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Best Sleep Mask for Side Sleepers

"A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctor's book"- a remarkable and accurate line. 

Good sleep actually plays a very significant role in our physical and mental health. 

Bad sleep can cause headaches, loss of concentration, neck pain, back pain, insomnia, and many other chronic diseases.

But, for most people, sleep doesn't come at once; as a result, they tried many things like eating light food, changing bed sheets, intaking various stuff for digestion, using scented candles, or sleeping with stuffed toys!

But the best way that works for perfect sleeping is a sleeping mask. It's scientifically proven that people fastly fall into a deep sleep in total darkness because, in darkness, the body produces more melatonin, a hormone that helps people to fall into a peaceful sleep.

Sleeping masks give you an environment with total darkness, which arouses your sleeping cycle and helps you to get more and peaceful sleep.

Here, in this article, we are going to provide you with a list of the best sleep mask for side sleepers so that you can get the best one for your eyes and enjoy your soothing sleep.


In this article, we are going to provide you with a list of the best sleeping mask, their comparison chart, reviews, benefits, pros and cons, a buying guide, some frequently asked questions, and other relatable articles.


Our Top Picks

Instead of reading the whole article, you can just look at the following comparison chart that will differentiate and make your own choice to buy any of sleep mask for side sleepers.

9 Best Sleep Mask for Side Sleepers

After researching a lot, going through lots of users review and expert suggestions, we are providing you with a list of top-rated sleeping masks for side sleepers. So, check them out to grab the perfect one to enjoy a soothing sleep.

MZOO Sleep Eye Mask for Men Women

MZOO Sleep Eye Mask for Men Women, 3D Contoured Cup Sleeping Mask & Blindfold, Concave Molded Night Sleep Mask, Block Out Light, Soft Comfort Eye Shade Cover for Travel Yoga Nap, Black

The MZOO Sleep Eye Mask is one of the best and super-soft eye masks for quality sleep.

This high-quality mask uses a 3D eye model design for enhanced REM sleep.

You can buy this high-quality eye mask not only for napping & insomnia, but you can also use during your travel, yoga, and meditation.

Its low-rebound memory foam ensures the safety & comfort of your eyes. Also, its wider & deeper eye space keeps your eyes safe. It doesn't create any pressure on your eyes which is a great feature.

Furthermore, its ergonomic design & light blocking solution assures unwanted light blockage & pinch the memory material.

The fully adjustable buckle strap permits you to enjoy more pleasurable sleep since the strap uses a top-notch design & doesn't catch hair. It's perfect for any side sleepers.

The hassle-free cleaning process, zero pressure on the eyes, top-class fabric fiber, & unique heat-constrained technology will certainly motivate you to love this eye mask.

The unique contoured design makes it perfect for everyone to use. All the features of this mask provide a comfortable feeling that anybody falls into a deeper sleep.

Overall, it's an excellent choice and far better than traditional sleep masks. So grab this one to enjoy a night of better sleep.

Key Features

  • Top-quality materials with unique 3D hollowed design.
  • Low-rebound memory foam
  • Unique heat-bounded technology
  • Fully adjustable top-notch designed buckle strap
  • Patented light blocking
  • Super light for a travel companion
  • Washable design
  • Product dimensions : 9 x 3.8 x 0.5 inches
  • Item weight: 5.61 Ounces


  • Zero pressure on eyes
  • Soft & comfortable eye mask  
  • Available in four different colors
  • Adjustable buckle strap for non-capturing hair
  • Light protective eye mask
  • Convenient washing system


  • Some may find it unfit for their eyes.
  • It might not be very excellent for extensive eyelash.

The quality, performance, available lovely four colors, & attractive design will influence your ultimate decision. Before buying it, make sure you're buying a 60-day full refundable eye mask. It's the best sleep mask for night shift workers.

