Slendertone Connect ABS Review 2021 - Worth For Your Money? [Full & Final Details]

Slendertone Connect ABS Review Are you considering purchasing a Slendertone AB belt to help develop the stomach's abdominal muscles and tone of the stomach?

But you can not make the decision which one is excellent for you. There is no requirement to spend time researching the cons and pros of several versions as you have done all the hard work for you.

Check out this Slendetone Connect ABS review and comprehensive guide to help you discover the abdominal muscle stimulator. It will bring you an excellent advantage with simple to use of the controller.

The slender one connect is a next-generation ABS toning bet. It can control via an application. It presently only works with the iPhone fours generation technology. I realize an Android compatible version is on the path. You can track, manage the intensity, and motivate ownself using the application. As for the belt, a hundred percent of users reported a firmer and tone. It is an excellent discount on the premium abs toning belt and Amazon.

Slendertone Connect ABS Review:

Slendertone Connect ABS Review Slendertone is the updated version of the ab belt, realizing that nowadays the android phones have been an essential part of fitness management.

Now you are capable of managing the belt exercise directly from the mobile phone utilizing the application. You can able to track the progress, set reminders, and many more.

The Slendertone feels less flexible than the original. But it is a man more easily without the wires—battery pack clips straight onto the belt.

You can do it with a push-button. You are attached and prepare to train.

You can manage the intensity of the belt. You can do it by sliding up on the application and selecting the program that fits your's requirements.

Key Features:

  • Discreet and sleek design to be worn anywhere or anytime.
  • One set of substitute gel pads.
  • Manage the belt through an iOS application.
  • Trail the progress, select programs that are for you.
  • Storage pouch.
  • Bluetooth smart tecnology.
  • Rechargeable controller.

What We Like:

There are numerous like about this tool. I have put together a list of some of the things.

  • Incomparable feature.
  • Dissimilar programs are based on individual expectations.
  • Simple to set up and make use of the intuitive Slendertone Connect application.
  • Rechargeable lithium battery with long battery life.
  • Well presented – high-quality packaging, instruction manual.
  • Tracking – individual toning reports, success, and receive the suggestion.
  • Motivation – never miss a session with toning alerts.
  • Right of entry to unite community where you can view videos, read expert.

What We Don't Like:

  • Is not presently compatible with Android tools.
  • Opening investment higher than other products in this sort.
  • I cannot see the remaining program time on the main controller.
  • Pads require replacing after every 20-30 sessions.
  • It would not do the fat burning part for you.

Who Is the Manufacturer?

It is made by a medical expert tool company in Ireland called BioMedical Research LTD. The company has been making ab toning belts for quiet time. They also sell them in the united states of America and the EU and Australia, and Japan. The BioMedical Research company sells the same type of supplementary tools. They spend many times on medical research and improvement.


  • How does it work?

Like other belts, Slendertone uses Electrical Muscle Stimulation technology. It rouses muscle contraction by sending electric impulses, and the FDA has granted the technology. The belt delivers the pulses to the Rectus Abdominis muscle.

  • Does it diminish belly fat?

AB belts are not meant to diminish body fat. The producers state that if you wish to reduce the size, it is suggested to follow a healthy diet. It would help if you also had a workout routine according to the goals.

  • How many calories can you burn?

The muscle contraction burns calories as the workout time heartbeats and breathing movements. If the Slendertone rouses muscle contractions, it is not sufficient to make a significant calorie output. The producers themselves say that aerobic workout is an excellent path to burn calories. Slendertone belts are not meant to deliver the sort of work out.


In this post, we tried to realize you about Slendertone connect ABS review. We hope that you can know well about this through this post. Thank you very much. Happy shopping.

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