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People are always busy in this current world doing some or the other things. And, in this busy life, people ignore the most important thing: taking care of their health and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. As a result, their health condition deteriorates gradually, and they face various health issues. The most common health problem is facing chronic pains. To solve all these health issue we have come with a best suggestion and going to give you that product review which is Nursal tens unit reviews.  NURSAL TENS EMS Unit Upgraded 24 Modes Muscle Stimulator with 16 Electrode Pads, Rechargeable Electronic Massager for Pain Relief & Muscle Therapy with Storage Pouch/Pads Holder/Lanyard People who suffer from this pain know how miserable life becomes because of it. If you are one of them, then you can feel the agony. You might have tried various pain management therapy, medicine, devices like muscle stimulator, massagers, and many more. But all went in vain. Going to a massage parlor might help for some time, but then again, it's costly, time-consuming, and not safe in this pandemic time. So then, what's the solution? Do you have to bear this pain all your life? The answer is NO! Because we get the best solution for you to get relief from pain, have a full body relaxation massage, and enjoy a pain-free life. And, the best solution is a TENS unit. Various types of tens units are available in the market based on price, models, additional features and many more. So, you might get confused about which one you should pick for yourself. But, don't get confused because we have picked the best tens unit based on personal experience, consumer reviews and expert advice for neck pain, shoulder pain, body soreness or any kind of daily pain. And this powerful weapon is NURSAL tens unit. So, if you are someone who is searching for a tens unit, you might have heard this name. But if you are confused if you should buy it or not then don't worry! Because here, we are going to give you the most detailed reviews of this product. So go through the Nursal tens unit reviews, quest your query and make your decision.

Nursal tens unit reviews

Nursal tens unit is one of the best tens units for chronic pains. This dual channel TENS unit muscle stimulator machine is one of the most reliable tens units for pain management. It sends electrical impulses to the body cell and stops the pain signals from reaching the brain. This dual channel device helps you to get rid of neck pain, shoulder pain, chronic low-back pain and body pain and gives you muscle relief and full body relaxation by electrical muscle stimulation. NURSAL TENS EMS Unit Upgraded 24 Modes Muscle Stimulator with 16 Electrode Pads, Rechargeable Electronic Massager for Pain Relief & Muscle Therapy with Storage Pouch/Pads Holder/Lanyard It's a powerful weapon because it works as TENS as well as EMS unit. It delivers the electrical impulses to the muscle groups deeper than other simple average units. Because it comes with 24 pre-programmed massage modes, all of them are separate modes. It has 6 massage modes and 24 sub-massage modes. You can use any one of them according to your pain and need. You can also get rid of body soreness and have a nice body relaxation by using the therapy modes. It has 2 great functions. One is a memory function that remembers the last used modes and settings. So, you can again use it without resetting it. Another function is the accidental touch prevention function. So, while using if you touch the machine settings function, it won't change. That's a great usable function. It comes with 16 reusable electrode pads. So, you don't need to change it after every use. It also comes with separate channels. It provides 2 outputs, which means you can use it in 2 different areas of the body simultaneously, or 2 persons can use it at the same time. This is a star feature of this electronic pulse massager. It comes with 20 adjustable intensity levels. That means you can control or change the levels of intensity through intensity settings. If you have acute pain, then you should use high-intensity levels. For a beginner, they should start from lower intensity levels and then use it accordingly. But never overdo it as it can cause more damage than benefits. Adjustable intensity settings is another great feature of this muscle stimulator. It has a default 20 min timer and shut down automatically after that. But you can change it from 10min to 60min accordingly. Overall, it's an excellent drug-free back pain relief treatment. Hence, the NURSAL tens and ems unit is one of the best tens units to get rid of any kind of pain and enjoy full body relaxation. So, get it for yourself and the family and enjoy a pain-free, relaxed life.  

What comes with the Nursal tens unit box:

  • A Nursal tens unit machine
  • 16 electrode pads(6 large, 8 medium and 4 small reusable electrode pads)
  • 1-piece pads holder
  • USB cable and AC adapter
  • Carrying bag with a lanyard
  • User guide

Things we like:

  • It works as a dual channel tens as well as a dual channel EMS unit.
  • 24 pre-programmed massage modes with continuous stimulation
  • 20 adjustable levels of intensity that reach the deep tissues of the body and helps in pain management.
  • It can be used in 2 different areas of the body at the same time, or 2 persons can use it simultaneously.
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Memory function that remembers the last settings.
  • Accidental touch prevention function
  • Great LED screen for readings.
  • Shut down automatically after 20 mins. The timer can be adjusted between 10-60 minutes.
  • Rechargeable lithium battery with an excellent battery life that allows using the device for 30hours continuously.
  • Great strength levels, which is great for chronic low-back pain.
  • It's a drug-free back pain relief machine, but it's also great for shoulder, arm, waist, leg, foot pain. Extremely effective for full-body pain relief.
  • 12-month warranty with great after sell service

Things we don't like:

  • You can't use it while charging
  • Can't select a different mode for two channels.
  • User manual font is a little small to read.
  • Not that intense for sciatic pain.

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Overall, from this Nursal tens unit reviews we can say that it is one of the best tens units to get rid of any kind of pain in any part of the body or get full body relaxation. It's a win situation to buy this one as it gives excellent service at an affordable price with a warranty. If you ask us, do we recommend it or not! Then the answer is definitely we recommend it. So, buy this NURSAL tens and ems unit and have a pain-free, relaxed life.


Are TENS Units Effective for Knee Pain Relief?

Are TENS units effective for knee pain relief? Many people find relief by using a tens unit for knee pain relief. These electronic devices send low-voltage electrical currents through the skin to stimulate nerves and help alleviate pain. If you suffer from knee pain, using a TENS unit may provide the relief you need without relying solely on medication or other interventions.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ):

  • Where to put TENS unit electrodes for low back pain?
First, identify the core of pain. Suppose that's an X area. Now, put the pads on the upper, lower and both sides of the area, making a little amount of distance. It's one of the most common questions among people. Yes, the tens unit works for back pain or almost all kinds of pain excellently. But, to get your wanted result, you need to buy the tens unit accordingly, look at the features, set the intensity levels and massage mode accurately and place the pads on the painful area correctly. If you follow all these steps, then the tens unit will help you to reduce back pain.
  • Can you use a TENS unit while pregnant?
The question has mixed answers. So, asked the doctor before using it as it's a sensitive matter.
  • Will a TENS unit help with sciatica and low back pain?
Yes, it will. But you need to find the correct one for sciatica and low back pain and then buy it. Then, after purchasing, use it accurately with perfect modes, intensity and timing. It'll indeed work then.

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