Tens Handheld Electronic Pulse Massager Unit For Muscle Pain Relief Reviews

HealthmateForever YK15AB TENS unit EMS Muscle Stimulator 4 outputs 15 modes Handheld Electrotherapy device | Electronic Pulse Massager for Electrotherapy Pain Management Pain Relief Therapy: Chosen by Sufferers of Tennis Elbow, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Arthritis, Bursitis, Tendonitis, Plantar Fasciitis, Sciatica, Neck Back Pain, Shin Splints, Hamstrings and other Inflammation Ailments Patent No. USD723178S Using a Tens Handheld Electronic Pulse Massager Unit can relieve pressure and stress and make your life better. The excellent thing about using a handheld electronic pulse massager is that the tool can be used anytime, anyone.

The device is straightforward to use. Foremost, select a pulse massage that is designed to give you a soothing massage. Few massagers are designed to use only one hand while others are design use to use both hands.

It also has to have a timer to manage it to control how long the Massage will last. You can purchase a one-hour timer. Or you can get one which has a time of an hour, thirty minutes, and after that an extra hour.

The Santamedical electric tens massager features controls; therefore, you can adapt massager with existing six automatic programs. It also has three diverse styles of modes. The tool has a dual-channel method. It can merely work two zones at one time. Suggested by experts, this is the best handheld tens massager in the marketplace.

No bigger than a remote, the tool packs a great punch. Public with chronic ache, pressure, muscle soreness, or stiffness with appreciate the marvelous tool and relax you amazingly. There are numerous pulse massagers, and ten units exist in the marketplace. It is tough to select one. Amongst all, the handheld pulse massager Tens Handheld Pulse Massager Unit is a beautiful muscle stimulator. Keep reading in the below, please.

Tens Handheld Electronic Pulse Massager Unit.

Tens Unit Electronic Pulse Massager for Muscle Stiffness, Soreness, Chronic Pain & Stress - Handheld Tens Machine Muscle Stimulator Nerves & Muscles Through Electrodes Santamedical handheld massages is a fantastic massager you can judge during the purchase. The gadget comes with six automatic stimulation modes.

It will help you to get ache release. The extraordinary thing about the tool is that the Massage and the speed intensity can whole adapted to choose the massage intensity that ensembles you.

Experts and doctors suggest this is the best handheld tens massager in the marketplace.

Purchase the device with full confidence because it is FDA approved and of very standard quality. The gadget ensures you the international medical standards.

The Santamedical handheld massager is ISO 9001 certified. And you also get 100% money back and a satisfaction guarantee.

You will find four AAA batteries and four attachments in the package. It will ensure that you never run out of consequently and power gets an uninterrupted operation. The LCD will show you the massage technique, the severity of the Massage, and the period for Massage. Keep in mind that there is three selectable Massage you can select from.


  • The tool is Approved by the Drug and foot Administration.
  • Helps in relieving pressure.
  • Comes with five automatic massage settings.
  • Sleek and smart design, which looks like a remote manage. Yet, it is very influential in massaging the whole body.
  • Compatible to make use of all over the body.
  • It is simple to use features; you can with no trouble regulate the pressure and intensity of Massage by selecting various alternatives.
  • Develops circulation of strengthening and blood the muscles.
  • The machine is relaxed to carry while traveling.


  • Power: DC 6V.
  • Six Auto Modes.
  • Intensity range: 0-80 volts.
  • Size: 7.75×2.25×0.75 in.
  • Pulse width: 0-200 us.
  • Pulse rate: 0-120 Hz adjustable.
  • Timer: 15 minutes.
  • Fully-adjustable Speed & Intensity.


  • Height: 0.5in.
  • Accessories/Packaging Includes: Includes: 8 pieces of electrode pads, two electrode wires.
  • Length: 7.75in.
  • Width: 2.25in.
  • Battery Included: Yes.
  • Brand: Bluestone.
  • Assembly Required: No.
  • Battery Type: AAA.
  • Country of Origin: China.
  • Manual(s) Included: Yes.
  • Vendor Warranty Terms: N/A.

About Brand:

Tens Unit Electronic Pulse Massager for Muscle Stiffness, Soreness, Chronic Pain & Stress - Handheld Tens Machine Muscle Stimulator Nerves & Muscles Through Electrodes The Sanamedical electronic tens pulse massager features manage; therefore, you can adapt massager with available six automatic programs. And its diverse styles of modes.

The tool has a dual-channel method, as it can merely work two zones at one time.

Suggested by experts, it is the best handheld tens in the marketplace. You can purchase the tool with confidence.

The factory is ISO 9001 certified. The producer confirms to international medical standards of excellence.

They offer a hundred percent money-back guarantee. If you are not pleased with it, you can ship it back. And they will refund the money back. Purchase at this moment with full confidence because they provide you 100% satisfaction and a money-back guarantee.

Frequently asked the question:

  • Is it secure to use an electronic pulse massager unit?

The machine is secure for most public to use the Tens Unit. Generally, most of the user can not face any bad experience or side effects. On the other hand, the electrical impulses that a ten unit generates possibly cause a prickling sensation, buzzing, and tingling. Some people may discover uncomfortable. Some public may be allergic to the adhesive pads.

  • Can a TENS unit pulse massager cause irregular heartbeat?

The tens handheld electronic massager is the same as acupuncture. Although besides, this tool supplies a variable current between two points to block ache. The wind is very minimal and is extremely unlikely to interfere with heart rhythms.

  • Where should Tens pads not be positioned?

Pads should never touch and should be at least one inch apart. As the detachment between the two pads amplifies the effectual decrease six. It is suggested not to position the pads directly over the joint such as the knee, ankle, and elbow, as its movement can alter the pad's adherence.

  • Can you overuse a TENS unit pulse massager?

The other side effects from the tens unit are frequently down to the public, not following the tool's overuse and guidance. Utilizing the tool too much makes the zone being treated ache. While using excessive intensively can make muscle twitch.


The make use of transcutaneous stimulators has existed for many centuries. On the other hand, it has only been studied in several medical situations. It demonstrated a need for more research to justify the efficacy. Even though Tens units are extensively available to buy from commercial vendors, one should discuss with a healthcare provider before utilizing them.

Tens unit possibly instructions for safe use of the tool along with the product. On the other hand, no official guidelines presently exist. The Tens units perhaps range in price from thirty to a few hundred dollars. Thank you very much. Happy shopping.

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