Prosource Acupressure Mat Review For Relieve Pain, Boost Energy & Sleep Better

Prosource Acupressure Mat Do you suffer from chronic backache? What about sleep troubles? Is the back preventing you from getting pleasure in life in the way that you formerly did?

If so, you possibly discovered the solution to the problems in the form of an acupressure mat.

Acupressure mats are secure, effectual, and reasonably priced.

In this post, we shall review one of the best acupressure mats on the marketplace nowadays so that you will know accurately whether it is the ideal solution for the chronic backache.

Suppose you are searching for a simple, low price path to diminishing pains, aches, stress, and stiffness.

Give the ProsourceFit Acupressure pillow and mat set a try. The tool helps to release back pain, fatigue, headaches, insomnia, and more. In below we will talk about Prosource Acupressure Mat. To know the details about the product, please read attentively below: 

Prosource Acupressure Mat

Prosource Acupressure Mat Prosource Acupressure Mat and neck pillow set is natural residence remedy, reasonably priced, effectual. Its soothing foam covered in thousands of acupressure points.

Its procedure develops blood circulation and helps the body release toxins and develop muscle recovery accurate for post-exercise.

If you are continuously battling backache, the Prosource acupressure mat will provide you soothing.

The tool is designed to develop circulation and naturally diminish muscle stress, backache, and headache.

To take advantage of it, customers are suggested to lay on the mat daily for ten to thirty minutes every time. For patients who have insomnia, it develops sleep when used before bedtime. Produced from hundred per cent thick cotton and plant-based foam.

You can adapt the healing intensity by lying, sitting, or standing on the mat and pillow set. Further, personalize the healing by positioning the kit on a softer surface for a lower intensity trying it. Eventually, you are bound to discover the accurate combination that has earned the mat its reputation.


  • Head or foot pillow.
  • Suitable dimensions for most body types.
  • Over 6000 spikes.
  • Multiple colours.
  • Long-lasting.
  • Provides beneficial effects in as few as 10 minutes.
  • Foam insulation.
  • Simple to clean.


  • segregate pad and neck pillow make it simple to release the hips to the head in 7 colours.
  • It is made from natural cotton fabric and eco foam.
  • The tool can be used when lying down, reclining, or sitting up.
  • The mat provides release when used for as little as twenty minutes a day.

Product details:

  • Date First Available: August 14, 2020.
  • Package Dimensions : 18.9 x 10.94 x 6.18 inches; 2.05 Pounds.
  • Best Sellers Rank #811 in Health & Household.
  • Manufacturer: ProsourceFit.
  • ASIN : B08FY8ZHTF.


  • It can be used on most hard surfaces and is portable.
  • Simple to target particular zones of your body.
  • It comes in an assortment of colours.


  • It does not come with a carry bag.
  • Some complaints of cover coming apart and poor quality.

What are the advantages of acupressure?

Prosource Acupressure Mat Similar to acupuncture, the benefits of acupressure include the following:

  • Relaxing muscles and joints.
  • Relieving stress, tension, and anxiety.
  • Easing chronic ache.
  • Soothing pain and discomfort of an injury.
  • Developing sleep.
  • Minimizing headaches.
  • Reducing digestive issues.

Travel Friendly & Compact

An easy carrying bag is included for acupressure therapy on the easy storage to help extend the mat's life. To dirt-free, remove the filling and turn the linen cover inside out to hand wash. Do not machine wash or dry, as it may damage the stress point buttons. Drip dry only.


Budget range from around $20 and can go up to a hundred dollar. Spending more does not all the time mean better quality. So utilize our buying guide to help you judge the features.


Mats can be made from a range of different fabrics and generally contain a filling such as foam. Some acupressure mat brands will concentrate on the fabric's environmental advantages, while others will focus purely on the soothing.

Frequently asked the question:

  • Do acupressure mats actually work?

Acupressure mats have not been studied broadly. Users rave about the reduction in ache and other symptoms they face while utilizing them. If you have back or body ache, pressure, or headaches, the acupressure mat possibly be value a try.

  • What is the best acupressure mat?
    • 7 Best Acupressure Mats of 2021
    • ProsourceFit Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set.
    • Aku Mat.
    • Bed of Nails ECO Mat.
    • Spoonk Organic Hemp – Combo.
    • Pranamat ECO Massage Set.
    • The Shakti Mat.
    • Nayoya Acupressure Mat.
  • Does acupressure mat assist lose weight?

The author discovers that auricular acupressure is effectual in diminishing body weight and body mass index in study applicants. The outputs stayed consistent whether the acupressure is administered alone or with exercise and diet.

  • How To dirt-free The Mat?

The more you get into the habit of utilizing the Prosource mat, then you will likely require to dirt-free it. Fortunately, dirt-free the Prosource mat is simple. Slip the foam out of the mat cover with the spike pucks, and set it aside. With a gentle soap, hand wash the material of the cover on the smooth side.

  • How often should you make use of a Pranamat?

For best outputs, utilize Pranamat eco each day, and whenever you feel a particular required. We suggested making Pranamat eco part of each routine. For example, could you make use of it after brushing the teeth? Or place it on the office chair for the first twenty minutes of the hard-working day.

  • Is it secure to use an acupressure mat during pregnancy?

You should all the time, speak to a medical expert before utilizing an acupressure mat. Particular stress point can help to induce labour. Of course, leading to several risks for baby and mother.

  • Does Pranamat help with cellulite?

Pranamat eco is an effectual, natural way to eliminate cellulite. By developing lymphatic and blood circulation, usual anti-cellulite massage helps treat cellulite without diet or workout.


Prosource Acupressure Mat and Pillow gives many health advantages if ideally used. The neck pillow is excellent for patients with chronic neck ache, and the mat is fabulous for backache and pressure release.  Both the pillow and the mat can be used in conjunction to rouse fat loss, insomnia, and diminish pressure.

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