Pure Wave CM7 Massager Review - Why So Many People Love this?

After many years of suffering, you’ve come to know about massage therapy and its effectiveness against pain. After online researching on Pure Wave CM7 reviews , you see that there are 2 types in this therapy.

So, what are you going to do? Again, to make you more confused, there are contents comparing vibration and percussion massage. Now, the problem is that you see different massagers are offering different types of massaging costing you more. So, this is a problem that needs to be solved.

That’s where our team of experts jumped in and did some deep research. Finally, we found and tested a product that perfectly solves your problem. Thus, we wrote a Pure Wave CM7 massager review gathering all our information on that product.

It’s a massager that gives you the calmness of vibration and deep muscle recovery of percussion. With no further delay, let’s start pure wave cm7 review knowing about the brand first.

About the Brand:

The Pure Wave brand is the most reputed and respected brand in the electric massaging device industry. Over the years, they have perfected the device to give you the best massaging therapy. And, their pure wave cm7 is one of their best creations and that's why we have come up with the pure wave cm7 reviews.

If you don’t believe us, order one and see for yourself. The brand is made from Pado which is a USA based company with a dedicated team of researchers and engineers. For this reason, you get a product that is designed thinking about your safety first.

How about the effectiveness of the product of Pure Wave? Let’s continue to our Pado pure wave massager review and you decide how effective it is.

Who Can Benefit?

The list of benefits of an electric massager is long. So, let’s get to who can get benefited from a percussion and vibration massager in this part of Pure Wave massager review.Pure Wave CM7 Massager Reviews

  • Due to dehydration, inactivity, pregnancy, age, nerve compression, insufficient blood supply, and many more reason, we experience a muscle spasm. If you get muscle spasm in any part, you can get benefitted immediately.
  • Due to muscle cramp, minor injury, stress, overuse, or any other reason, we feel a little to agonizing pain in different parts of your body. You can also get benefitted using these massage therapies if you have muscle pain of any sort.
  • Due to calcium deficiency, age, injury, or any reason, we feel pain in our joints. If you have joint pain, your pain can be relieved by massage.
  • Due to lifting a heavy load, inactivity, arthritis, or any reason, we feel agonizing back pain. It can be reduced using percussion massage therapy.
  • We face many issues due to insufficient circulation of blood. That issue can be solved using vibration massaging. If you are looking any massager for circulation, then you can try this one.
  • Due to our desk job or inactivity, we often get hurt as our muscles get inflexible. To restore flexibility, you can use these devices.
  • Due to many years of inactivity, our digestion system has become problematic. You can strengthen your digestive system by applying vibration around the digestive system.
  • Due to work or relationship stress, or lack of sleep and cause many problems to our body. The vibration massage can help you reduce stress and promote better sleep at night.

Multiple Benefits of Pure Wave CM7 Massager:

From that list above, you must have multiple points matched to your situation. Now, the solution is massage therapy. As you know the sessions taken by a therapist are costly, we suggest that you try an electric massager. Let’s find out what are the benefits of such massager.Pure Wave CM7 Massager

  • The percussion therapy helps remove muscle knots and spasm. Thus, your muscle pain gets reduced as it come from the percussion massager benefits.
  • The vibration from the strong motors increases the level of serotonin in your body which ultimately makes you feel good and relaxed.
  • Again, the vibration helps reduce the stress and soothe you within minutes. It increases sound sleep and decreases the chance of getting muscle pain
  • As the percussion massage goes deep into the muscles, it restores the sensitivity of the motor function due to our inactivity.
  • The massages get our muscle stretched which removes stiffness and makes the muscles relaxed.
  • A major cause of muscle cramp or pain is improper blood circulation. The massager increases blood circulation in different parts of our body.
  • Another great advantage of using vibration massage is that you can melt some fat with it. Thus, it reduces your weight a bit.
  • As the fat burning, it has also seen effective around your stomach and intestine. Applying vibration can increase your metabolism.

There are also some other benefits of these electric massagers. They are given below.

  • They are cordless which means rechargeable battery comes into play.
  • The long battery backup and lightweight gives them portability.
  • The high-speed precision motors are effective again pain and spasm without making any damage.
  • They are easy to use and have easy to reach a feature to any part of your body.
  • These are affordable with versatile use and durability.
  • The design is stylish and modern so that you don’t feel uncomfortable using it outside.

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PURE WAVE CM-07 Cordless Percussion Massager (Black)

Pure Wave CM7 Massager ReviewAfter reviewing a lot of devices, we got settled with this one and we love it for its durability, versatility, massaging strength, and overall look. Apart from that, you can use it anywhere by charging it for 1 hour which gives you 180 minutes of backup.

Moreover, its five of the six unique removable attachments can help you with minor aches and pains on the neck, back, legs and feet, muscle tension, knots, spasms, and stress.

At last, there is good news for both men and women (especially women). You don’t have to go to parlor or saloon for a facial as the massager includes a facial massage stick. Also, you’ll find a scalp massage stick which will increase blood circulation and restore the health of your scalp and hair.

PURE WAVE CM 07 Features:

  • The motor for percussion massaging can handle up to 3,700 RPM and the motor for vibration massaging can handle up to 10,000 RPM.
  • It is highly portable as it is cordless, weighs less than 3 pounds, and you can get going by charging it for one hour only.
  • The massager has a rechargeable battery of 7.2 volts which can support you for 180 minutes of continuous massage.
  • The speed of the motors can be controlled separately for different use cases and more effectiveness.
  • It has a stylish and sleek design considering easy-to-use, easy-to-hold, and easy-to-reach features.

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What is the difference between pure wave cm5 and cm7? difference between pure wave cm5 and cm7

Before you read the review of pure wave massager, we thought it’d be better to let you know about the difference between these 2 versions. It's because many of us has a confusion among pure wave cm5 vs cm7.

First of all, it’s obvious that CM7 is the latest one. The developer team of Pado got more customer feedback and upgraded the device. So, CM7 is better than CM5 in every way.

But the biggest difference is that CM7 has the vibration mode which CM5 doesn’t have. Another big difference is that CM7 has 6 removable attachments where CM5 has only 5 removable attachments.

Note: Maybe you will more precisely differentiate between Pure wave cm5 vs cm7 two massagers, then you will also read pure wave cm5 cordless percussion massager review.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Can I use any other charger to charge PureWave massager machine?
    It is recommended to use the original charger so you can avoid any overheating or explosion, fire or electric shock
  • What is the average battery life of PureWave CM7?
    Battery life depends on usage but the average is 3 hours and you can extend the time more while using it in a low-intensity level.
  • How to activate the percussion mode in PureWave CM7
    If you want to start the percussion mode then at first, remove the charger and then turn them On and Off dial clockwise like 180 degrees. You need to do this stuff until you find the percussion motor engages.

Before ending the Pado pure wave cm7 reviews, we want to inform you that you can also get the product in white color. Click here to have a look and order if you like the color. Or else, you can order the black one by clicking here.

Final Recommendation:

From the Pure Wave CM7 massager review, you now know that the device is effective in removing pain and spasm from almost any part of your body. Order the latest version of the Pado massager, use it, and you’ll love it so much that you’ll recommend it to others.

In the end, we want to ask you one question. Would you really buy different products and test which one works where we’ve done the job for you?

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