How Much Does a Massage Therapist Make? Therapist Salaries

Muscle Massage Gun Deep Tissue Percussion Massager As a massage therapist, what motives us to the job? Of course, the answer is money. However, as a therapist, you possibly know that the fact already.

But how much does a massage therapist make? It is the frequently asked question asked the public and therapists who are interested about massage therapy.

The income of a therapist depends on his experience, location, and condition of those companies. But you should keep in mind the more you work, the more dollar you will make.

If you are passionate about massage therapy, you need to know that the Massage Therapist's average income is near $43,170.

You also will get the scope for promotion depends on the company you do the job. At this moment we want to know you a piece of good news about job prospects. According to the BLS, the demand for therapists will increase more than sixteen percent in the time of  2016-2024.

One of the significant advantages of this career is the time fact. The hours are flexible in comparison to other professions. It is a matter of great joy that the therapist is vigorously developing the lives of the customer. Another most significant advantage of this sector is a good salary. In this post, we will discuss how much does a massage therapist makes.

Massage Therapist Salary:

During selecting a profession at first, we think about the salary. Because we all the time need money to sustain life. But how much does a massage therapist earn? We will give here a statistics of average income for a massage therapist by state across America.

Your city may be different than the average. But you will get a minimum idea from the stats. To realize how income fluctuates across the United States of America, you can observe the current stats of the Bureau of Labor Statistics. By following this, you can know about average pay for therapists by state all over the country. Below we give the stats. Keep reading, please.


Hourly Wage

Annual Salary

New York

$29.01 $60,338


$28.53 $59,767


$28.53 $59,350




Nebraska $26.23





Virginia $25.88



$25.36 $52,755

New Hampshire



Hawaii $27.60



$26.63 $55,390
Connecticut $26.62


North Dakota

$26.45 $55,009
Alaska $26.45



$26.45 $55,009
Montana $26.45



$26.45 $55,009
South Carolina $24.97



$24.94 $51,882
Oregon $24.88



$24.88 $51,750
Tennessee $24.86



$24.85 $51,680
Ohio $24.68



$24.62 $51,218
Arizona $24.57



$24.47 $50,891
Utah $24.46



$24.41 $50,783
Oklahoma $24.38



$24.29 $50,522
Louisiana $24.19



$23.94 $49,798
Arkansas $23.31



$23.18 $48,212
Alabama $23.15



$22.92 $47,666
Missouri $22.86



$22.34 $46,472
North Carolina $21.27



$23.70 $49,306
Texas $23.43


New Mexico

$23.38 $48,635
Michigan $23.32





Rhode Island

$26.40 $54,922
South Dakota -$25.30


New Jersey



West Virginia






Types of Massage Therapist Income

How I'm Feeling - 54 Sentence Completion Cards You can not earn as much as other medical or healthcare professional.

As a massage therapist, you make an above-average income.

Besides, a profession of releasing ache and assisting the public in overcoming different pain gives great individual happiness.

See below for the different types of massage therapist income stats:

  • Top 10% Annual Salary: $80,280.
  • Median Annual Salary: $42,420.
  • Bottom 10% Annual Salary: $22,340.

Types of Bonuses Considered.

  • Personal performance-based bonuses.
  • Company performance benefits.
  • Goal-based benefits.
  • Holiday and end of year bonuses.
  • Bonuses are no commissions.

What Do Massage Therapists Do?

Sciatica Exercises & Home Treatment The massage therapist is the person who does the different types of massage for their customer for ache release,  pressure, and any health advantage.

Numerous therapist has their customer-based work. It depends on the level of proficiency.

The massage therapist generally jobs in hotels, spas, masseuse, health clubs, and other some places. But most of the therapist do their work in their sites.

They should create a client-based circle and found their self as a professional therapist. Usually, educational certification is not needed for the post. But you need to finish some training sessions to start the profession.

Many region need that therapist are licensed. It varies from area to area. Some states may be more stringent than the other. There are many institutions which provide the massage training session. The work hours are not fixed here. It depends on the situation and the customer base. Numerous therapists do the therapy the whole day, sometimes in the night and evening.

What do you need to become a massage therapist?

Modern Hydrotherapy for the Massage Therapist What are the ways to become a professional massage therapist? Below we will talk about the matter. Keep reading:

  • Education:

You require a high school diploma to start a career as a massage therapist.

After receiving the training, you need to do a licensing.

You will complete the GED course instead of a high school diploma. It will typically be adequate.

  • Certification:

As a massage therapist, you must pass the bodywork and massage licensing exam. Besides, you need to give the state equivalent to gain a license to put into practice. The federation of the state massage therapy board verify all center and also the therapist regularly.

  • Training:

A lot of institutions, schools, colleges, and universities provide therapy programs sessions. Generally, the program needs 600-1100 hours of training. By completing the hours, you can prepare ownself for the MBLx.

FAQ About How Much Does A Massage Therapist Make:

  • Can You Make Good Money?

The salary for a massage therapist is near 40K. A skilled massage therapist can earn $80K. Some therapists are high in demand. They can make good money for the whole year. The income of a therapist will depend on your location, experience, skill, and other factors. Here a fact should keep in mind that the career growth of massage therapists is fast than the other sector.

  • Is a Massage Therapist a Good Career?

As a massage therapist, you can earn well. Besides, you will find great satisfaction here in your career, when you solve people's problems. Stats says that most of the therapist happy with their job. Even they are so glad than other working professional people.

  • Is Massage Therapy in High Demand?

Yes. Massage therapists are in high demand. All types of people use the service of the therapist. You know that the massage is a therapeutic cure and part of numerous athletic training sessions.

  • What is The uppermost Paid Massage Therapist?

Above, we mentioned the matter. Some areas pay you the uppermost like New York, Alaska, Oregon, Hawaii. As a therapist, if you attract any client personally, you can make more. Besides, if you can work with a good sports team will possibly make more than another therapist.

The income also depends on their capability. Several do the work for other businesses gaining either hourly pay or salary. Some select to rent space in spas or saloon. Then, they can earn more money. Lastly, some therapists open the studios for the work. Even they can start to give therapy at clients' offices and residences. They are also earning a significant amount of money.

  • Is This a Growing Field?

Yes, massage therapy is a fast-growing field. Most of the public are using massage therapy for curing. The public who experience injury is at this time like the massage therapy session. It is a vital point that although the massager therapy sector is a growing sector.

However, it is tough to accept this career full time. The therapist usually works 25-26 hours per week. But the stats say that they can do more work than they do.


If you are starting a career in the massage therapy sector, there is a motivation here for the start. If you are searching for an innovative, challenging career that will provide you the economic safety. And helping the public is one of your career objectives. its really for you.

I think you got the answer in this post about how much does a massage therapist makes. It's really a good career for you. Thank you very much.

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