YIVIEW Sleep Mask for Women Men

Sleep Mask for Women Men, Eye mask for Sleeping 3D Contoured Cup Blindfold, Concave Molded Night Sleep Mask, Block Out Light, Eye Pillow Soft Comfort Eye Shade Cover for Yoga Meditation

The YIVIEW Sleep Mask is one of the best and 99% light-proof eye masks.

It's a high-quality eye mask with human engineering contour design.

The contoured shape fits perfectly around the eyes and nose area to provide you with the best comfort.

This deluxe sleep mask can be ideal for shift workers, travellers & any persons who use to sleep in the day.

Your eyes will get adequate space to maintain their movement as it's designated with the new generation of 3D models.

And its super-lax low-bound memory foam will protect your eyes from any pressure & provide enough comfort.

The adjustable buckle strap with the top-notch design will never catch your hair & its elastic band allows it to fit properly; as a result, you can enjoy REM sleep ignoring extra-light & insomnia. It's a great mask for the side sleeper.

Its top-class fiber fabric with head-bounded technology will ensure its sturdiness & durability, and it also promises relaxation during sleep.

Furthermore, its easy washing feature confirms hassle-free use. Additionally, the YIVIEW Sleep Mask manufacturer provides an advantage of a sixty-day full refund for this product.

Overall, it's one of the best eye masks for sleeping.

Key Features 

  • Low-rebound memory foam 
  • New GEN of 3D model design 
  • Adjustable buckle strap with top-notch design
  • Elastic band 
  • 99% light-proof 
  • Package Dimensions : 11.5 x 2.4 x 0.25 inches
  • Package weight: 1.44 Ounces
  • A sixty-day full refundable feature 


  • Comfortable sleep mask for shift workers & travellers 
  • 99% light-proof sleep mask 
  • Nice buckle strap for not getting the hair
  • Elastic band for perfect fitting 
  • Extensive & deep eye space 
  • Ideal for insomnia & meditation 


  • Some reported that its strap is too wide & it doesn't make a block out completely. 
  • People with latex allergy might find it problematic.

The features, performances, and quality materials of this sleep mask are great for choosing it. Additionally, it's a great sleeping mask for side sleepers that can be ideal for sleep. 

Joseche Sleep Headphones Bluetooth Eye Mask

Sleep Headphones Bluetooth Eye Mask, Joseche Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Headphones Music Travel Sleeping Headphones Handsfree Sleeping Mask with Built-in Speakers Microphone Washable (Black)

The Joseche Sleep Headphones Bluetooth Eye Mask is one of the Best Sleep Mask for Side Sleepers with lots of different features.

This is a versatile mask with the facility of wireless Bluetooth headphone& a microphone.

All the settings of these features are made perfectly so that you won't feel any uncomfortable feelings.

This mask can be used for multipurpose, including listening to music, talking to people. This Bluetooth mask has V-5.0 Bluetooth technology with true HD HIFI sound. 

Since it's compatible with IOS & Android, you can easily connect with it. It's the best noise-cancelling sleep mask.

Its upgraded USB rechargeable battery has a 240mAh built-in high-performance battery, which will take 2-2.5 hours to charge fully & will continue for more than 9 hours.     

This velvet & elastic cotton-made eye mask is soft & comfy. Its fault-less fabric liner is segregated from stitching. And its adjustable Velcro fits any size head perfectly.  

With the attached headphone, you can listen to music at the time of sleeping without wearing extra headphones, while its additional cushioning will keep your eye mask & nose touch more comfortable, enabling your eyes to be completely shaded. 

So, sensitive sleepers & air travellers may find it convenient for making their sleep or journey more pleasurable.

Though this mask has a Bluetooth system, you can wash this mask by detaching the Bluetooth. Also, the fabric is breathable, which helps deep sleeper and improve sleep quality.

Overall, it's a great mask to have for any types of sleepers, especially for the side sleeper.

