Withings Smart Body Analyzer Reviews [Stylish Smart Scale]

We’re here most of the time “health is wealth.” Or the more healthy you are, the happier you are!

But, how we know that our body comes at the best fitness with lower fat and high muscular value. Most people practiced visiting health specialists and took check-ups regularly. For instant, what if we have an intelligent artificial doctor at home.


Introduction To Smart Body Analyzer

Withings Smart Body Analyser Reviews Let me introduce you to Withings smart body analyzer. Withings is the visionary healthcare product producer since 2008 in France.

And here we got a task to share a genuine Withings smart body analyzer review with you.  

A smart body analyzer is an intelligent compact design device capable of not only the weight reading of the body but also the record of multiple important

information like heart health, calories, IBM, fat mass measurements, and body composition measurements. It’s a real sample of an activity tracker.

What did you get in the products package?

Withings Smart Body Analyser Reviews Withings smart body analyzer is a great and attractive device.

On the front side of the box, a picture of the device was reprinted, while on the opposite side, you got all the features provided by the device.

Also, you see the print or smartphone, and we show that it is compatible with the smartphones.

After opening the box first, you got a quick guide that shows that the Withings intelligent body analyzer is compatible with Android and iPhone. Below the short manual, you found the device that softly packed. The rare side of the device has a black glassy finish. And lower side contains a plastic back with two buttons, one for Bluetooth connectivity and the other for manual conversation.

Under the device, 4 A++ batteries are available that are rechargeable. You also found the four grip pads of the device. These four grip pads are work on an emollient surface like the washroom.

How Withings body Smart Scale Works?

Withings intelligent body analyzer work accurately. The readings of these devices are 99.9% accurate by most of their users. The company claims that the weight is 0.2 pounds exact. Many different plus features can make Withings intelligent body analyzer your priority.

Let’s discuss them step by step!

BIA feature:

Withings Body Cardio – Premium Wi-Fi Body Composition Smart Scale, Tracks Heart Health, Vascular Age, BMI, Fat, Muscle & Bone Mass, Water %, Digital Bathroom Scale with App Sync via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi BIA is a brilliant, very productive, and effective technology that can measure body fat percentage accurately. Bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) is a light, harmless small electric signal sent by the device into your body through one foot. These signals travel through the body received by the device through other feet.

So, that particular signal carries information about body fat measurements. If the signal returns faster, the device analyzed low fat stored in the body. The delay arrived signal makes a positive result in the fat quantity.

The mobile Device companion app 

Withings Body Cardio – Premium Wi-Fi Body Composition Smart Scale, Tracks Heart Health, Vascular Age, BMI, Fat, Muscle & Bone Mass, Water %, Digital Bathroom Scale with App Sync via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi Withings health mate is an intelligent body health care analyzer, is widely compatible with iPhone and Android devices.

You just have to connect the device with your smartphone via Bluetooth while is also work a Wi-Fi scale.

With the help of a near Wi-Fi network and good Wi-Fi connectivity, these devices can perform as digital scales.

It can transfer all the body information into your smartphone on your favorite health care application.

Withings smart body analyzer can make compatible with hundred plus different body health care applications on both iPhone and Android.

Gravity maintenance

These devices have a built-in gravity maintainer, which can work using the location. You have to give the location to the device, and it can automatically adjust the weight analyzer according to that local gravity. Amazing!!! Yes or Not? 

This is an extra feature that makes Withings accurate health balance.

Graph details

This Smart Body analyzer calculates all the body information, including body fat scales, digital scales measurements, and body mass index (BMI), and makes a graph. By constructing a graph, it can display the detailed progress of weight trends and also shows the previous chart. In this way, it motivates you to keep practicing for reducing weight and keep working.

Things We Like Most

  • 100+ compatibility healthcare application
  • Compatible with both iPhone and Android
  • Gravity maintainer
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • BIA highly satisfied fats analyzer
  • High-Quality Sensors In-build
  • Work as an activity tracker

Things We Don’t Like Most

  • A little expensive than other Healthcare devices

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • How the inbuild scales works? 

All the inbuilt fitness trackers take body health-related data like body water percentage, weight over time, pulse wave velocity, and body composition metrics. All these fitness levels are then synchronized with your smart apple watch and smartphones.

  • What are BMI Measurements?

BMI is the body mass index, and with the use of Withings scales, you can get accurate readings.

  • Are those devices accurate?

Yes, by itself, the company clean date Withings smart body analyzer is 99.9% accurate. Nothing is perfect, but the fluctuation is also minimizing by taking more than one time in readings.

  •  How it reads the fat quantity of the body?

These devices use BIA bioelectrical impedance analysis technology. BIA is the most reliable technique now. Withings smart body analyzer sends some small harmless electrical impulses through one foot and catches the signals through the other feet. By measuring the speed time of that particular signal, the device can get the fat percentage.

  •  Is this information transfer to any application?

Yes, Withings transport of 200 different Healthcare applications of smartphones is available on both iPhone and Android.


Today the Withings smart body analyzer review is taken. Feelings too good for this job because this device impressed me more than any other Healthcare balancer. You can report your daily progress directly on your smartphone. You just have to connect both the device and mobile with the same Wi-Fi. And also turning on the Bluetooth and connect directly to the device.

A different popular application is available on the app store and play store to lead directly with Withings. First, you have to stand over the device. Within a few seconds, it can calculate all the information and display it over the digital meter. After getting all the information, it can transfer to your smartphone Healthcare application. And it can display on the dashboard of the application.

The high-quality sensor makes your health reading possibly accurate. Within 0.2 error accuracy, it is the world’s best health balancer.

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