Best Yoga Wheels To Support Your Yoga Practice & Reviews in 2021 [Expert Guide]

Best Yoga WheelMost probably, yoga wheels are the latest addition in the list of yoga accessories. Earlier, only the yogis used these types of equipment;

however, owing to repeated use by innumerable athletes & celebrities, yoga wheels have achieved enormous popularity all over the world.

Furthermore, these wheels offer some crucial health benefits, which comprise back pain relief, increment in core strength, pressure release, & maintaining flexibility. 

Thus, you may find yoga wheels indispensable for executing yoga sessions and enjoying the essential drug-free treatment. 

But, it's not impossible to sort out superior-quality yoga wheels, although a substantial number of products are out there. And they have a wide variety in terms of their features & qualities.

To assist you in identifying superb yoga wheels, we've undertaken mini research on various products and made a credible list of top 9 yoga wheels.    

Just have a look.  

Best Yoga Wheel 

Purchasing a quality product is always problematic. You may find it more difficult if you don't have prior knowledge of buying such type of product. Well, you can find out an outstanding product if you try to apply some tricky ideas.

Anyway, you need not be worried. We are ready to help you with sufficient information as well as an ideal suggestion. For your suitability, we have come with a list of the best yoga wheel, which is versatile in many ways.

Comparison Chart 

Instead of reading the whole article, you can just have a look at the following comparison chart where will differentiate and make your own choice to buy any of them.

Best Yoga Wheels To Support Your Yoga Practice & Reviews in 2021 [Expert Guide] 10

UpCircleSeven Yoga Wheel

Best Yoga Wheels To Support Your Yoga Practice & Reviews in 2021 [Expert Guide] 11

Pete's choice Yoga Wheel

Best Yoga Wheels To Support Your Yoga Practice & Reviews in 2021 [Expert Guide] 12

UpCircleSeven Yoga Wheel

Best Yoga Wheels To Support Your Yoga Practice & Reviews in 2021 [Expert Guide] 13

Risefit Yoga Wheel

Best Yoga Wheels To Support Your Yoga Practice & Reviews in 2021 [Expert Guide] 14


Best Yoga Wheels To Support Your Yoga Practice & Reviews in 2021 [Expert Guide] 15

Body Wheel Yoga Wheel

Best Yoga Wheels To Support Your Yoga Practice & Reviews in 2021 [Expert Guide] 16

Shogun Sports Yoga Wheel

Best Yoga Wheels To Support Your Yoga Practice & Reviews in 2021 [Expert Guide] 17

Seven Sparta Yoga Wheel

Best Yoga Wheels To Support Your Yoga Practice & Reviews in 2021 [Expert Guide] 18

Florensi Yoga Wheel

9 Best Yoga Wheel Reviews in 2021 

In the review article, we offer you the best yoga wheel list with a comprehensive yoga wheel buying guide, which will help you greatly to figure out an amazing yoga wheel.

Let's check them out. 


UpCircleSeven Yoga Wheel [Pro Series]

UPCIRCLESEVEN Yoga Wheel - Strongest & Most Comfortable Yoga Prop Wheel, Perfect Platform for Stretching and Improving Backbends, 12 x 5 Inch Basic It's UpCircleSeven Yoga Wheel [Pro Series], which has achieved the title of the strongest & most comfy wheel in the market. It's perfect for backbends, stretching & stress relief from your back muscle.

With its finer quality design & a 550 lbs weight capacity, this wheel is reliable & will take care of your overall health. You can get immense support for performing all yoga poses with adequate safety.

The 8 mm thick padding feature will provide you comfortable cushioning for your palms & back, while the sweat-resistant technology will ensure your yoga sessions more relaxed & pleasurable.   

The 12 inches x 5 inches sized wheel can be suitable for standard size adults. Additionally, its six different but original colors will influence your choice. 

With its inflexible ABS plastic made frame, it's durable & sturdy. The company has provided 100% quality assurance with the advantage of a refund. Furthermore, you will have a PDF guide, which contains 18 different yoga poses.