Key Features

  • Extremely lenient & breathable materials
  • Mixed fabric with 95% cotton & 5% polyester  
  • Wider elastics
  • Hidden Velcro strap for no pulling hair
  • Hidden USB cable design
  • V-5.0 Bluetooth technology with true HD HIFI sound  
  • Washable material
  • Built-in 240mAh USB rechargeable battery
  • Recharging time: 2-2.5 hours
  • Backup time: Up to 9 hours  
  • Product dimensions: 18.11 x 4.72 x 0.39 inches
  • Item Weight: 3.45 ounces


  • Amazing sleep mask with modern features
  • Latest Bluetooth version
  • Top-quality speaker microphone for communication since it's compatible with Android & IOS  
  • Nice light blockage mask
  • Effective for sensitive sleepers & travellers
  • Rechargeable battery with quick charging capacity
  • USB cable design for a lovely outlook
  • Excellent for luxury side sleepers


  • The sound quality is not that awesome
  • The speakers move around, so you need to adjust them properly.

Its cotton-polyester mixed fabric, wide elastics, hidden Velcro strap, and concealed USB cable design will encourage you to purchase it. Furthermore, you would love its comfortable, breathable quality & easy washable process. It's a complete package that you need to enjoy a luxury sleep.

FRESHME 100% Handmade Cotton Sleep Mask

100% Handmade Cotton Sleep Mask Blackout - Comfortable & Breathable Eye Mask for Sleeping Adjustable Blinder Blindfold Airplane with Travel Pouch - Best Night Companion Eyeshade for Women Men Kid

The FRESHME 100% Handmade Cotton Sleep Mask is the best organic eye mask for side sleepers.

Its surface material is made with a perfect composite of 95% organic cotton & 5% spandex. It's an ideal night cohort for everyone.

With its "nose wing," it lets you block unwanted lights that come out from the nose area. It's best for night shift workers or anyone who sleep at day.

And with the natural cotton padding inside, you will feel an ultra-soft & restful touch on your eyes that will enable you to relieve facial stress as well as fall fast asleep.

You would be overwhelmed to notice its adjustable length. You can adjust its length as per your preferences; that's why it's perfect for heads with dissimilar sizes without pulling hair or sensing tight. That's why this mask works great for side sleepers.

Since the mask is made of skin-friendly cotton that is breathable, it's portable & lightweight; thus, you may forget that something is on your head.

Furthermore, its foldable capacity with a free carry bag will facilitate you to transport it with you, and it doesn't matter whether you are on tour, or at home, or even at work.

Overall, it's an excellent choice for side sleepers.

Key Features

  • The surface material is made of a blend of 95% organic cotton & 5% spandex.
  • Lightweight
  • Portable pouch
  • Adjustable length
  • Foldable eye mask
  • Upgraded Velcro
  • Large strap
  • Package Dimensions : 10.1 x 6.4 x 1.6 inches
  • Item weight: 1.76 Ounces  


  • Great sleep companion
  • Enjoys zero pressure on eyes
  • Soft but great-quality materials
  • Large strap for perfect fitting
  • No pressure on the nose
  • Unique design for light blocking
  • Useable at the home, office, or on a tour
  • Machine washable sleep mask
  • Breathable sleep mask


  • People with small heads may find it loose.
  • The quality of the Velcro is not that excellent

The standard of the FRESHME 100% Handmade Cotton Sleep Mask is controlled with strict & difficult procedures. So, you can wash it again & again; still, it won't change its originality because of its folding quality & flexibility.  

Manta Sleep Mask

Manta Sleep Mask - 100% Blackout Eye Mask - Zero Eye Pressure - Adjustable Eye Cups - Guaranteed Deepest-Possible Rest - Perfect Sleeping Mask for Light Sleepers, Travelers, Midday Nappers

Manta Sleep Mask is one of the Best Sleep Mask for Side Sleepers.

It comes in a unique design. It has great adjustable eyecups, which are moulded for fitting perfectly on your eye without giving any pressure to your eyes. 

This is one of the best-contoured sleep masks, which helps you block 100% of light to experience optimal relaxation during sleep.    

This sleep mask can be ideal for midday nappers, light sleepers, & even travellers.

