Theragun PRO Review : Expensive Percussion Massager Gun On Market [Is it Worth it?]

Theragun PRO ReviewWe are all living in a fast-paced world where people have less and less time. Whether it's because of work, family, or the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it is difficult to find the time to fit everything that we want. And in this process, almost everyone faces a common health issue, and that is various types of pain and sore muscles.

Muscle pain is a common problem that affects many people. Whether you're an athlete, or you do strenuous work, or you exercise every day, it's normal to experience muscle pain from time to time.

Not only is it painful, but it can also be debilitating if it interferes with your capacity to work or perform chores around the house.

That's why many people look for it's a cure or at least relief for the time being, and the best option is massage. But going to a massage parlour regularly is costly as well as time-consuming. Again, it's really hard and unsafe to go to a massage parlour in this corona pandemic. Then that's why many people prefer massage guns.


What is a Massage Gun?

Theragun PRO Review A massage gun(also known as a massager) is an electrical handheld device with a roller that delivers a precise and specific amount of pressure to trigger points and provide pinpoint muscle treatment.

It delivers small vibrations through the skin to help loosen muscle tissue, increase blood flow but control blood pressure, and stop the pain signals from reaching the brain.

While many people are unaware of their existence, these devices offer a simple yet deep muscle treatment to relieve tension, pain, and muscle spasms at home or on the go.

Almost every massage therapist recommends this as it provides therapeutic massage. Professional athletes also use them to get deep muscle treatment.

Hence, to get rid of muscle pain, sore & tight muscles, and to enjoy a deep tissue massage sitting at home, one must have a massage gun and enjoy a relaxed life.

And, currently, the most hyped massage gun is the theragun pro massage gun. If you are a beginner or new to the term of massage gun or willing to buy the theragun massage gun but confused about it, stop worrying from this moment. Because in the following part, we are going to give you the most detailed review of theragun pro massage gun. So, read the article and know all the pros, cons, cost, anything and everything about the theragun pro massage gun.

What is the Theragun PRO Review?

Theragun PRO - All-New 4th Generation Percussive Therapy Deep Tissue Muscle Treatment Massage Gun Theragun pro is a massage gun that is the updated variant of the G3 PRO. Though the look is almost the same and excellent as the previous model, the upgraded model is much more superior in appearance, performance, and options. However, with great performance, durability, Bluetooth technology, customization specialities, it is the most advanced yet most expensive version. But is the theragun pro worth the price? Is it the best one to have? You'll get all the answers in this detailed review.

What comes in the package of the theragun pro:

  • Theragun Pro device
  • Protective carrying box
  • 6 closed-cell foam rollers
  • Travel pouch
  • 2 Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries
  • Lithium-ion battery charger

How does the Theragun PRO Work?

Theragun PRO Review The theragun pro massage gun is one of the best handheld massagers that provide trigger point massage, pinpoint massage and percussive therapy, which help you to get relieved from sore muscle and any kind of muscle and chronic pain.

It gives deep treatment to the muscle tissue by providing perfect amounts of pressure to the exact place you want.

With comfortable yet max force, it helps you get rid of tight muscles, inflammation, which is the reason behind stiffness, poor circulation and pain.

This percussive therapy device is great in providing deep muscle treatment with ergonomic comfort.

You can use this powerful percussion massager before or after your exercise routine, at the end of the working day or any time you want. This device doesn't require any specific exercise or movement.

It works as personal trainers because it's easy to use but provides great benefits, and you don't need to go to the massage parlour or clinic.

  1. The Theragun PRO massage gun declares to help the following:
  2. Increase the blood circulation but control the blood pressure
  3. Decrease inflammation
  4. Decrease the volume of lactic acid
  5. Hydrate the tissues
  6. Helps to get rid of muscle soreness, tiredness and pain by deep massage
  7. Helps to warm up faster
  8. A great massage to get relief from back, neck or shoulder pain
  9. Decrease sleeping problem
  10. Increase posture and flexibility

After using the theragun pro massage gun and going through hundreds of reviews, here is the pros and cons of this massage gun, which makes it greater than the previous generations.

Thinks We Like:

  • Easy to Use & Control: This massage gun is really easy to use, and you have complete control of how to use it. You can simply control it with the help of the button pad and control the direction of other things with the centre button and directional buttons.
  • Robust: It comes with 6 head attachments that help you get any kind of treatment you want in any specific area. This feature makes it is one of the best electric massagers. You can use any of the attachment according to your health condition.
  • Customizable Speed: It comes with 5 built-in speeds. You can use the lowest speed if you are a beginner or increase the range of the speed according to your choice. It's a great feature as various health condition need a different level of treatment. So, you can use custom speeds with the theragun pro, and that's why physical therapist also recommend it.
  • Bluetooth capability: This device comes with Bluetooth technology and the theragun app. It will help you to track and control power settings, how much pressure you need or want to apply. The apps also guide you on which settings you should use depending on your health conditions. Also helps you to maintain and control your recovery routine. It's one of the great key features.
  • Ergonomic Design: The design of this massage gun is extremely user friendly. It comes with an ergonomic handle design and a rotating arm. The triangular design makes it more user friendly and helps you to use it on any specific point, which speeds up the treatment of injuries.
  • Battery: It comes with 2 rechargeable and swappable batteries with 300 minutes of battery life which means 2.5 hours of battery life each. The best part is this device allows wireless charging, so you can skip the charging wire obstacle. As battery life is very important, this device comes with excellent continuous battery life, a plus point. You can also buy a pair of extra battery if you want.
  • Auto-shutdown time feature help to shut down after a certain amount of time.
  • Responsive force meter
  • 50% less sound than all other massager guns
  • 2 years warranty

Thinks We Don't Like:

  • This device is costly. You need to pay a hefty price for this.
  • This device with all its accessories doesn't easily fit in the box.
  • The app is a little old fashioned

Overall, this theragun pro massage gun is an excellent device to get. Though the price is a little expensive, the service and results it provides are awesome. Even most of the people give it a 5-Star review. We are also giving a positive sign to the theragun pro review. So, if you don't have a budget issue, you should definitely invest in it and enjoy the health benefits it provides.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

  • Is Theragun Pro worth its price?

Yes, it is. This percussive massager offers a range of motion, speed settings, Bluetooth technology, wireless charging and many other great features. It also provides excellent services for muscle recovery, muscle soreness and any kind of pain.

  • How much does the Theragun PRO cost?

The price is a little bit expensive. Currently, the price is $229.00. But you can try to get it in some sale.

  • How often should you use Theragun PRO?

You can use it for about a minimum of 15 sec to a maximum of 2 min per place or muscle group. But don't put it too much time in one place. It can be really harmful. For chronic pain or soreness, you can use it 2-4 time a day.

  • Can Theragun cause damage?

No, it won't cause any damage if you use it accordingly and correctly. But excessive use of it regularly can cause some internal damage to the muscle tissue.

  • Does Theragun get rid of knots?

Yes, it helps to get rid of knots. If you use it properly on the specific place of the knots for 4-5 sec, you can see a positive result.

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