Key Features

  • Sweat-resistant technology
  • Inflexible body frame
  • Material: ABS Plastic
  • Size: 12 inch x 5 inch
  • Padding: 8mm thick
  • Weight capacity: 550 lbs


  • Improves the leg and hip suppleness
  • The size of the wheel is standard & perfect for everyone
  • A PDF guide with 18 yoga poses
  • Better-quality construction
  • Effective for tight hips & hamstrings
  • Thick padding for great performance
  • Sweat-resistant technology for moisture-free surface
  • Available in numerous styles & colors
  • Very durable with plastic frame


  • A little bit expensive
  • Beginners may find it difficult to use initially
  • Some athletes may come across it as small

With its features & customer service, this wheel can be great for you. And if you have tight hips & hamstrings, you will get an extra advantage with the wheel. The yoga wheel reviews influence you to buy it.


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Pete's choice Dharma Yoga Wheel

Dharma Yoga Wheel with BONUS eBook & FREE Yoga Strap - Comfortable & Durable Yoga Balance Accessory | Increase Flexibility | Ideal Home Yoga Kit The Pete's choice Dharma Yoga Wheel, the safest yoga wheel, can be ideal for promoting your yoga poses with sufficient balance. With its versatile features & superior quality, it can be a perfect yoga companion.

This skin-friendly yoga wheel is made from 100% quality PC materials, which is hypoallergenic. Furthermore, this material is not only durable but also impact-resistant; as a result, it's safe for challenging yourself to the advanced level with enough comfort & support.

Since it is lightweight with easy portability, you can be able to use it not only at home but also at your office, or even at the gym. Also, it's ideal for both yoga enthusiasts and pain relief seekers. 

This wheelset contains a free, robust strap for increasing your flexibility while performing your yoga poses. Also, you will have a free eBook (sent by email) with complete guiding instructions of 16 relaxing & invigorating poses. Additionally, the manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty with 100% customer satisfaction for this ultra-durable yoga wheel.

Key Features

  • Made from high-quality ABS plastic with foam padding
  • Hypoallergenic wheel 
  • Inflexible plastic frame
  • Impact-resistant & durable
  • Contains a strap
  • Padding thickness: 6 mm
  • Wheel size: 12.6 x 5.1 inches
  • Weight capacity: 500 lbs
  • A lifetime warranty with 100% customer satisfaction


  • Suitable for maximum people
  • Especially, helpful for Athletes with lower back pain
  • The thickness is good.
  • Skin-friendly wheel 
  • Provides adequate support for all yoga poses
  • Contains a free eBook with 16 yoga poses & a strong strap for extra flexibility


  • Not for people with immense weights
  • Available in one style
  • Not appropriate for the intense workout

If you need a yoga wheel for easing your back, you can rely on the Pete's choice Dharma Yoga Wheel since it is the best yoga wheel for back pain. So, don't waste time.    


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UpCircleSeven Yoga Wheel

UpCircleSeven Yoga Wheel Set - Strongest & Most Comfortable Dharma Yoga Prop Wheel, 3 Pack Kit for Back Pain and Stretching (12, 10, 6 inch) (Cyan) The UpCircleSeven Yoga Wheel 3-Pack is a supreme quality wheelset, which is handy for you & can be able to help you in many ways, including improved balance, extra flexibility, muscle tension relief & stress.

Also, it aids in accomplishing the most challenging poses. The yoga wheelset comprises three different sized wheels with 6, 10 & 12 inches diameter wheels. These wheels will perfectly fit almost every part of your body.

You can get excellent assistance for your yoga poses not only for you but also for your kids & other family members.

The sweat-resistance quality with 8mm thick padding will give pleasure to enjoy great yoga poses, while its 550 lbs weight capacity will allow you to balance yourself during yoga for a longer time. It also permits you to bend your back properly.    

The UpCircleSeven Yoga Wheel 3-Pack is made of high-quality ABS plastic; as a result, it's enough sturdy & durable. And you may be surprised to know that this wheelset has a lifetime warranty with a 100% refund facility.