As it has adjustable extra-deep eyecups, you can customize its position & angle according to your preferences. These eyecups don't put any pressure on your eyes. 

The sleep mask has soft tapered, ample nose space, and a cosy velour-lined strap, which will ensure a soft & comfy touch for your eye. 

Its snag-free fasteners permit you to enjoy hair pulling free sleep. So, side sleepers can use it without any trouble.

 Furthermore, the cotton fabric is soft & breathable, while the triple-reinforced elastic stretch band makes the sleep mask flexible & comfortable.  

Manta Sleep Mask is equipped with premium earplugs & a wash/case bag. Since it's made from industrial-grade elastics, it's 100% machine-washable. 

And the great offer is that if you are not satisfied with this purchase, you can claim your money back.

Overall, it's a comfortable sleep mask that improves sleep quality with its great service. So, you can try it out.

 Key Features 

  • Made from industrial-grade elastics 
  • Triple reinforced elastic stretch 
  • Fully adjustable eyecups
  • Cozy velour-lined strap 
  • Snag-free fasteners
  • Ample nose space
  • Soft & breathable fabric 
  • Machine-washable   
  • Product dimensions: 28.55 x 2.89 x 1.37 inches
  • Item weight: 2.08 Ounces


  • Zero pressure eye sleep mask
  • Adjustable eye cups for customizing the sleep mask
  • 100% blackout light 
  • Appropriate for back, belly & side sleepers 
  • Boosts REM sleep 
  • Non-hair pulling quality sleep mask 
  • Convenient strap for easy fitting
  • Great nose space for pressure-free breathe
  • Easy to clean


  • May experience a little bit of smell of plastic

Manta Sleep Mask can be a great choice if you are a midday sleeper, or if you are a light sleeper, or if you love to travel.

Dream Sleeper Sleep mask

Sleep mask for Sleeping Chronic migraine | Women and Men | Large Straps | Best for Side and Back Sleep mask | Silky Total Blackout Sleep Masks. Free Lifetime Replacements Dream Sleeper Mascara dormir

If you want to have a sleeping mask for relieving your chronic migraine, sinus pressure with other facilities, you can choose the Dream Sleeper Sleep mask.

Also, it's helpful for napping, travelling, and of course, sleeping.

It's best for night shifts worker who wants complete darkness in their sleeping time at the day.

The sleep mask can be able to block out 100% of light as no light comes out from the nose area. Its large but easy strap will fit all head sizes.

This sleep mask is fully adjustable & washable as it is made of silky satin.

This sleep mask is hypoallergenic & free from latex. So, you can use it safely, even if your skin is sensitive & allergic. And as it's free from any chemicals, it's safe & healthy.

This silky sleep mask can be a nice sleeping counterpart if you are a side or back sleeper. Even a stomach sleeper can also use it.

You can use it for years to go since it's washable & the cleaning process is easy & simple.

Overall, it's an excellent choice as it provides comfortable sleep and is also safe for health.

Key Features

  • Made of silky satin
  • A 100% light block
  • Hypoallergenic & latex free
  • Wider strap
  • Free lifetime replacement
  • Washable
  • Product dimensions: 0.02 x 9.84 x 7.48 inches
  • Item weight: 1.9 Ounces


  • Nice sleep mask with silky satin fabric
  • Anti-allergic sleep mask
  • Perfect for all size heads
  • Suitable for side & back sleepers
  • Helpful for migraines
  • Easy to clean


  • May leave a slight blue dye on your sheets

The Dream Sleeper Sleep mask can be excellent for you if you need an antic-allergic sleep mask for your sensitive skin. It's the best sleep mask for a side sleeper. 

Mavogel New Sleep Eye Mask

Mavogel 2019 New Sleep Eye Mask - Skin Friendly Modal Material & Light Blocking Sleeping Mask for Home/Flight/Shift Work, 100% Handmade, Fully Adjustable Strap, Full Eye Covers for Women/Men Sleeping

The Mavogel New Sleep Eye Mask is an excellent and comfortable mask.

