What Is The Highest Paid Massage Therapist - You Can Earn in This Fast-Growing Field

Migleo Deep Tissue Massage Who is the highest-paid massage therapist? What Is The Highest Paid Massage Therapist? To know, keep reading the post attentively.

Those are the most asked questions of every massage therapist and the public interested in being a therapist. You may think it is an easy question, but then the answer is very detailed.

The income of a massage therapist depends on experience, place, and the number of customers. But keep in mind, the more you work, the more income you will generate.

So why a lot of therapists struggle to lead their life. They face a lot of trouble for their security, adventure, relaxation, education, self-care, and other basic needs. Whatever else may they need? The answers are lack of knowledge about the work, lack of customer, lack of marketing, and hardworking.

To continue the therapy nicely, you need the best electric massage table. We do depth research for you regarding this matter. To find the best electric massage table, please follow the link. And in this post, we will talk about what is the highest paid massage therapist and about the massage therapist's salary. Keep reading, please.


Which Jobs Pay the Best?

Beurer IL50 Infrared Light Therapy The income you earn as a therapist depends on the location and environment where you perform. According to AMTA, experts paying visits to customers' residences or doing work at the resort make more money per hour.

But the therapist who is doing a job in massage therapy chains makes the least money.

On the other hand, you need to remember that employees who work at clinics, salons, and chains earn less per hour.

There are far fewer prices involved than own employed massage therapist incur.

Depending on your workplace, 2/3 of therapists report making money tips roughly sixty per cent of the time.

Best Industries for Massage Therapists:

According to 2018, the industries with the highest average yearly income for a therapist are:

  • Offices of chiropractors: $53,690.
  • Offices of other health practitioners: $46,560.
  • Personal care services: $41,740.
  • Accommodation: $30,020.

Almost 39% of therapists are self-employed and continue their facilities or rent their place to meet the customers. It is a large percentage of all of the massage therapists. And 29% do the work in the individual care service. It is one-third of all therapists. 12% are performed in the offices of health practitioners

List of massage therapist income by state:

Serial State Adjusted Salary Average Income Cost of Living
1 South Dakota $34,124 $35,350 104.7
2 Kansas $33,669 $30,370 90.9
3 Louisiana $32,708 $31,060 95.8
4 California $31,507 $42,460 136.9
5 Nevada $30,673 $30,620 104.3
6 Wyoming $47,906 $44,060 92.8
7 Oklahoma $47,827 $42,770 90.2
8 Montana $48,130 $48,500 101.8
9 Colorado $45,499 $47,190 104.8
10 North Carolina $45,259 $42,560 94.9
11 Iowa $44,989 $41,030 92.0
12 Utah $44,956 $41,880 94.0
13 Alaska $63,761 $83,280 132.1
14 Washington $60,429 $63,520 106.2
15 Kentucky $59,519 $53,960 91.5
16 Oregon $56,674 $65,360 116.6
17 Idaho $55,896 $51,560 93.1
18 Indiana $55,357 $49,650 90.5
19 Texas $55,134 $50,100 91.7
20 Minnesota $53,490 $53,910 101.8
21 Nebraska $50,497 $46,340 92.6
22 Tennessee $50,429 $45,190 90.4
23 Illinois $49,985 $47,340 95.6
24 Arkansas $49,094 $42,890 88.1
25 Michigan $48,988 $43,710 90.0
26 Florida $47,039 $47,240 99.3
27 Wisconsin $44,842 $43,440 97.8
28 New Mexico $44,792 $43,260 97.5
29 Arizona $44,204 $43,340 99.0
30 Pennsylvania $43,140 $43,730 102.4
31 Ohio $42,972 $40,370 94.8
32 South Carolina $42,774 $42,440 100.2
33 Missouri $42,039 $38,100 91.4
34 Georgia $41,711 $38,210 92.4
35 West Virginia $38,205 $35,750 94.4
36 Vermont $37,812 $45,580 122.1
37 Hawaii $37,777 $62,750 167.9
38 New Jersey $34,853 $46,610 122.9
39 Rhode Island $38,595 $41,970 121.7
40 Mississippi $34,943 $30,080 86.9
41 Maryland $34,808 $43,430 126.5
42 Connecticut $34,805 $44,170 128.7
43 New Hampshire $41,478 $48,360 118.0
44 New York $41,328 $53,830 132.0
45 Massachusetts $41,292 $54,750 134.4
46 North Dakota $40,879 $40,640 100.4
47 Maine $40,214 $44,450 111.8
48 Virginia $39,680 $39,990 101.8
49 Alabama $39,256 $35,890 92.2

Earning potential in sports massage:

Olangda Massage Gun At this time, you are possibly thinking about this critical issue. How much do I make from massage therapy?

The short answer is it depends on your skill and place of work. If you want to do job research, you will find the sports massage as the highest-paid massage therapy.

To know in detail, we have the analysis of leading jobs website online. We got a near 230 sports massage job in the United States of America.

The average yearly income of a sports team therapist was around $45000 as of 2013/14. You also can know the fact through online research.

According to the BLS, to be a therapist, you require a training session or high school certification and five hundred hours of postsecondary classroom training. Forty-three states of the USA and the District of Columbia need the massage therapist with a license.

The other requirements are to remain stamina, attention, physical strength, and also the capability to customer handling. The sports therapist are such types of therapists who have a particular expertness of physical movement, activity, sports injuries. The therapist many finish the massage therapy program.  So they can perform the task nicely.

How to Get the Job?

  • Job Search: The primary and first step is to discover your state's requirements for the massage therapist. Attentive to your training session so that you can pass the MBLEx exam as soon as possible. After that, add the qualification in your curriculum vitae.
  • Network: We said it before. After starting the practice, you should develop your network. It will bring success to your business. The public will willingly refer you to others. As a result, you can demonstrate the capability to release ache and pressure.
  • Apply for the Jobs: After finishing the training session, you should apply for the job. Please check out the top job boards. The majority of them permit you to look for by your occupation. After completing the test and training session, you have to apply for the jobs.

What Is The Highest Paid Massage Therapist: job growth sector?

Naipo Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager It assumed that the massage therapist sector would grow approximately 24 percent of 2026. We can be called it faster than average for all types of professions.

In this sector, the person can get more scope to develop who finish the training session or passed the recognized test from the state massaging board.

On the other hand, novice therapists should be expecting to perform only part-time in physical therapy centres, spas, hospitals, hotels, and other some business centers.

But over time, when they become skilled, they can make their own customer based business.

Referrals are a very vital factor for a massage therapist. Also, they need to develop the network for their own business. After that, you should join an association. It also gets an enormous scope for the massage therapist career. By this, they can make reliable contacts with other business people who update themselves all the time.


The most vital matter of service for most of the public in the income. How much do massage therapist make income where they reside. We tried to describe it in detail in the post. We hope you got an excellent idea and massage therapist average income data from this article. Your city may be different than the average salary. But by this data, you will get a clear impression about the highest paid massage therapy.

To realize the fact, we took recent time data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. We collected the data on the average salary for a massage therapist by the state to state. Besides, we tried to understand the salary based on the cost of being living in a country. Because your income goes further in North Carolina than it does in California.

So before making the final decision, you should know about the matter nicely. We hope we met your expectations. Thank you very much.

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