The Ultimate Guide On How To Use Perfect Pushup Handles Correctly & Safely [Step by Step Guide]

Perfect Fitness Perfect Pushup Elite Introduction to Perfect pushup

Performing pushups can increase the upper body and core muscles growth and enhance the muscles percentage in the body. However, while performing regular pushups, the entire body isn't involved. 

Most people feel their wrist pain while doing standard push-ups. Noticing all these problems of ordinary people who are looking for better and chronic pain tolerance exercise, an inventor Navy SEAL introduced the pair of pushup bars and named it perfect pushup

This perfect pushup consists of pair of the stationary base with comfortable rubber grips which rotates while doing pushups. The inventor claims that perfect pushup enhances the efficiency of muscles activity and approaches every muscle of the upper body, major muscle, and core muscles. Perfect pushup can also actively improve the weak chest muscles and increase muscle strength. It is not easy to use perfect pushups initially, but if one can learn how to use perfect pushups, it includes an advanced variation in the upper body workout. Unfortunately, the military standard pushups increase the risk for injury as compared with perfect pushups. 


Effects of Exercise on Muscles with Perfect Pushup

Perfect pushup comes up with two handles with small rotating platforms; this setup is completely working according to the natural movement of your body parts. The body stress is reducing while doing workouts with perfect pushups. All the body muscles are actively involving while doing the exercise, which enhances the range of motion. 

How to Perform Perfect Push-up

-Rotating Pushup Handles - Great for Perfect Push up for Men, Woman, Nicely Designed for Smooth Rotation, for Wrist Upper arm Chest Biceps and Triceps Your #1 go to for a Quick Solid Workout (RED) For performing pushups in a better way, there are some basic requirements. By fulfilling them, one can find the perfect method to perform pushups. 

First, find a smooth surface to protect your body from any injury. Next, place the rotatory pushup bars over the floor. Adjust the position of perfect pushup bars a little bit wider than your shoulder width. While grasping the handles of the perfect pushup, extend your legs accordingly and join the floor with your toes. Also, extend your arms and lift your body by applying force to your triceps.

Tip: the body should be straight upward with zero bending in the abdomen as well as back.

Now move the handles of the perfect push-up forward at a 90-degree angle. It's time to start workout low down your body slowly and turns the album outward. At the same time, the direction of handles slides towards the front.

Now the body is at a lower position, keep that straight position without bending, breathe out and go back to the neutral position. 

Difference between Standard Pushup and Perfect Push-up

The regular push-ups are enhanced by using perfect pushup handles. Compared with standard pushups, the perfect push-up increases the activity of primary muscle and triggers the entire movement of the upper body exercise.

According to fitness experts, if the workout with perfect pushup inspires you to do more, it is beneficial for you, but if the training program is not motivating you, there is a risk of injury of muscles. The second name of standard pushup is military pushups. This type of push-up may increase the risk for injury to an ordinary person. 


The perfect pushup is the best innovation for activating every muscle while performing upper body exercise. This article is the best briefing about how to use perfect pushup in a better way. The standard pushup restricted arms in between "20- to 40-degree angle". One can find the perfect pushup at Amazon. You have to place a pair of "perfect pushups" slightly wider than the shoulders' width and grip the handles. At the start, the grip feels imbalanced, but when you learn to use it, the body increases its fitness levels, and you notice the difference without feeling pain.

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