The Renpho Scale Review: Real Testing With Experience & Opinion

Renpho Scale Review Renpho's body fat scale is one of the well-liked models in the marketplace. It is very cheap compared to familiar brands. Consequently, the question arises whether inexpensive body fat monitors can compete with luxurious models. How perfect are the results, and how excellent are functions? We tested this tool for you. Discovering the best smart scale for your needs is not so easy.  There are many brands in the marketplace. My goal for this post is to help you find the ideal product. Smart Bluetooth scales have changed the way we weigh ourselves. On Amazon, this Renpho scale has amassed a whopping 1,23,854 and an impressive rating of 4.7 out of 5. If you desire to get a more perfect and in-depth look at the body profile, it might be worth taking a look at this tool. These best scales of 2021 are easy to use, perfect, and affordable. It should be capable of helping you remain track of the progress. To know the detail, keep reading below.

Renpho Scale Review

Renpho Scale Review The tool syncs directly to the phone and tracks thirteen different body composition measurements, containing body fat percentage, BMI, and body weight. Measures can be particularly valuable for tracking other metrics of development. The gadget has four high-precision sensors and electrodes to provide you the most accurate and continuous reading possible.  It permits users to share their measurements and develop with workout partners and family. The entire family can make use of the scale, as it gives unlimited users. Renpho smart scale features a tempered glass platform with four sensitive electrodes. The scale comes in black and white and has a weight capacity of 396 pounds. Using Bluetooth, you can use the free Renpho application, or you can match up the apps with Fitbit, Google Fit, and Apple Health on the off chance. And you incline toward and interface that you are as of at this time acquainted with. It can impart advancement to companions and have boundless customers.


  • Great price.
  • Provides 11 date readings.
  • Support multiple users.
  • Bluetooth connects quickly.


  • You will require to have the phone near the scale to upload data.
  • The application requires some developments.

RENPHO Body Fat Scale Specs:

  • Scale interval: 0.2lb/0.05kg.
  • Maximum weight: 396lb/180kg.
  • Indications: Low Battery and Overload.
  • Eleven inches horizontal/vertical.
  • Material: 5 mm tempered glass platform.
  • Units: kg/lb.
  • Power: 3 x AAA batteries included.
  • Display: Backlit LED display.

The tool contains:

  • Body fat percentage.
  • Muscle mass.
  • Skeletal muscles.
  • Fat-free body weight.
  • Protein
  • Subcutaneous fat.
  • Bodyweight
  • Visceral fat.
  • Body water.
  • Bone mass.


  • The Renpho application captures live data from the smart scales.
  • Measures and record 13 metrics. Displays this on the simple to use Renpho application.
  • Great value for what it is, rivals premium products.
  • Data shared with a third party with your permission like Fit and Fitbit, Samsung Health, Apple Health.

Product details:

  • Product Dimensions : 11 x 11 x 1 inches; 3.09 Pounds.
  • Date First Available: December 22, 2016.
  • ASIN: B01N1UX8RW.
  • Best Sellers Rank: #30 in Health & Household.
  • Manufacturer: RENPHO.
  • Item model number: ES-CS20M.
  • Is Discontinued By Manufacturer: No.
  • Manual
  • Batteries : 3 AAA batteries required.

Why do you require a Renpho body fat scale?

  • The Renpho body fat scale uses bioelectric impedance analysis.
  • The tool provides you an overview of the track and body monthly, weekly, and daily.
  • It is far more than a conventional weight scale can provide.
  • The gadget application can work with the data to the favorite fitness application like Fitbit app, Samsung Health, Google Fit, and Apple Health.
  • Have a fitness or health objective. Renpho helps you remain motivated toward the vision.

From The Manufacturer

Renpho Scale Review Renpho scale gives you 13 key metrics: subcutaneous fat and body age, basal metabolism, bone mass, fat-free body weight, body weight, visceral fat, protein, muscle mass, BMI, skeletal muscle, body fat%, water%. The EWR rechargeable battery saves money. Charge the scale the path you charge your smartphone. The multiple charging options: make use of the USB cable with AC adapter, Notebook, Power Bank, or desktop pc powerful 200mAh battery.

Frequently asked questions:

  • Is the Renpho scale exact?

It has resulted in several high tech scales with integrated Bluetooth connectivity. Renpho fat scale is one of the most exact models on the marketplace, at logical worth.

  • Which is the best Renpho scale?

Renpho Bluetooth and smart fat scale. Renpho scale is produced and gives you a lot of offers. It comes at a special low price ($30). Its smart scale boasts that it can measure eleven different metrics all over periods.

  • How perfect is RENPHO Scale?

According to reviews, this scale is perfect. You can also make use of it consistently to track your improvement.

  • How Does the RENPHO Scale Work?

This scale works by transferring electrical signals through the body. An electrical current runs up the leg and across the pelvis. It measures the resistance from body fat. Renpho scales check the weight, and the whole family can utilize them. The smart scales can store data for up to eight users.

  • Are body fat scales worth it?

This body fat scale is not very perfect at estimating a person's body fat. On the other hand, it may give a rough idea of how much fat an individual has in the body. Body fat tool and BMI can provide a usual indication of a person's health.

Is the Healthmateforever yk15ab as Effective for Pain Relief as the Renpho Scale?

The best electrotherapy pain relief therapy devices on the market include the Healthmateforever yk15ab and the Renpho Scale. Both devices offer noteworthy pain relief benefits, but they excel in different areas. While the Healthmateforever yk15ab is highly regarded for its effective electrotherapy capabilities, the Renpho Scale focuses predominantly on body analysis features. Ultimately, the choice depends on individual needs and preferences.

Bottom Line:

According to the user opinion on Amazon Renpho, the body fat scale is the largest rated scale. The tool got a 4.7 rating out of 5 on Amazon. Based on the info it gives, the user-friendly interface, and the ease of tracking all the body measurements in one simple footstep, its scale is a nuanced and necessary device for your fitness goal. In general, we highly suggested this scale. The tool is an incredible and affordable device for tracking what is happening with the body. We hope that we inform you of all the information about the scale. Our opinion is you need not have any hesitation in purchasing it. Just buy it and don't forget it. Thank you very much.

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