Key Features

  • A set of 3 wheels
  • Made of ABS plastic
  • Sweat-resistant foam padding 
  • Wheel sizes: 6, 10, 12 inches  
  • Inflexible flex-resistant body frame
  • Padding thick: 8 mm
  • Weight capacity: 550 lbs 
  • A lifetime warranty
  • A free PDF guide with 18 yoga poses instructions


  • Supreme quality construction
  • Sweat-resistant wheels
  • Three wheels are applicable for maximum parts of your body.
  • The padding is 8 mm thick, which is very comfy. 
  • A free PDF guide will instruct 18 different yoga poses.
  • Sturdy wheel for long-lasting use
  • Effective for back, neck pain, & deeper stretches
  • A lifetime warranty with satisfactory customer service 


  • Flexes to some extent under the substantial weight
  • More costly than the single wheel

The quality, features, a PDF guide with 18 different poses instructions of the UpCircleSeven Yoga Wheel 3-Pack will definitely influence your ultimate buying.  


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Risefit Yoga Wheel

Yoga Wheel - Strongest Most Comfortable Dharma Yoga Prop Wheel for Yoga Poses, Perfect Roller for Stretching, Increasing Flexibility and Improving Backbends (Cork Wood) The Risefit Yoga Wheel, a heavyweight capacity yoga wheel, is one of the most robust yoga wheels available in the market.

This wheel can be ideal for not only for yogi but also for people with back, chest, & shoulder pain.  This wheel is commended to a great extent for back pain patients as well as breastfeeding mothers.

This wheel is made of eco-friendly TPE foam; as a result, it’s safe & lightweight. The cushion is thick & can be able to retain the original shape without changing the softness & comfort level.

So, you can stretch your arms & feet to release stress as well as muscular tightness.

The inner tube of the wheel is made of ABS plastic, which is so sturdy & can have the capacity to weigh a robust 1000 lbs. With its high eight limits, this yoga wheel will enable you to roll on the wheel with adequate safety, soothe & required balance. You can be highly benefited from this wheel if your weight is too high.   

This yoga wheel comes with a three-year guarantee & a convenient pose guide. Additionally, sufficient customer service will be ensured by the manufacturer until you are satisfied.  

Key Features

  • Made of eco-friendly TPE foam
  • Strong ABS inner tube frame
  • Lightweight & durable
  • Wheel size: 13 x 5 inches
  • The thickness of Padding: 5-6 mm
  • Product weight: 3.3lb
  • Weight capacity: 1000 lbs
  • A three-year guarantee


  • Strongest yoga wheel
  • Soft & comfortable padding
  • Lightweight for easy portability
  • High-quality eco-friendly materials
  • Supplies extra flexibility, strength & balance
  • Helpful for back pain relief
  • Needs to clean spot only
  • A heavyweight capacity yoga wheel
  • Very handy for too heavy people
  • A user manual is included


  • A little bit of padding would be great.

The Risefit Yoga Wheel can be ideal for you if you need a yoga wheel with a high weight limit.  It can be a great piece of yoga wheel for the improvement of your challenging yoga poses & back pain relief. 


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YOGA DESIGN LAB The Yoga Wheel Eco Printed, Extra Strength, Padded, Natural Cork Dharma Exercise Wheel | Designed in Bali | Enhance Your Postures and Stretch Deeper | 12.6 x 5.1 (Mandala Black-) If you have a desire to purchase a trendy or aesthetically attractive yoga wheel, of course, you can choose the YOGA DESIGN LAB Yoga Wheel.

It’s a great wheel with three different designs named ‘’Aadrika”, “Geo,” and “Mandala.”

You would love its eco-friendly printed designs.

The wheel is non-slip & padded cork, which is embellished with the black mandala print.

This design is non-toxic water-based & so it is eco-friendly with a natural appearance.

The sweat-resistant with secure grip technology will assist you in rolling on the wheel without any tension & nervousness. Furthermore, its slip-less surface will ensure stability & balance while you are performing your challenging yoga poses.

The yoga wheel of this manufacturer will provide you additional support to execute all yoga postures with great comfort & confidence. The YOGA DESIGN LAB Yoga Wheel can be excellent for newbies to superior yogis.