It is made of skin-friendly modal cloth & cotton padding; it's ultra-soft & can be able to touch gently on the eyes without putting any pressure.

It's a great sleeping mask with sufficient breathability & is suitable for every sleep lover.

No worries about its safety & health issues as its model fabric is hypoallergenic, but it is also highly breathable.

With its silky smooth & soft material, you can use the mask with no pressure on the eyes.

Its ergonomic design with soft nose segment outlines to your face, which averts bright light.

As the mask generates darkness to help you fall fast asleep, the sleep is as deep as you don't bother at bright light. And if you are a light blinder, this is for you.

This incredibly cosy sleep mask is lightweight and soft enough that you might think nothing is on your face.

Furthermore, it's a great mask that won't leave any sleep mark. And its nice breathability ensures your suffocation free sleep.

As its strap is fully adjustable, it's perfect for all size heads without making it tight or tangling hair. This stylish & lightweight sleep mask can be an attractive sleep companion for you.

With its roll-up strap, you can save your storage space and carry it with you while you are on tour.

Overall, it's a good quality sleeping mask to have.

Key features

  • A roll-up strap
  • Hidden adjustable strap
  • Skin-care modal fabric
  • Ultra-soft cotton padding
  • Lightweight & portable
  • Breathable quality
  • A pouch bag is included.
  • Mask size: 7.6*3.8 in
  • Mask weight: 23g


  • Ultra-soft sleep mask  
  • Patented adjustable nose piece for light blocking perfectly
  • Adjustable for all heads
  • Great for travels
  • Nice ergonomic sleep mask
  • No pressure on eyes
  • No sleep mark 
  • Comfortable strap


  • Not for small heads

The Mavogel New Sleep Eye Mask is durable enough with its superior quality and easy cleaning process. It's helpful for blocking unwanted light while sleeping. You can keep this on your choice list. 

ALASKA BEAR Memory Foam Sleep Mask

ALASKA BEAR Memory Foam Sleep Mask with 3D Molded Cups, a Contour Pillow for Your Eyes(Starry Night)

If you desire to wear a sleep mask that offers you an "Invisible mask" feeling with comfortable, soothing sleep, you can purchase the ALASKA BEAR Memory Foam Sleep Mask.

Its ergonomic design, light-blocking system, and heat-bounded technology make the sleep mask more attractive & usable with 3D moulded cups.

As you can wink without compressing your eyes, you don't feel that you are wearing something, which makes you sense it as an "invisible mask."

However, with its light-block design, you can sleep without any light-related disturbance & so you can enjoy a deeper & more calming sleep.

The mask is made of high-quality memory foam, which is wrapped in a silky knitted jacquard cover.

Furthermore, it uses a unique heat-merged technology for elasticity; as a result, it's durable & you can wash it with the washing machine repeatedly; still, it remains the same.

If your purchase makes you dissatisfied, you will get an opportunity for a sixty-day full refund. Also, you can replace it if you have any specific troubles with the sleep mask.

Overall, it's a good sleeping mask to have an excellent sleeping experience.

Key Features

  • Ergonomic design
  • Made of high-quality memory foam
  • Sleek knitted jacquard cover
  • Heat-bonded technology
  • Fully adjustable strap
  • No lights through
  • Machine-washable
  • Package Dimensions : 9 x 4.2 x 1.4 inches
  • Item weight: 0.78 Ounces
  • A sixty-day money-back guarantee


  • You may have an "invisible mask" wearing feel.
  • It helps to enjoy a deeper & calming sleep
  • Nice foam-filled mask with lovely silk knitted jacquard cover
  • Excellent adjustable strap for comfortable fitting
  • Great light blocking sleep mask
  • Heat-merged technology for better elasticity & repeated use


  • The strap is not tight enough.

The ALASKA BEAR Memory Foam Sleep Mask can be a great choice for you owing to its nice outlook & better performance. You can try this to make your sleep comfier & light-less. 

