Manta Sleep Mask Review for Block Out All Light in 2021 [Be A Sleeping Beauty]

The sleeping masks are compulsory for the public who often trouble to fall asleep at night or travel. But if you have ever owned a generic sleep mask, after that, you are possibly already known with all the trouble you can have with them.

The Manta sleep mask is excellent for people who require sleep during the daytime, travelers, and shift workers to sleep on aircraft. And public who wish to catch a quick nap during lunchtime.

If you have leaking light issues when utilizing ordinary sleep masks, this Mask is fabulous because it has two eyecups made out of soft foam.

It is a block hundred percent of light. Wearing this is like sleeping in pitch blackness, even if the sun is shining straightly on the face. This Mask is adaptable, so if you do not have a standard shaped head after that, this Mask is excellent because you adapt the strap to make sure a snug fit.

Manta Sleep Mask Review

Manta sleep mask is an adaptable, approximately blackout sleep mask that gives a particular extra feature.

Bends do not remain cold for periods on end. On the other hand, reviewers remain that the Mask provides a piece of ice with a packed feeling that helps with swollen eyes and tension headaches.

Manta sleep gives an excellent fit customization solution with separable velcro eyecups.

The strap is merely adaptable and lined with polyester and soft cotton. The velcro is a bonus for people with long hair.

The whole Mask is cozy and straightforward in its design. And it is also sewn together with quality stitching. The machinery is outstanding quality overall and its ability to gain nearly an entire blackout. Eyecups are deep, making it simple to blink our eyes. We barely observe the eyelashes touching the Mask. But it will depend on the length of the eyelashes. Finally, the Mask remains put and on the heads nicely. And it does not change in feel as much as some of the others.


  • Product dimensions 1.4"*28.5''Lx2.9''W.
  • Fabrics 100% polyester inside, 40% outside polyester, cotton 60%.
  • Zero blackouts.
  • 100% blackout.
  • Zero pressure on eyes.
  • Swappable strap and eye covers.
  • Adaptable for a personalized fit.


  • It can feel it, though, and it breaks the blackout.
  • Very permanent and long-lasting.
  • Great quality.
  • Cotton velour.
  • Quite soothingly. You can still feel it on the face.
  • Adjust nicely.
  • Well, the design and looks excellent.
  • Polyester

What We Like:

  • Fits any size head.
  • The only sleep mask I have used to achieve 100% blackout.
  • Tour friendly.
  • No pressing on the eyes.

What We Don't Like:

  • Require to fasten securely to make sure night-long blackout.
  • Possibly not great for stomach sleepers.


About brand:

Entrepreneur Mark Zhang was disappointed by the flimsy, unproductive design of airplane sleep in 2015. After that, he and a team generate an excellent product to block out light, adjustability, and comfort. Then two years later, raising approximately $750k via Kickstarter and Indiegogo.

The Manta Sleep Mask launched and selling tens of thousands. And it is garnering hundreds of five-star reviews on Amazon.

Nowadays, the corporation launches a second-generation product. And it is expanded to give the range of different mask complimentary sleep products, mask options, and accessories.

Warranty Policy:

We stand behind the quality of the products 100% at manta sleep. Unfortunately, you are not blown away by the Manta's quality, or you happen to encounter an industrialized defect. Let us know within six months from buy. And we shall exchange the Manta for a new one or free of charge. Note that they can only offer substitutes for the similar product that you originally bought.

Frequently asked the question:

  • Are Manta sleep masks worth?

The blackout and comfort capabilities of the Manta sleep mask are unrivaled in our experience. And it is combined with the ability to swap out accessories. Put the Manta Sleep Mask in a league of its own.

  • Are Sleeping masks worst for the skin?

Unluckily, putting on a sleep mask each night comes with one major downside as it rests on the face's sensitive skin for hours on end. It can happen with some skin irritation, mainly if it is dirty. By utilizing an ey mask, you shall sleep better all night and feel more strong whole the day.

  • How frequently should you clean sleep masks?

We should dirt free the Mask each day or after every use. we should dirt free the headgear each week. You can wash with mild soap and warm water.

  • Can I make use of a sleeping mask each night?

Sleeping masks should be used three or two times a week. But you can use it as a substitute for moisturizer as long as the skin can tolerate it. Were you prepared to try both? Sleep the way to brighter, more youthful-looking skin with this Dermstore suggested sleeping Mask and night creams.


With the details given above, it can be said that Manta sleep Mask can provide what it assures its clients. Besides, with a guaranteed offer, it is getting the best value for their money. It may just a sleep mask, right. But we think Manta has made something special. The tool is the best elements of product design, simplicity, and innovation. So it is highly recommended to select the Manta sleep mask review.

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