Key Features

  • Made of natural cork
  • Slip-resistant padding with secure grip technology
  • Non-toxic water-based paints
  • Sweat-resistant
  • Extra strong & durable
  • Available in three designs
  • Wheel size: 12.6 x 5.1 inches
  • Weight capacity: 550 lbs
  • Padding size: 7-8 mm
  • Product weight 2.8 lb


  • Most trendy & artistic wheel on the marketplace
  • Great wheel with amazing designs
  • Non-slip surface for the great support
  • Non-toxic materials for safety & healthy
  • Lightweight & durable
  • Excellent padding on natural cork
  • Perfect for all yogis


  • A little bit pricy.

Those who love artistic design, follow the latest trend as well as concern about health, the YOGA DESIGN LAB Yoga Wheel can be the masterpiece for them.


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Body Wheel Yoga Wheel

Body Wheel 15" Yoga Wheel for Yoga, Stretching, Fitness, and Acrobatics: Designed for Comfort and Versatility (15-inch Black v2) If you need a great yoga wheel for stretching, yoga, and relaxation, you can choose the Body Wheel Yoga Wheel. It is fabricated for assisting you in promoting yoga poses with the help of its great comfort & stability; as a result, you can have better performance. Also, this yoga wheel has some health benefits.

 This wheel is made of superior quality EVA foam, which removes the distance between a foam roller & a physioball. You can enjoy more comfort during your yoga sessions.

The wheel of this manufacture is applicable for multi-purposes for both beginners & advanced learners, which include yoga, stretching, cross-fit, acrobatics & even gymnastics.

The yoga wheel is perfect for accurate stretching since it renders great support & stability. With the grooves, you can have a firm grip to intensify your backbends. And its handhelds will provide flexibility for aiding your body movements.

Key Features

  • Made of EVA foam
  • Multi-purpose stretching tool
  • Grooves on the sides & the core holes
  • Progressive handholds
  • Effective for advance postures
  • Wheel size: 12 inches & 15 inches
  • Product weight: 3.7 lb
  • Weight limit: up to 220 lbs


  • Nice yoga wheel
  • Exclusive hollow-less design
  • Allows spinal cut-out for comfy
  • Plenty of poses can be practiced with the wheel.
  • More comfortable & stable
  • Available in 3 sizes
  • Durable & stable wheel


  • It’s too broad to adjust between shoulder blades.
  • Side cut-outs are not adequate deep. 

The Body Wheel Yoga Wheel can be good for beginners to advanced yogi. Furthermore, this wheel contains plenty of health benefits. So, you can try it for both purposes.


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Shogun Sports Yoga Wheel

Shogun Sports Yoga Wheel. Relieve Back Pain and Improve Your Yoga Poses, Perfect for Stretching, Improving Flexibility and Backbends. (Yoga Wheel Bundle Black (6, 10 & 12")) The Shogun Sports Yoga Wheel, a set of three pieces, is originally designated for yoga lovers to overcome their limitations of challenging poses. It's an excellent yoga wheelset, which will provide you enough stability & support with their finer-quality features.

This wheel is skid-resistant with eco-friendly TPE padding. The thickness of the padding is 3/4" & can be able to ensure soft & comfortable support for your palms, shoulders, back, & feet.

Additionally, this wheel has moisture resistant technology, which offers water-proof mat to retain it free from moisture & germs.   

The three different sized wheels play a different role in terms of your yoga poses, depending on the required pressure you need. Since the inner core of these wheels is ABS plastic, they are extremely sturdy, with a heavyweight capacity of 500 lbs. So, you can enjoy bend or flex-free yoga or other fitness exercises.  

This yoga wheelset comes with a two-color combination & you would love that. Besides, the company provides a one-year warranty for manufacturing defects, while you can get an opportunity to return the product within sixty days if you are not satisfied.     

Key Features

  • Made of ABS plastic
  • Moisture-resistant technology
  • Free from moisture & germs
  • Sturdy & durable
  • Available in 3 different sizes with a two-color combination
  • Weight capacity: 500 lbs
  • A one-year warranty with a sixty-days return facility


  • Aids you in executing some challenging yoga poses quickly
  • Suitable for both the beginners & advanced yogis
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • A two-color combination wheels
  • Comes in a set
  • Release back-pain
  • Increases body flexibility
  • Strong support permits users to perform any workouts. 