YUNS Advanced 19 Momme Mulberry Silk Sleep Mask

YUNS Advanced 19 Momme Mulberry Silk Sleep Mask, Both Sides Silk, Silk Covered Elastic Band, Big Size 22X10cm, Anti-Aging, Anti-Eye Wrinkles, Light-Blocking, 1pc.(Lotus Pink)

YUNS Advanced 19 Momme Mulberry Silk Sleep Mask is an OEKO-TEX Certified sleep mask, which is made of 100% organic & pure long fiber mulberry silk.

You would love this Grade 6A sleep mask for its versatile outlook.

Its super-lightweight ensures no pressure on the eyes & so you can feel relaxed while sleeping.

With its long but soft & flexible elastic band, you can be able to use it with an adequate soft feeling without tangling your hair. So, all types of sleepers, especially side sleepers, can use it comfortably.

Since it's large & can cover your eyes area wholly, there is no scope of leaking of light.

The sleep mask is not only soft & smooth but also it's breathable & cool-to-touch.

Furthermore, it uses green technology, that's why it's healthy & free from any harmful chemicals as well as non-toxic dyes.

The size of the sleep mask is 22 X10cm, which is pretty big. You would love it because you can use it for your dry skin, eye wrinkles, and blocking all the light.

Overall, it's a nice product with its simple design and excellent service.

Key Features

  • Highest-grade natural material
  • Made of 100% organic long fiber mulberry silk 
  • Free from harmful chemicals & non-toxic dyes
  • Super-lightweight
  • Long elastic band 
  • Silk filled on both sides
  • Handmade 
  • Multi-colors
  • Mask size: 22 x 10cm
  • OEKO-TEX Certified


  • Soft & comfortable sleep mask
  • Anti-allergic
  • Very lightweight
  • Great mask for side sleepers
  • Both sides of the sleep mask are filled with silk.
  • Big size for complete light blocking
  • Fantastic for averting eye wrinkles
  • Effective for dry skin


  • Not that thick as it looks in the picture. 

With the features & performances, the YUNS Advanced 19 Momme Mulberry Silk Sleep Mask can be an ideal choice for you. Furthermore, it can perfectly match with your simplicity & personality, which can be enough to purchase it.


Sleep Mask Buying Guide

Sleep Headphones Bluetooth Eye Mask, Joseche Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Headphones Music Travel Sleeping Headphones Handsfree Sleeping Mask with Built-in Speakers Microphone Washable (Black)

A sleeping mask is a great tool for instant, deep and comfortable sleep. Various companies are producing it based on different shape, size, material and price.

So, you might get confused while buying it. That's why we are providing a buying guide for you.

A buying guide is essential for gathering knowledge on a specific product. And a sleep mask buying guide contains detailed knowledge of sleep masks, which will definitely qualify you to explore a great sleep mask.

So, follow our guide to get the perfect one in your hand.

Features to be considered before buying a Sleeping Mask:


  • Satin-

It's a popular material owing to its imitation of silky feeling & intensiveness. It's a mixture of cotton & silk; in some cases, polyester is also included. The satin-made sleep mask is ideal for long hairy people.  

  • Silk-

Silk material is not only luxurious but also thick & effective for blocking light. It's durable & soft for achieving sleep lovers' top-choice  

  • Memory Foam-

A memory foam mask has a great interior design for making the shape excellent. These masks are helpful for people who have long eyelashes or who blink a lot in their sleep.

  • Cotton-

Since the cotton sleep mask is more organic & hypoallergenic, it's ideal for sensitive skin & eyes. It's washable, softer & can be washed repeatedly.

  • Polyester-

The polyester-made sleep mask is more durable & lightweight. Also, it's naturally cooler than any other material.  


Always try to take a sleep mask that fits you perfectly. Some prefer full face-covering masks, while some like to cover the eyes only. The most important thing is that whether the carrying strap perfectly fit your face or not. If it fits exactly without making you irritated, surely then it's for you. Another thing is that if you feel that the light is completely blocked, you can confirm that it's perfect for you.  


