How to Use a Tens Unit for Neck Pain? Get Reduce lower back pain

Dual Channel TENS EMS Unit

How to use a Tens Unit for neck pain? Billion people suffer from neck pain. Neck pain is also called cervical pain. The pain can be happened by many causes, such as a long time sitting at the desktop, wrong position sleeping, injury and strains, trauma and other hard-working. 

When ache is chronic, most people seek different treatment for ache release. Some of them work and some do not.

According to Harvard University, 7 out of 10 people have neck pain.  Hard work, trauma, long time desk working, poor posture, & overuse are general causes of neck ache. A few symptoms of neck ache include aching, shooting, & throbbing.

Different neck ache therapies are rest, cold packs and medication. But in severe cases, you can use transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation. And you have to know how to use a tens unit.

Can I use the Tens Unit on my neck? The answer is yes. It is a natural procedure to remove your neck pain instead of taking painkillers.  To know about the most powerful tens unit follow the link. You just require to follow the user manual or instructions. Be careful about not replacing electrodes near the head and front side of the neck. We should not use the Tens Unit near the head. Because the device transfer electrical impulses to your body.  

So now you need to learn how to use a Tens Unit for neck pain.

Neck pain - what causes it?

Neck ache generally involves uneasiness in the upper part of the neck or shoulders. The common causes of neck ache are stress, poor posture,  pinched nerve, sleeping position, & whiplash. If an acute injury causes neck pain, you should talk to the specialized doctor.

If a stiff neck stopping you from reaching the chest of your chin or ache doesn’t diminish after ¾ day or your face tingling in your hands. You also should go to the doctor as soon as possible.

What is a Tens Unit?

The Tens Unit is a gadget generally used at home. Besides the device also is used as a chiropractic office & wellness centre to release neck pain. The apparatus emits electrical impulses. And it transfers deeply to the muscles to relieve the ache. The basic question about the device - can I use a tens unit on my neck.

Nowadays the tens unit has got huge popularity. As you are finding natural pain tools. The appliance is amazing for that. The appliance can give you more endurance, diminish ache, strength, and recovery.  There are many benefits of tens unit for seeking or training ache release. It is a trustworthy natural tool.

What is TENS used for?

A Tens Unit device may be used to help with many types of chronic pain, such as:

  • Arthritis or other joint pain.
  • Back and neck pain.
  • Fibromyalgia.
  • Muscle pain.
  • Neuropathic pain.

How to Use a Tens Unit for Neck Pain

Tens is a technique of nerve stimulation to diminish ache. Ans it also stimulates muscle stress to tone. Many types of the device exist in the marketplace that provides dissimilar frequency therapy, amplitude ranges and also pulse rate. You can use the device as home patients. The appliance is used by professional physiotherapists also. The battery of the apparatus is very tiny. Below we talk about how to use a tens unit.

  • Step 1Dual Channel TENS EMS Unit

At first dirt free the skin where you want to use this electronic stimulation. Make use of alcohol or antibacterial soap to clean the skin. Before attaching electrodes to keep away from skin irritation, please dry the zones.

  • Step 2

Put the ends of the cords into the disposable pads that come with the piece of equipment. Extra pads can be bought for residence use. All the time make use of a clean swab for treatment.

  • Step 3

Peel off the adhesive backing on the pad. Place the stamp on the region to be treated. Follow the recommendation of your medical doctor. And only use the appliance on the recommended body parts carefully.

  • Step 4

You should set the gadget to follow the instruction. Numerous therapists will preselect the TENS units device they offer to clients. The patients must sustain the parameters suggested by the psychotherapist.

  • Step 5

Enhance the intensity of the electrical input signal. Progressively so as not to shock the muscles. Once more, you should have the proper idea of the height of turning the machine for every dealing.

  • Step 6

Make use of a TENS apparatus for thirty minutes to 1 hour to feel relief. Or you can use it as long as prescribed by your physical doctor. Some patients discover that they require a few hours with the attached unit for the most excellent healing.

  • Step 7

Take away the tampon after-action & dispose of the filling. Moisturize the spot with lotion. To alleviate skin irritation that may have happened and to avoid redness.

Can I Use Tens Unit on My Neck? how to use a tens unit for lower back pain? Watch the video to know more in detail about this on Youtube.



The majority of patients do not know how to use a Tens Unit for neck pain. They should follow all the instructions from the doctor. To stay away from complications all the time follow the directions carefully during use at home. If your muscle jumping, please decrease the intensity of the device.


Dual Channel TENS EMS Unit 24 Modes Muscle Stimulator for Pain Relief Therapy, Electronic Pulse Massager Muscle Massager with 10 Pads, Dust-Proof Drawstring Storage Bag,Fastening Cable Ties Make certain the pad is entirely adhered to the skin to stop intermittent charges. Which can happen skin irritation & lessen the effects of your treatment?

If you get continuous skin irritation you should try to use another brand. Producers make use of different kinds of adhesives.

Always try to use the brands that adapt to you.

Things you need to continue the exercise

  • Disposable pads.
  • Moisturizing lotion.

Criteria for a TENS unit:

We know that Tens is a machine designed to release ache by its electrical current. Standards or criteria of a tens machine include basic sound operation & effectual treatment.

  • Basic operation

The fundamental operating criterion of the tens gadget involves the conduction of electric current by using the series of wires. It connects to the electrode pads that positioned on the skin zone of the power source.

  • Efficiency

Physician's also utilized treatment efficacy as a principal criterion for using a TENS device. Characteristically, they make use of a TENS treatment trial to observe if a major ache release on patients’ earnings.

  • Placement

TENS Machine electrodes should not be positioned on the eyes, throat, brain or heart.

  • Prescription use

The public who wish to use a TENS unit device must first take a prescription from their medical doctor, according to Spine Universe.

  • Considerations

A physician can also make use of a Tens Unit to bring reports Spine Universe & soft tissue steroid drugs. This method — called iontophoresis. The current of a TENS unit gadget strengthens topical steroids in your skin.

TENS Unit Questions

  • Are TENS units simple to use?

Yes. Simple. Step by step instructions is available with each unit.

  • How long before I feel an advantage from my Tens Unit?

Ache relief should begin right away. On the other hand, several people require a little longer. It may also take time to discover the best place for the electrodes.

  • Can I use tens unit on my neck?

Yes. Obviously.

  • Can I put this on the occipital muscle on the upper neck?

I would not go up that high.

  • When is it best to use TENS UNIT?

Investigate has shown that TENS is most supportive of chronic pain. Use it at least 30 minutes while you are active. It is less effectual when you are, lying down, resting, or sitting still.

  • Can TENS harm my body?

No. But it can cause some skin irritation from the patches.

  • Do I have to make use of all four patches?

No. But, if the region is big enough to get all 4 patches on. You will obtain more stimulation, which could provide you greater pain release.


The Tens Unit is an effective technique to control neck pain, especially chronic pain. If you do not control the pain levels of the neck you can not lead the normal life and the daily activities. Without being used long day painkillers, the device assists much public to eliminate their severe pain.

After using the tens unit you can take part in sports, work, family time, recreational activities, and other extra-curricula. There are no significant side effects of using tens unit for neck pain. The real benefit of this treatment is to diminish the make use of medicine. Particularly it decreases the possibility of long time effects of the medicine.

To getting the best result you have to know properly how to use a Tens Unit for neck pain. We hope you find it very well in this article. Best of luck. Thank you.

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