  • The beginners or those who are not accustomed to firm yoga wheels may find it a little bit stiff. 

The 6, 10, and 12 inches wheels are effective for all yoga workouts & perfect for all ages. You can select this for improving your poses since it covers most parts of your body.


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Seven Sparta Yoga Back Wheel Set

Seven Sparta Yoga Wheel Set 3 Pack Yoga Back Circle Roller Wheel for Stretching, Back Pain, Backbends and Bodyweight Exercices,13Inch, 10.5Inch, 6.5Inch(Turquoise) The Seven Sparta Yoga Back Wheel is the most effective yoga back roller for stretching.

However, it is also helpful for backbends, back pain, & bodyweight workouts owing to its excellent flexibility & stability.   

The three diverse sizes of wheels will aid you in performing specific poses to accept numerous challenges & to eliminate the muscle soreness & knots.

Furthermore, each wheel has a particular role, such as the 13 inches wheel is perfect for most adults, while the 10.5 inches is applicable for moderate pressure massage as well as stretching for back & hips, and the 6.5 inches wheel is for deep tissue massage.

The wheel is made of superior-quality non-flexing ABS material & so it’s sturdy enough to carry up to 550 lbs. The sweat-resistant quality & thick non-slip TPE foam padding ensures the durability as a great support for all types of fitness practices with sufficient safety protection.    

The features, quality materials, and a thirty-day money-back guarantee will ensure the security & the pleasurable yoga sessions.    

Key Features

  • Made of non-flexing ABS material
  • Thick non-slip TPE foam padding for a comfortable grip
  • Sweat-resistant surface for a firm grip
  • Available in 3 different sizes (13, 10.5, 6.5 inches)
  • Available in two colors
  • Weight capacity: 550 lbs


  • Great relief for back pain 
  • Effective for arthritis & Osteoporosis
  • Superior support for backbends 
  • Provides more flexible & stable yoga sessions
  • Sweat-resistant grip 
  • Comfortable yoga back roller 
  • Three sizes are excellent for different poses. 


  • This set of wheels is not easy to use.

The Seven Sparta Yoga Back Wheelset can be ideal if you need a drug-free treatment since these wheels offer plenty of health benefits along with enjoyable yoga sessions.


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Florensi Yoga Wheel

Florensi Yoga Wheel (3-Pack), Back Roller for Muscle Relaxation, Stretching Back Wheel for Pain Relief, Back Pain, Messages, Cracking and Popping, Yoga Circle for Challenging Poses (6", 10", 13") The Florensi Yoga Wheelset can be ideal for muscle relaxation, pain relief, back pain, & challenging poses.

Also, this wheelset is suitable for satisfying the demands of your yoga training appropriately.

Since this yoga wheelset is made of top-grade eco-friendly TPE, this set is odor-less, durable, and stable.

This yoga wheelset comes with the three different sizes wheels (13", 10", & 6") & each wheel has the ability to customize definite tasks including moderate massage, deep tissue massage, & providing great yoga support. Additionally,

its perfect thickness padding will permit you to enjoy tension& injury-free yoga workouts.  

This high-quality sweat-resistant wheelset not only enables you to promote your yoga postures, but it also helps you to enjoy strong support for backbends & stretching without any injuries.

Key Features

  • High-quality materials
  • Made of eco-friendly TPE material
  • Great rebound ability
  • Sweat-resistant
  • Three different sizes wheels(13", 10", & 6")
  • Weight capacity: 500 lbs


  • Quality yoga wheelset
  • Perfect for everyone
  • Provides numerous health benefits
  • Supplies stability & flexibility
  • Applicable for spinal massage
  • Develops yoga postures
  • Firm grip for preventing injury


  • It seems a little rough around the edges. 

Compared with the features & qualities of the wheels, the Florence Yoga Wheelset can be a smart choice for you.


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More Info on Yoga Wheels

What is a yoga wheel? UPCIRCLESEVEN Yoga Wheel - Strongest & Most Comfortable Yoga Prop Wheel, Perfect Platform for Stretching and Improving Backbends, 12 x 5 Inch Basic

A yoga wheel is a hollow, round-shaped prop, which is designated for providing assistance in stretching,

yoga postures, and releasing stress & tension with the help of strong support & stability.

