a song that will make you aggressive. Moreover, there is an extra feature that allows you to use two techniques at a time. Besides these, this model comes with some other key features. These include fatigued muscles recovery, daily pain relief, comfortable mood, and demo.

Air Massage

The Icomfort massage chair comes with airbags with a better sleek design that allows you advanced innovative features. You can allow selecting airbags for specific areas of the entire body. This innovative feature is helpful if you don't want to experience this feature on the full body. However, you can also control them with the help of remote control. The full-body experience where you can use the airbags as:
  • Arm
  • Upper arm
  • Shoulder
  • Hip and Tighs
  • Calf
  • Foot

Stretching ability

An important feature for the help of a person in the massage is the stretching ability of the machine. The stretching method provides the body an extra help in the massage. Thus enhancing the quality of the massage. If you are too tired and want a deep massage, then you can have it for yourself. But, if you are not a hard worker and need some minute massage, you can have the basic features. However, the stretching feature contains moderate levels of intensity to feel you more extra comfort.

Point and Partial Modes

This is a nice feature as it provides you to have a massage cushion in a specific area. If you are running a feature, you can stop it at specific points with the help of this feature. These features are present for the shoulders, back, and waist. You can enjoy it wherever you have more needed.

Calf and foot massage

This feature is helpful for a normal massage type after work because it doesn't have rollers for the underfoot. If your foot is too tired after the heavy-duty, this will not fit you. You can get relief from the foot massager, but you can enjoy it more. There will be rollers for underfoot.

Timer Setting

This perfect massage chair has a timer adjustment setting to adjust your desired time for the massage coverage. The default adjustment is 20 minutes, but you can adjust it according to your need. However, it is a nice feature because it would let you access a variety of massage styles.

Key Features:

  • 3D body scan for the adjustment according to the body massager
  • S-Track sleek design and Quad Rollers
  • 3D/4D massage roller technology for therapeutic relief
  • Different massage techniques
  • An advanced ideal massage Shiatsu chair, technique
  • Airbags with an adjustable parameter for the specific area
  • Body stretching for the management of pain relief
  • Ability to focus rollers on the specific points
  • Adjustable timer
  • Foot and calf massager
  • Zero gravity position for more relief


  • 3D body scan
  • Adjustable timer
  • 4D massage roller
  • Zero-gravity chair seating
  • Point mode
  • Adjustable airbags


  • Available at the specific size, i.e., people taller than 6.1 cannot use it
  • There is no heat option for calf massage
  • Lack foot rollers

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A best-rated massage chair with the convenient adjustable reclining feature is everyone's need, but every massage product has some limitations too. It is good to massage experience more for different parts because it has the facility to manual control. If you are a hobbyist, then you can fully enjoy this luxury massage chair. However, you have read all the specifications and limitations. Now, you can choose according to your need. We have discussed the IComfort IC1124 Massage Chair Review for your better understanding. This article has covered almost everything. If you are willing to purchase it, then go for it and enjoy the massage mechanism!

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