Earthlite Harmony DX portable Massage Table - Details by Expert

Massage is the best reward at the end of a tiring day or week. But, for enjoying a relaxing massage and ultimate comfort, there is no alternative to massage tables. And, if you are looking for one, then you might have heard about Earthlite harmony dx body massage table. earthlite harmony dx

A massage table is a must-have thing if you want to get a combination of comfort and relaxation of massage. If you have a massage parlor, you can realize that you need an excellent-quality massage table to give clients superior comfort.

Also, you can get one for home use as well. But, the main problem is space & budget. Then what's the solution?

Don't worry! We get the best solution for you. If you are looking for a massage table that is portable, with a higher comfort level, budget as well as eco-friendly product, then the best option is Earthlite harmony dx massage table. It's one of the best portable tables for massage with a beautiful, sturdy, eco-friendly design.

If you are looking for massage tables, you might have heard about this product but do you still confused about it. Then don't worry. To clear all your confusion, we are giving a detailed review of Earthlite harmony dx with detailed product specifications, pros, cons, using process, and every little detail. So, read the article properly to make your buying decision perfectly.

Earthlite harmony dx review

Earthlite is one of the most popular brands in the massage product industry, and Earthlite massage tables are the best. They have various massage table packages like a regular massage table, a portable massage table package, and many more. And the earthlite harmony DX massage Table is one of the best earthlite massage tables.

The cover material is made with Natursoft 100% PU, which gives a combination of comfort. It's made with eco-friendly materials and has various adjustable features.

Earthlite harmony DX massage table is an all-in-one massage table and one of the best comfortable tables. It's a perfect size table, easily foldable, lightweight, portable, and easy to transport in a carry case. Also, it has a comfortable poly-gel cushioned face cradle, which is a self-adjusting face cradle. This Flex-Rest adjustable face cradle is another noticeable feature. earthlite harmony dx

The adjustable height range and perfect table size is another awesome feature as people of all heights and weights can use it. If client comfort is your target, then it's undoubtedly one of the best options.

The dual density cushioning of the table provides superior comfort to the user. This dual layer gives you the ultimate combination of comfort, and you can get pure relaxation with this dense level of cushioning.

The blend face cradle cushion is another plus point of this table. Flex-Rest adjustable face cradle helps in perfect and comfortable positioning in massage time.

The table has stable non-slip feet, ergonomic knobs, the full-length piano hinge that gives superior strength, heavy duty carry case and frame, outlets made with eco-friendly hard maple wood, and ergonomically-shaped knobs that provide fantastic grip.

Another great thing is it doesn't come with a limited warranty. Warranty claims of this product are that it has a 3-year warranty on foam and a warranty on motor. And, the warranted product is the best thing to buy.

Overall, Earthlite Harmony DX massage table is one of the best portable, user, and budget-friendly, eco-friendly tables. The domestic customers, as well as international customers, have given great reviews of the product and customer service of this brand. You can definitely try this product to enjoy the combination of comfort and relaxation.


  • Brand: EARTHLITE
  • Dimension: 73 x 30 x 33 inches
  • Weight: 33 Pounds
  • Cushion: 2.25" dual-layer cushioning
  • Adjustable height: 23-33"


  • Made with Natursoft 100% PU
  • Deluxe adjustable headrest with Poly-gel cushioned face cradle
  • 2.25” dual-layer cushioning for superior comfort
  • Portable, lightweight, easy to transport in a durable nylon carry case
  • Attractive design, non-slip feet, full-length piano hinge, ergonomic knobs
  • Dual maple legs
  • It comes in a single pocket carry case
  • Perfect size table that fits all height
  • It comes in 4 different colors
  • Lifetime warranty and 3-year warranty on frame


  • A little tricky for a novice to assemble
  • Some users want to improve the quality of the hinge.

Overall, Earthlite harmony dx is one of the best portable massage table, and if you are finding the best massage table, you must try this one.

Frequently Asked Question(FAQ):

  • What is the price range of Earthlite harmony massage table?

The price range varies depending on the model and slightly differs from where you buy. But if you want to get it at e lower price, you can get it from amazon or on sale time.

  • How is the customer service of Earthlite?

They provide the best customer service. You can connect with this brand easily. They are always at service when you have any question, complaint, order to place, or any query to solve.

  • Is Earthlite harmony massage table easy to carry?

Yes, this model is relatively easy to carry as it's lightweight, portable, easily foldable. You can carry it in a case.

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