A yoga wheel can have versatile features, styles, designs, and colors.

A yoga wheel can be an essential yoga accessory for any yogis, athletes, runners, & any enthusiastic fitness practice lovers.

Yoga Wheels Buying Guide

A buying guide is vital for getting a good product as it will make competent to enrich your knowledge regarding specific products. In this part, we are providing you a complete yoga wheel buying guide for your convenience.

 Features you need to be Consider before Purchase a Yoga Wheel 

Considering the features of a yoga wheel, you can certainly be able to detect a fantastic yoga wheel. So, check the salient features of a yoga wheel & then make your ultimate decision.

  • Materials

There are two types of materials, which can be used to make yoga wheels that are ABS plastic & cork. ABS plastic is a widely used material. It's high-class material & so it's more durable than cork material. Despite its bad impact on the environment, this material is very popular. Cork material is more expensive & sustainable than ABS plastic. If you have a big budget, you can purchase cork-made yoga wheels.

  • Size

Selecting the right size yoga wheel is essential for you. Different sizes of wheels are available in the market. Even one set yoga wheelset has different sizes of wheels. Each size wheel performs a specific function. You need to determine the size of the wheels according to your requirements.

  • Padding

Since soft & comfortable support is vital for yoga or other exercises, the importance of padding is very crucial for you. Thick padding can add extra comfort to your wheel. So, try to get an extra thick padding wheel for strong support & comfy. Furthermore, thick padding can ensure safety by preventing injury. The common padding is made of TPE foam.

  • Weight Limit & Durability

You require checking the weight limit or capacity of the wheel. Some wheels have robust weight capacity, while some can carry lower weight. You should choose a durable wheel with a high weight capacity to avoid bending or broke.

  • Grip

The grip must be firm while performing yoga. The sweat-resistant & non-slip wheel will get the first priority in this case. This firm & slip-less grip will assure your injury-free yoga sessions or other fitness exercises. So, check them before buying a wheel.

  • Price

Normally, you may get a yoga wheel at a cheap rate, which may not be long-lasting or comfortable for yoga practice. For better performance, you can buy a few expensive yoga wheels.

The benefit of Yoga WheelsURBNFit Yoga Wheel and Strap Set - Designed for Dharma Yoga Wheel Pose - for Stretching and Increased Flexibility (Roller)

Here is the list of the benefits of Yoga Wheels

  • Massages the spine & increases mobility
  • Unlock the front side body
  • Aids in deep backbends
  • Strengthen your balance
  • Promotes yoga postures
  • Enhances flexibility
  • Boost up stamina for elongate the sessions 
  • Prevents injury
  • Lightweight 
  • Easily transportable 

Frequently Asked Questions on Yoga Wheels

  • Who is a yoga wheel for?

A yoga wheel is helpful not only for the beginners but also for advanced yogis. It assists you in stretching deeper. A beginner can use it without any prior experience since it's stable enough to balance your body. In contrast, advanced yogis can get a better scope to overcome challenging poses.  

  • Do yoga wheels facilitate with lower & upper back pain?

YES! Yoga wheels can help with lower & upper back pain. It works on your hip flexors, back, chest, & even shoulders.   

  • What materials are the yoga wheels made from?

The yoga wheels are made from an eco-friendly ABS or cork. Also, the padding is made of TPE foam. All these make the wheels not only sturdy & durable but also lightweight. 

  • What is the weight range of yoga wheels?

The range of yoga wheels is 500 lbs to 1000 lbs.   

Final Thoughts

Since the application of yoga wheels are on a high, the demand is growing at a great speed. So, it's important to make yourself more conscious while buying a yoga wheel because you may experience the worst situation if you have a shortage of knowledge regarding the products.

So, we want you to make you more qualified to identify the best yoga wheel for you. 

We expect that this review article will help you to a great extent as we enlisted the top-quality yoga wheels of various brands & manufacturers. With the assistance of a yoga buying guide, you can be capable of sorting out the best yoga wheel.

Happy purchasing!  

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