NBR vs Rubber vs Cork vs TPE vs PVC yoga mat - Which one is Best?

Choosing a yoga mat is a daunting task, especially if you are a beginner. Though not easy for the experienced user also because various types of mats are available in the market, and you definitely want theNBR vs Rubber vs Cork vs TPE vs PVC yoga mat best yoga mat for you. Also, they are made of various materials. You can get nbr vs rubber vs cork vs tpe vs pvc yoga mat in the market, but which one should you buy?

Yoga is one of the oldest forms of exercise. It is the best and one of the most effective exercises. But, to get a fruitful result, you need to know how to do yoga properly and regularly, and some helping components are also required to do it smoothly. The yoga mat is one of them.

What is a Yoga?

Yoga is one of the most ancient exercises which involves deep breathing, pure concentration, and various physical poses. Yoga is the oldest form of exercise, which is very effective in keeping you healthy if done properly. Various types of yoga exist, and you can select any one according to your concern. Yoga can help you burn calories, improve posture, keep your body fit, and help you to get rid of various health issues. If your goal is to stay fit and healthy, then you can definitely start your yoga session by yourself or with the help of a yoga instructor.

What is a Yoga Mat?

A yoga mat is a special type of mat made with special fabric that prevents slipping off your hands, legs, or other body parts and gives a form of grip so that you can smoothly practice yoga as exercise. This is an important component and plays a significant role in getting a smooth yoga experience and get all the benefits of yoga. NBR vs Rubber vs Cork vs TPE vs PVC yoga mat

If you want to do yoga at home, then you must have the best yoga mat for you. But, if you are a beginner, then you can easily get confused about which one to buy.

Various types, sizes, and material's yoga mats are available, but you need to understand which one will be best for you. But who will help?

Ideal massager experts are here for your help. Yoga mats can be made of nbr, rubber, cork, tpe, PVC, or any other materials. All of these have both good and flawed sides. In this article, we are going to give you details about nbr vs rubber vs cork vs tpe vs pvc yoga mats so that you can understand which one you should buy. So, dive into the article and make your buying decisions.

NBR vs Rubber vs Cork vs TPE vs PVC yoga mat

Synthetic Rubber (NBR)

Yoga mats are commonly made of rubber, but not all the rubbers are suitable for you. Normal rubber can cause skin irritation and other damage to you. You need to buy one which is made of synthetic rubber. And one of the best synthetic rubber is NBR.

NBR is one of the finest synthetic rubbers and gives you a feel of comfort to your whole body, especially to the joints and is excellent for plus-size people. It restores its shape easily and works great for the knee and joints. So, you can definitely give it a try.


  • NBR yoga mats are inexpensive and affordable
  • Highly cushioned and comfortable, so it works great for joints, lousy knees and yoga with seated poses
  • Cleaning is easy


  • Not environment friendly as its source is non-renewable.
  • Leaves a temporary imprint though quickly recoverable
  • Soft and not firm enough for long-term standing poses

Natural Rubber

Natural rubber yoga mats are the best for any kind of yoga. If you are looking for a premium yoga mat and want to invest in something good, then you should buy a natural rubber yoga mat. Most of the popular and high-end brands use natural rubber as their main ingredient for making a yoga mat.

It comes with good cushioning and is durable, high-sustainability, and eco-friendly. It's excellent for any kind of yoga and provides good support. But comparatively heavy and expensive. Though it's a little bit expensive, it is worth buying.


  • It provides excellent cushioning as it is sufficiently padded
  • Durable and sustainable
  • Eco-friendly as it comes from renewable sources
  • Premium quality and can get in any shape and size


  • It is a little bit expensive
  • Comparatively heavy
  • Can provoke allergic reactions as it has latex


Cork yoga mat is another great type of yoga mat. It is an amazing mat for yoga, especially for hot yoga. It is durable, gives an excellent grip even when it gets wetter, and is very absorbent, which makes it unique. It's long-lasting, soft and provides superb grip.

Cork yoga mat is normally not fully made with cork but has other side materials. Most of the time, TPE, rubbers and other materials as used. The sustainability also depends on the side materials. This type of mat comes in a very modern design, and the price range varies from inexpensive to expensive. Overall, if you are confused among NBR vs Rubber vs Cork vs TPE vs PVC yoga mat and if you are a sweaty person and want to get a firm grip from a yoga mat then you should give it a try.


  • High absorbent capacity
  • Unique and cool designs
  • Eco-friendly materials
  • Grippiness increases when it becomes wet
  • Lightweight


  • The grip is not impressive when the cork is in a dry state.
  • Durability depends on the side materials too


Thermoplastic elastomer, popularly known as TPE, is a popular material for the yoga mat. The reason is the material is cheaper, durable, sticky, and gives a nice grip when used in a yoga mat.

Though it's affordable but not good in terms of eco-friendliness as it comes from non-renewable sources. But the good part is it is biodegradable and recyclable. Overall, it is less expensive and suitable for those who are looking for a latex-free yoga mat.


  • TPE mat is cheap and affordable
  • Latex-free, so suitable for all people, even who have an allergy
  • Comparatively lightweight
  • Biodegradable and recyclable


  • It is not eco-friendly as it comes from non-renewable sources


PVC is one of the most used materials for making yoga mats. When you want a budget-friendly yet durable and good yoga mat, then a PVC yoga mat is the one that comes to mind. If you are a beginner, then there is a high chance that you want to avoid investing a good amount in a mat. So, in this case, you can try this one. Though this one is affordable, it's not environmentally friendly, which is a downside. But for less price with good durability, you can give it a try. So, if are not sure among NBR vs Rubber vs Cork vs TPE vs PVC yoga mat and confused but need a yoga mat, but need one, then you can go for PVR yoga mat.


  • Much cheaper and more affordable
  • It has an inherently sticky surface
  • Light-weight


  • Not eco-friendly as it comes from a non-renewable source
  • It is not recyclable and biodegradable
  • It can cause skin irritation

Yoga is a great form of exercise to achieve a calm mind and healthy body. A yoga mat is essential for it, and we hope our article on nbr vs rubber vs cork vs tpe vs pvc yoga mat has helped you enough to understand which yoga mat you should buy. So, choose the one which is most suitable for you and enjoy your yoga time.

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