The comfort of the eye will get the top priority while buying a sleep mask. If you a side sleeper, you need a slim & sleek sleep mask, while back sleepers need a little bit thick sleep mask with adequate space. But most people prefer comfortable & lightweight for taking care of their eyes.  

Washable QualityLULUSILK Mulberry Silk Sleep Eye Mask Blindfold with Elastic Strap Headband, Soft Eye Cover Eyeshade for Night Sleeping, Travel, Nap(Pink)

Most sleep masks are washable. The process of washing may vary from brands to brands. But the normal process of washing is to wash it in warm water with soft soap & dry it on air.

Benefits of Using an Eye Mask

  • Reduces eye swelling
  • Blocks light
  • Pain relief
  • Assists you attain longer REM sleep
  • Regulates melatonin levels
  • Aids you relax while travelling
  • Minimizes distractions
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MZOO Sleep Eye Mask

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YIVIEW Sleep Mask

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Dream Sleeper Sleep mask

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Mavogel New Sleep Eye Mask

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Sleep Mask

 Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the most common reason for using an eye mask for sleeping?

Well, a lot of reasons for using an eye mask or sleep mask can be found. Among them, blocking unwanted light is the most common reason for using a sleep mask. People who feel irritated at the light or those who need to sleep in day time find it essential. 

  • Do sleep masks really effective?

Yes, it's effective because it blocks the light, which is the major factor in causing poor sleep. Deep sleep or complete rest can be possible when comprehensive darkness is ensured. But make sure you are taking the right sleep mask for you.

  • Is it correct to sleep with an eye mask?

A perfect sleep mask must have certain features. And you require checking them closely. These features include an adjustable strap for easy fitting, smooth & soft fabric, and of course, light-blocking capacity. The level of comfort, adjustability, washability, and durability are the major features of quality sleep masks.

  •  What should I need to check in a sleep mask?

A perfect sleep mask must have some certain features. And you require checking them closely. These features include an adjustable strap for easy fitting, smooth & soft fabric, and of course, light-blocking capacity. The level of comfort, adjustability, washability, and durability are the major features of quality sleep masks.

  • Can I wash it? Can I wash it again & again?

Yes, you can wash it several times. The washing process or technique may vary from products to products. But most of the sleep masks are machine-washable & can have the advantage of washing it again & again.

  • Are sleeping masks recommended for side sleepers?

Yes, there are sleeping masks that are recommended for side sleepers. They are uniquely designed. Bulky masks are not great for side sleepers as they can provide discomfort. Side sleepers should use the thin sleeping mask for ultimate comfort.

  • Where can I buy cute and funny eye masks?

You can find it in the physical shops with cute items. And, for online purchasing, you can rely on Amazon. Amazon has various cute, funny and unique eye masks.

  • How we chose the best sleep masks?

While choosing a sleeping mask, you should check the quality of the material, adjustability of the strap, shape, size and design of the mask and price. For more details, follow our buying guide and get the perfect product.

  • Do sleeping masks work for migraines or sinus pressure?

It actually depends on what works you are talking about. If you are looking for a mask for removing pain, then it can't be possible. A sleeping mask can provide you with a nice peaceful environment that helps alleviate the pain and helps you fall into deep & nice sleep. So, this peaceful sleep works great for migraines or sinus pressure, and you feel better.

Concluding Remark

A great piece of eye mask can substantially promote your sleep quality even if it's a day, or you are on a journey, or the room light is brighter.
A wide variety of sleep masks is available in the marketplace. You need to pick the right one for you.

But without much knowledge of that product, you can't buy a quality product. To make you more competent, we made a buying guide, along with the list of the best sleep mask for side sleepers.

We expect that you can be benefitted from this review article. Since this article offers you a quality sleep mask list, you can be able to figure out the best sleep mask for side sleepers.
Happy Sleeping!

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